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    Who are you starting over Randy Moss?

    Legaduuuuuuuu Naaaaaaanneeeeee
  2. Ras66not99

    Tell stories of draft day ridicule

    2007 IDP Dynasty Rookie Draft... Adrian Peterson went # 1.... Calvin Johnson went # 2..... # 3 PATRICK WILLIS !!!!!!! Well this guy heard it LIKE NO OTHER from most owners in the league....with Marshawn Lynch the consensus #3 pick sitting there 7 the likes of Ted Ginn, Dwayne Bowe, Dwayne Jarrett, Brandon Jackson, JamArcus Russell off the top off my head still on the board... Needless to say the guy has been a fantasy all-pro all 3 years in my league, has led the way for his #1 ranked defense 2 of the past 3 years (which brings back cash $), and has won the defensive player of the year twice which is also cash prize... We Mock What We Don't Understand
  3. Ras66not99

    Dynasty league - rookie draft

    1.01 - Ryan Matthews 1.02 - CJ Spiller 1.03 - Jahvid Best 1.04 - Dez Bryant 1.05 - Ben Tate 1.06 - Demaryius Thomas 1.07 - Montario Hardesty 1.08 - Aerilias Benn 1.09 - Golden Tate 1.10 - Mardy Gilyard 1.11 - Dexter McCluster 1.12 - Sam Bradford 2.01 - James Starks 2.02 - Jermaine Gresham 2.03 - Toby Gerhart 2.04 - Jonathon Dwyer 2.05 - Jimmy Clausen 2.06 - Anthony Dixon 2.07 - Taylor Price 2.08 - Branden Lafell 2.09 - Eric Decker 2.10 - Rolando McLain 2.11 - Mike Williams 2.12 - Gerald McCoy
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    Ranking the rookies

    Spiller is the best player in that draft, get him if you could... may not reap the early benifits you'll get from Mathews, but you'll be smiling in a year or 2.... GL
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    Any of you ever quit being a fan of a team?

    When the Browns became the Ravens I had no choice but to switch over.... dynasty fantasy football has always dominated my life since about 1988, so I always have my fav players I root for..... Barry Sanders was on my team for 8 years in the 90's, and i've had moss pretty much his whole career also, so you always have that when your teams playoff hopes go sour on the year.... but I grew up liking the Browns.... then when they moved I started to like and follow the Ravens...... Now I like them both
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    5 round dynasty rookie draft 4/24 6:30 p.m.

    White Rb
  7. Ras66not99

    Fantasy Stock Up/Down

    could def. happen if they start to use him in the offense... all I know is Gaffney played those last 2 games for Marshall in 2009 and looked more than capable of holding down the fort in his absence ...7 catches for 69 yards and 2 scores... then a 14 catch 214 yard performance to end the season... I think the guy has some value in the early part, if not all of 2010 until Demaryius gets used to the pro game and learns the ins and outs...
  8. Ras66not99

    Fantasy Stock Up/Down

    I think Jabbar Gaffneys stock is up.... Demaryius Thomas is raw as ###### and will need time to develop... guy ran 2 patterns in college.... Call me crazy but I think Gaffney is a big time sleeper in 2010
  9. Ras66not99

    Blount to Titans! Turns down 9'ers offer.

    Blount is a Titan boys....
  10. Ras66not99

    My NFL mock draft - top 10 picks

    Suh 8th ?????????? If Suh falls to 8th overall i'll take my pants off and jump on stage at Radio City for spite
  11. Ras66not99

