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  1. joeshushu

    Books you are reading

    https://www.biblio.com/book/underneath-all-traci-lords/d/1207840370 It’s not a bad read. However, I prefer to watch.
  2. That’s kind of funny. I wish I could get a dozen. I bet she tastes good.
  3. joeshushu

    Shooting in San Jose

    Yea I had really low SAT scores so my grammar not so good. I guess future college students will not have to take the SATs. Actually now that I think about it I am currently living in my moms basement and could be living in a train station if not for her.
  4. joeshushu

    Shooting in San Jose

    Thanks. It’s such a tragedy.
  5. joeshushu

    Shooting in San Jose

    The shooting was about a mile from where I reside. The mass shooting occurred in a train maintenance center near a Costco that I frequent. There are multiple deaths and wounded. Our Mayor is in a press conference speaking in Spanish so my Spanish ain’t so good can’t tell the details.
  6. This sounds about right to me.
  7. joeshushu

    DK Metcalf - Olympics attempt

    Only player on my fantasy team last year that did something.
  8. Got the J and J today at CVS cute little Asian Pharmacy manager prolly B cup. I guess the J and J shot is one time only just have to dodge the blood clots. My arm is sore but so far no headache or chills.
  9. joeshushu

    Columbus Ohio shooting

    Someone I can’t remember who thought that knife fights should be allowed to work it’s way out without police interference. This wasn’t a knife fight but a stabbing. What the policeman I guess should have done was yelled wait and got the stabbing victim a knife too and said now we begin. Just like that final dual “For a few dollars more”. Now we start. https://youtu.be/Q-ptpERFVeY
  10. joeshushu

    Who remembers their first championship roster?

    I don’t remember my complete lineup. It was my first year I played back in 2000. I know I had Marshall Faulk, Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens.
  11. joeshushu


    Oh yea my bad. I guess I don’t remember anything about Mondale
  12. joeshushu


    I just remember he couldn’t spell potatoe or is it potato?
  13. I wonder if she can even mix a tasty cocktail?
  14. joeshushu

    Shooting outside US Capitol

    Yea saw this Democratics will say I told ya so. I need
  15. Tennis when Kournikova was playing. I even caught a couple of her matches live when she played in the tournament up at Stanford. Currently maybe the Olympic and that is all.