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  1. IrishDrunk

    Quite possible the most demented move EVER!

    Write up for it: Sci Fi Wire
  2. IrishDrunk

    I want to talk about my favorite flavor of peanut butter

    Actually, Nutella is the correct answer here - it's a chocolate / hazelnut spread, and it's not peanutty at all. Fock Peanut Butter. HTH.
  3. IrishDrunk


    So, what you're saying is, is that there's an opening in Management, then, right?
  4. IrishDrunk

    Drinkability Girl

    Hideous face.
  5. IrishDrunk


    Haven't been in for a while - Is this the Geek Club or the Political Club now?
  6. IrishDrunk

    Bloody Mary

    Using everything you have, but use Absolut Peppar Vodka, and start the Bloody Mary with 1/4 of your glass full of Guinness.
  7. IrishDrunk


  8. IrishDrunk

    really hot nsfw pics

  9. IrishDrunk

    Cotton is King

    The should hold her down and shove cotton balls into her mouth until she asphyxiates.
  10. IrishDrunk

    Oklahoma City Thunder?

  11. IrishDrunk

    I'm baaaaacck baby!

    Adam F. Woods 347 W. 16th Street New York, NY 10011 (646) 486-0335
  12. It's going to take years to even focking find the GD oil...it's not like it's sitting out there in barrels waiting to be picked up...
  13. IrishDrunk

    50,000th post.

    [savage Beast] You're going to burn in the Lake of Fire for eternity (and such)!! [/savage Beast]
  14. IrishDrunk

    Here's what is scary about Savage Beast.......

    [savage Beast] YOU'RE GOING TO HELL FOR THAT POST!! [/savage Beast]