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  1. PunkRockRedneck

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    Need Kamara and Thomas to not outscore Brees by 14 pts. Not looking good for me......
  2. PunkRockRedneck

    DeAndre Washington - FF Playoff Hero or Zero?

    well, so much for that lol of course, with how bad Jacksonville is, Washington may still be usable as a flex if need be. That's a big role of the dice in the playoffs tho.
  3. PunkRockRedneck

    DeAndre Washington - FF Playoff Hero or Zero?

    I think if Jacobs does sit, Washington should do well. Jax is atrocious. Hell, Jonathan Williams put up 116 on the ground against them.
  4. PunkRockRedneck

    To Saquon: Please save my season!

    I'm just hoping he stays healthy for next week. First round byes are tough when you're watching your players drop from injuries. Already lost Evans yesterday. That being said, I think Saquon had a good one tonight.
  5. PunkRockRedneck

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    Since I have a bye, I'm just hoping Cook is out for a few weeks so I can use Mattison next week. I'm hurting at RB thanks to Barkley and Freeman sucking this year.
  6. PunkRockRedneck

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    Big FU to Barkley for being such a waste of a 1st overall pick. God the Giants suck.
  7. PunkRockRedneck

    Pats flu bug -

    Would it make you feel better it is said Bleacher Report? It's all the same company lol
  8. PunkRockRedneck

    Thanks raters, Lockett not even playing

    It was bad all around for Seattle receivers. Locketts 38 yards were team high lol ouch
  9. PunkRockRedneck

    Are You Still Rostering Miles Sanders?

    I ended up using Sanders in my flex over Gallop. Got me 2 extra points lol. I'm pretty sure NOONE is "relying" on him to win them games. He's a spot play if need be.
  10. PunkRockRedneck

    The Official Week 12 FU Thread

    FU Evans for disappearing.
  11. PunkRockRedneck

    For those of u who claimed J Williams off waivers...

    I was pretty stoked about his performance. Used him thinking if I'm lucky he'll give me 12-15 pts. 21.1 pts once it was all done. 6 pts short of Hopkins who my opponent has.
  12. PunkRockRedneck

    Anyone like Sexy Rexy this weekend

    Am I the only one who thinks "Rex Manning" when someone says Sexy Rexy? "Oh Rexy, you're so sexy..."
  13. PunkRockRedneck

    For those of u who claimed J Williams off waivers...

    It is tempting still to roll with Williams as I'm left with Freeman (if he plays) or Guice. ech
  14. PunkRockRedneck

    For those of u who claimed J Williams off waivers...

    Edwards had a 63yd rushing TD last week against the Texans. But that was only the 3rd rushing TD they've allowed to a RB all season. They have allowed 4 receiving TDs to RBs fwiw.
  15. PunkRockRedneck

    Chiefs at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Ya, hopefully it's not serious and he can heal up enough next week. I have Barkley too. It's amazing I'm still in the playoffs lol. Oh, and Freeman. It's been one of those seasons