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  1. JerkStore

    What's the meanest thing you've ever seen done?

    Your mom
  2. JerkStore

    Cancelling School Year

    Starting last week my daughter's elementary school has gone to online learning. The teacher has a 2 or 3 online meetings with the whole class each day on Google Meet and they are trying to still get through all the planned teaching for the school year. She sends out a schedule for each day listing what the students need to complete and teaches them during the virtual class sessions. It has been surprisingly OK so far considering the wife and I are also working from home now as well.
  3. JerkStore

    In and out Burger tips

    Get Animal style fries!
  4. JerkStore

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    Narcos Orark
  5. JerkStore

    Xmas Gift Ideas

    You are my all time best seller!
  6. JerkStore

    Holy Young Qb's Batman! Nfl is a mess...

    Rivers has the 4th longest stretch of consecutive starts in NFL history. WTF?
  7. JerkStore

    Screw triangle sliced thin pizza

    Cutting pizza into square/rectangles is for little kid's birthday parties. Do you also drink out of a juicebox with your pizza?
  8. JerkStore

    Why would John Goodman

    Will Smith?
  9. JerkStore

    Edjr: crybaby peenie style thread deletor

    Maybe the dingo ate your baby!
  10. JerkStore

    Airing of Grievances

    Money for people.
  11. JerkStore

    Airing of Grievances

    I find tinsel distracting.
  12. JerkStore

    Dunkirk, Darkest Hour

    Red Planet....Mission to Mars.
  13. I demand an election tiebreaker by combat!
  14. JerkStore

    Photoshop Geeks?

  15. JerkStore

    I only have 3 stars? WTF People!

    Worms is getting upset!!