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  1. Theyhateme459

    Playoff senerios will be listed Tommorow!

    It would be almost impossible for me to get in, even if I win out. 2 Teams would have to lose next week, and between this week and next I would have to make up about a 66 point difference between me and another team.... long story short, cut me out of the scenerio cause it won't happen.
  2. Theyhateme459

    I won without a QB

    Well, bring yo bad self ovah to the better half of the Carolinas because this weekend is .......... Assmeg Basement Showdown II!!! Last time you caught me on a low week Now we are rejuvenated and ready to crawl out of the Basement!!! JUST BRING IT!!! It's only room for one Carolinian down here, and it's not going to be me any more :ph34r:
  3. Theyhateme459

    I won without a QB

    I had this game counted as a lost before the games started, then I was like this when I saw the score
  4. Theyhateme459


    So Jealous
  5. Theyhateme459

    I'm ranked

    Even though I do not have the best record in my division, I noticed I am ranked as a top 25 team (For whatever it's worth) and I some how I am like the highest scoring team....
  6. Theyhateme459

    Blind bid results

    I forgot about this early deadline
  7. Theyhateme459

    Rule changes for 06 ?

    Hey, I wouldn't mind some of that Carolina bathroom gay sex.....Carolina Top Cat Lesbian style. Hey bandy -- at least you gotzz the Panthers this season ! Carolina New England What about your Packers........ and Singman and his Lions.... and in three weeks the Panthers travel to the Windy City.... Da bears = 2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar. All for being the Panthers biotches....stand up and holler. I'm practicing to become a Carolina Cheerleader bathroom valet!!
  8. Theyhateme459

    I can't believe It

    I actually won 2 straight games. But I don't expect that to happen again this season... My only goal now is to finish 11th place and not 12th.
  9. Theyhateme459

    This Panthers Fan Is

    That was in the past.... we will see in a few weeks.
  10. Theyhateme459

    This Panthers Fan Is

    Nope.... I just checked the standings and the Bucs apparently still got the Win. I think the Bucs D is still currently rated number 1 in the NFL. They aren't rated number one after the Panthers just ran All over them As I said before the Buccs= No PLayoffs
  11. Theyhateme459

    Moz and THM make a trade

    From the basement of the league to having LT and Chad Johnson.... Not bad for a few days of work
  12. Theyhateme459

    Rule changes for 06 ?

    I would like to see receptions= 1 point for WR/TE- This is how it is in some of my other leagues, and it would close the gap some between WR's and RB's.
  13. Theyhateme459

    Rule changes for 06 ?

    MFL is great, and is a little bit better in my opinon, but either is fine for me.
  14. Theyhateme459

    Fantasy Football Sites Being Shut down?

    Although I admire your cavalier approach, unfortunately the numbers do not confirm the hypothesis of your opinion. Let's use your numbers in a hypothetical situation.... There are -- conservatively -- 250,000 fantasy leagues currently being administered by fantasy football services on the Internet (CBS Sportsline runs at least 100,000 leagues themselves, and they are not even the largest provider.) Right now, CBS hauls in about $13M in gross revenues from the sale of their commissioner service alone (we are not even including ad revenues from their site.) Let's say that CBS wins the "right" to be the sole fantasy commissioner service for the NFL. As a result, CBS ups their price to $500 per league. This causes 35% of the leagues to fold or go on their own (the high end of your estimate), meaning there are now only 162,500 fantasy leagues willing to pay the $500 per league to the only service out there -- CBS. Well, 162,500 * $500 = $81,250,000. CBS (or any other big-time company) would be more than happy to pay $10M for the right to be the sole fantasy provider. And that does not even include the prices they could command from advertisers to be on the site which is viewed by 162,000 league members. The NFLPA gets $10M per year, CBS makes out like bandits, and you lose. Sure, maybe some people might not view as many games, but I doubt this would make a dent in the multi-billion dollar TV contracts which currently exist. It is all about cornering the market. There is a reason why the NFLPA is going after this so aggressively. They know what they are doing. Thoes Mother F------ Bast----
  15. Theyhateme459

    Fantasy Football Sites Being Shut down?

    I've since copywrited and trademarked that phrase. you now owe me $5.00 Damn!! I'll see you in court