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  1. joeshushu

    Michael Avenatti is indicted on 36 federal charges

    These guys won’t be indicted. Look they let the G man off and his loooover is posting pictures of herself drinking champagne.
  2. joeshushu

    To those who buy their coffee on the go each day

    That’s what I do 1 kcup of light roast Green mountain coffee and whatever fancy sweet cream I have in the fridge
  3. joeshushu

    Julian Edelman arrested

    Maybe he was daydreaming he won another Super Bowl and was just celebrating
  4. joeshushu

    Vikings at 49ers Discussion

    Nice pick
  5. joeshushu

    Vikings at 49ers Discussion

    I switched from Baltimore defense to Niners in playoff league. I figure they are back at full strength. I couldn’t decide between chiefs TE and Kittle and went with Kittle. I just can’t see him getting at least 100 receiving with Viking secondary issues.
  6. joeshushu

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    And someone in her district walked into a Safeway supermarket to the TP aisle and took a dump.
  7. joeshushu

    Billy Volek Award nominees (for playoff studs)

    A few years ago hightower when he played for Saints prolly helped teams win championships. I had him in the semis but lost because the refs took anTD away from him before half because of some illegal formation penalty at the one yard line. Then my opponent had the TE on The Saints Benjamin I think caught a meaningless one yard TD on the last play of the game.
  8. joeshushu

    Julio Jones inactive for Week 13

    Went with Westbrook even though I have Keenan Allen.
  9. joeshushu

    Where's the week 11 FU thread?

    Why is it my running backs can’t score from the one. Chubb last week and this week and Jacobs twice again this week?! Going to cost me any chance of getting into playoffs.
  10. joeshushu

    Blackouts in California again

    California is a true $hit hole. Luckily I live in a city with its own power company and don’t have to deal with PG&E.
  11. Keenan has been less than stellar over the last few weeks anyhow and I wasn’t going to play him Sunday. So I penciled in Allen Robinson.
  12. joeshushu

    Keenan Allen. Time to be concerned.

    I am holding but like others have said a lot of stud WRs have been mediocre. I also have Julio Jones and he and Allen have killed me these past few weeks. Who else am I going to throw out there? Drafted these guys high so I guess one has to hope for better days.
  13. joeshushu

    Steelers at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Chargers look lost again