    Dynasty Trade

    Look I understand where you are coming from,... been doing dynasty leagues forever and know the value of a young RB, but lookin at this guys team how can you not make the deal ? Cutler gets hurt and he's simply focked... He's pretty damn solid at RB owning 2 of the 4 best young dynasty RB's already with Fred Jackson a very good bye week/injury replacement, Smith rehabbing, and Marshaw Lynchs value about to go through the roof when he's more than likely dealt in a few weeks.... Now throw in the fact he has the # 2 overall pick in the draft to land another RB like Spiller/Best or Mathews the 4 pick is meaningless to his team in my opinion, Flacco is a solid fall back option if Jay Cut goes down.... and he's still picking up the 11 pick where he can maybe land a solid prospect in a Bradford type, or A.Benn, Dem Thomas or even another RB like Ben Tate who can be every bit as good as the Rb's coming out... I don't think the RB class is special at all aside from Spiller, but that's me
  12. What's up fella's...... I'm looking for someone to replace one of my owners in LONG STANDING IDP dynasty league.... 12 teams.... 45 man rosters..... Our core of 9 have been together forever, with very minimal turnover, but within the last 2 years I had one of the non core guys leave, and now one of my pillars is finally hanging it up.... It's Great group of friends been together since High school doing this for almost 20 years now with 13 years of history on file.... but one of the guys who just turned 39 had his 2nd kid and said he was losing interest cause he couldn't keep up with the off-season stuff anymore... Anyway i'm just looking for a die hard owner with the long term commitment to get into something fun....I guarantee you won't be disappointed from my end since I do tons of work towards the league including off-season reports, in depth weeklies that takes up a ton of my free time.... every draft we've ever done is on file, every trade, hall of fame, etc...etc... etc,,,, most of my crew is pretty hard core with trade offers and movement 365 days a year.... We have a lot of drink off-season gatherings and everyone is in the mid to northern NJ area, so I'd like someone that lives close.... I will be holding a 2 team draft between the team that just left (which was STOCKED with stars) and another team that came in last year who was kind of rebuilding, but still had some solid young talent and plenty of draft picks.... A few Players in the pool you'll be drafting from (Chris Johnson, T. Brady, P. Rivers, Shonne Greene, Pierre Thomas, Steve Slaton, Bush, Portis, Larry Fitzgerald, DeSean Jackson, Lee Evans, Wes Welker, Eddie Royal, Kevin Walter, Lance Moore, Antonio Gates, John Carlson, Jerod Mayo, Mario Williams, Will Smith, Robert Mathis, Paul Posluszny, Aaron curry, Eric Weddle, Darrel Revis, Yeremiah Bell and a bunch of solid young guys with upside as well Flacco, Henne, Louis Murphy, Robiskie, Jordy Nelson.... along with a ton of solid draft picks including 6 picks in the first 2 rounds pick #4, 8, 11, 14, 21, 24..... 30, 35, 37.... that's not everyone I was just giving you an idea of whats available If anyone is seriously interested shoot me an e-mail and i'll fill you in a lot more with the rules, and other stuff... Thanks Rob Ras66not99@aol.com
  13. Ras66not99

    Dynasty Trade

    I would do that trade in a heartbeat... Cutler's upside is real nice under Martz for sure, but Freeman behind him.... eh Ugly You're pretty damn stocked everywhere but behind Cutler, so like you said add Flacco as insurance, and maybe even Bradford if he slips to you at #11... word has it Lynch is gettin shipped out of Buffalo on draft weekend which would make Fred Jackson a stud bye week filler behind your big boys and possibly raise Lynch's value also if he went to a Houston or a San Diego type place.... You're in a win now situation dude..... the 4 pick isn't going to spackle up your only real team problem that I could see which is QB insurance.... GL
  14. Ras66not99

    Who is higher in the QB fantasy rankings now ? Kolb or McNabb ?

    You can't be serious stating Rod Smith was never great for fantasy.... simply can't be....
  15. Ras66not99

    Who is higher in the QB fantasy rankings now ? Kolb or McNabb ?

    yeah but Portis can pick up the blitz like no other.... one problem McCoy showed he couldn't do last year.... this doesn't bode well for Kolb IMO..... Obviously Kolb is the "safer" guy fantasy wise, just do to a comfortable situation/offense but I think they'll put up similar stats by season's end in the fantasy world (depending on your scoring system of course)...
  16. Ras66not99

    Matt Forte

    I have Chester in a Dynasty and the owner of Forte said lets make a deal where i'd give you the other half of the bears running game and I said you can keep that pile of shiat..... Forte's are a DIME A DOZEN... he nothing special, pretty average... he was in a good situation as a rook and given an opportunity that's why he was a solid producer even though he was under 4 yards a clip.... Buy low.... nah... kick um to the curb
  17. Ras66not99

    Looking for Hard Core Dynasty Owner....

    bump.... just wanted to get this back on the first page incase any Die Hards from the area were browsing for an IDP Dynasty
  18. Ras66not99

    Chester Taylor

    Blitz pick-up is the key and why a legit superbowl team like SD should/will take a shot with Chester.... they'll no doubt draft a young RB to groom, but Chester would be a GREAT fit here... no way they'll turn to a raw young RB to take on the responsibilities of a team like this.... I agree with ya
  19. Ras66not99

    Dynasty Trade

    I don't see a problem with it at all from a commish's standpoint if thats what your asking....
  20. Ras66not99

    My Complete 2010 Dynasty Fantasy Position Rankings

    cool read.... obviously we all have our opinions, and mine would be a little tweaked against yours...... Only "big difference" in our opinions is I think you have Brandon Marshall too low.... his baggage seems like a concern, but issues or no issues the kids a baller !!! I'd slip him right at the top of tier 2, cause no one ahead of him in that 2nd tier crew would be on my Dynasty team before him
  21. Ras66not99

    Monday Night Football Perfection

  22. Ras66not99

    Monday Night Football Perfection

    I need 17.5 out of AP to take down my overall points title.... If only Jason Witten got in the endzone on that bomb last night, then this would have been a much easier task.... However, here's to hope !
  23. Ras66not99

    The Saints and Vikings both exposed as pretenders this week

    100 beanos on the Pack at 30-1....