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  1. joeshushu

    Michael Avenatti sentenced to 14 years

    Didn’t Ana Navarro call him “the Holy Spirit”. He should be able to break out of jail easily.
  2. joeshushu

    Who do you like that posts here?

    Big Pete and that girl with the big fore head. Swalitzen??
  3. joeshushu

    Broncos Release Melvin Gordon

    Yea bought the Williams hype and someone offered me King Henry and the Packer TE for Williams and Pitts in week three. Like a FF loser I passed and said oh my guys will come around. now I have both in injury limbo. Not that anyone cares but grabbed Murray off waivers weeks ago but haven’t played him much.
  4. joeshushu

    MNF Discussion: 49ers at Cardinals

    Nice to know will stick with Ayiuk.
  5. joeshushu

    Knee Injury for Kyle Pitts

    Yea fourth round bust for me. I picked Nijoku in like the 15 round and was playing him instead until he hurt his ankle hopefully he will be back next week I need to win the rest of my games and hope for help just to have a shot at the last playoff spot anyway
  6. joeshushu

    Anybody following Theranos?

    Start up biotech companies are always stretching the truth. Worked for them all of my work life. My best friend and I worked in them for years and I told him I had so many stories that I should write a book. I even had a title. “Start up Biotech Companies from ramp up to shut down”. My Bosses always talked about us ramping up just before things went south and we were shut down. One company I worked for lasted 9 months before our one investor pulled out suddenly and we were left playing cards and shooting dice with our one week accumulated vacation pay. The founder a short Indian guy was writing up a the 15 year plan in his office. What a joke. He liked coming into the lab and tossing chemical weighing spatulas down my pants. No $hit.
  7. joeshushu

    2022 Midterm Elections

    My parents are both from Pittsburgh and had two messed up kids so not surprised.
  8. joeshushu

    Elijah Moore - waste of pick

    Yea finally played him last week got one target. Should have traded him to Packers
  9. joeshushu

    Week 8 Scoop and Play WR

    Switched him in as a Hail Mary today over the rookie in Pittsburgh I did draft him middle rounds been sitting on my bench all year
  10. joeshushu

    Starting Melvin Gordon

    Playing Murray. I didn’t handcuff J Williams or Zeke and Dillion has been toast this year with a struggling Pack offense. Of course my whole team is toast with injuries and underperforming players.
  11. joeshushu

    Halloween Candy Rankings

    Yea biting into a butterfingers is like chewing on glass. I always like Snickers and Milky Way followed by Twix, Hershey Almond candy and the traditional peanut butter cups not the new stuff like potato chips stuffed inside etc.
  12. joeshushu

    AJ Dillon droppable?

    Lost J Williams and the Zeke is down soo I need to keep him and prolly play him
  13. joeshushu

    Elijah Moore Unhappy, Won't Play in Wk 7

    Also drafted Pitts in round 4 ( drank that potion hype).
  14. joeshushu

    Elijah Moore Unhappy, Won't Play in Wk 7

    All my top WR picks this year having problems. Hollywood injury, D Adams pushing reporters and now E. Moore unhappy with his situation. Luck of the draw and poor drafting.
  15. joeshushu

    What's everyone doing with Zeke

    Lost J Williams so he is an every week play for me. Just got to hope he rolls into the end zone every once in awhile like last week. Maybe he gets better with Zak back but maybe Dallas tosses the ball around more? Maybe Zak relies on the running game more until he gets his mo jo back. I liked the double team blocking by the offensive line last week that helped open some holes. Lots of ifs, ands, or buts?