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  1. Yea make sure to fill out your weekly tpc reports.
  2. joeshushu

    Best fish You enjoy?

    Crappie breaded and dipped in franks red hot sauce and fried to perfection.
  3. joeshushu

    I slipped and fell today

    My French Bulldog pulls me along when I walk her, and I twisted my ankle and took a tumble. My ankle wasn’t that bad but had sore ribs for weeks. When you get old any fall can be a big deal.
  4. joeshushu

    Julio Jones just got a wad of cash

    Nice! I was wondering why he dropped in my draft to the second round. Glad I snatched him up. Just hope he plays up to the money he is getting.
  5. joeshushu

    Mixon vs Chubb

    Wow he went early.
  6. joeshushu

    Mixon vs Chubb

    Got Chubb at 1.12. Didn’t Cincy lose half it’s offensive line from last year?
  7. joeshushu

    Lamar Miller carted off

    Drafted Duke late sooo My ears perked up but we will see if he makes a flex for me.
  8. joeshushu


    I picked from the 12th spot and snatched him up as my number one pick. Hunt won’t be able to play until week 10 so not a concern to me. As far as the playoffs, I will cross that bridge if I am even in the hunt. Hopefully drafting Chubb helps me get there.
  9. joeshushu

    Anyone got FF drafts this coming week?

    I went Chubb and Julio first two picks from the 12th spot.
  10. joeshushu

    Anyone got FF drafts this coming week?

    And your cute wife doesn’t mind. Lucky guy. I did my draft at Hooters but I am not married.
  11. joeshushu

    Exotic animals you would like to own

  12. joeshushu

    Drafting from the 12 spot

    I got the 12 spot my first 4 picks were Chubb, Julio Jones, josh Jacobs, Keenan Allen. So concentrated on RBs and WRs. I went Vance McDonald in 7 (no Jessie James, AB) and took Brees in the 8th.
  13. I live in California Bay Area and have attended this festival in the past but stopped going years ago. I always found it hot, smelly, dusty and now one has to dodge bullets. Glad I stopped going.
  14. joeshushu

    NYPD Getting Water Dumped on Them

    I would have shot my taser into their nuts and claimed my vision was obstructed by the water in my eyes.