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  1. PunkRockRedneck

    Samuels ROS

    I was really hoping for more from Samuels with Conner out. Just never panned out. WITH Conner back, I don't see him being all that trustworthy. Flex as best. Depending on your roster size and such of course.
  2. PunkRockRedneck

    Hill or Jordan Howard

    I picked up Hill as well and will probably use him this week since Barkley's on by and Freeman is out. Have Ekeler and Samuels too but neither of them are really trustworthy. Hill looked pretty good last week all things considered. He's worth a shot this week.
  3. PunkRockRedneck

    Washington RBs

    Guess I'll take the chance on Guice. It's mostly a depth move but he's got a couple nice matchups. Would be nice if he can become a solid RB2. But not expecting much with how crappy Washington is.
  4. PunkRockRedneck

    Washington RBs

    I see that Guice is expected back next week after their bye. Whats expected when he comes back? I've read that AP has pretty much locked up RB1 in that offense but I've also seen some reports that the Skins want to see what they have in Guice. Their schedule isn't all that bad it seems. Any thoughts as to what happens going forward?
  5. PunkRockRedneck

    UPDATE: Kamara / Brees watch Week 8: Brees in, Kamara Out

    I ended up going with Brees after I saw the weather forecast for the Bills game. Worked out better for me but I still lost. Not sure if I'll keep Allen after Brees' bye this week. I usually don't carry 2 QBs so we'll see.
  6. PunkRockRedneck

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 8

    Need 18 pts from Pitt D. Up against the top team (by far) in our league. Doubt I'll get it, but would be awesome if I did.
  7. PunkRockRedneck

    Brandin Cooks - off to the locker room

    Had him on my bench. Dropped him for a kicker for next week as soon as I saw he was out with a concussion.
  8. PunkRockRedneck

    Wind Concerns - Week 8

    did the same here. Just watch, Allen will blow up somehow now.
  9. PunkRockRedneck

    Sunday Morning Waffles

    Swapped out Allen for Brees but I think most people are avoiding Buffalo today.
  10. PunkRockRedneck

    UPDATE: Kamara / Brees watch Week 8: Brees in, Kamara Out

    crap hadn't checked out the weather for tomorrow. hmmm
  11. PunkRockRedneck

    UPDATE: Kamara / Brees watch Week 8: Brees in, Kamara Out

    I'm in the same situation. Have Allen in but REALLY wanna put Brees in. I'm probably just going with Allen as he's 100% and will be running as well.
  12. PunkRockRedneck

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    I just heard Winston say "hold my beer..."
  13. PunkRockRedneck

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    2000 was my first year. The newsroom at the paper I worked at had a league and desperately needed 1 more player. I knew nothing about football other than Bo Jackson and Joe Montana. Seriously, I NEVER watched football before fantasy football came around for me. Not sure what pick it was, but my first pick was Brad Johnson from Washington. I think a few guys in the room got whiplash from turning around so quickly with a WTF look on their face. LOL I had no idea what I was doing. I went off a magazines rankings I think. I ended up with Marvin Harrison and Mike Anderson as well that year. Don't recall if I made the playoffs. Probably not. It was easily the worst year I ever had tho. I had to get advice from my "sports people" alot. I was just a skater punk who knew nothing about football. I've gotten pretty good at it over the years tho. My wife HATES fantasy football since it's still the only reason I ever watch the games.
  14. PunkRockRedneck

    James White....what is the obsession?

    I have White as well. I was curious about the ranking this week too. Thought I missed an injury to Michel or something. I don't get it. He'll get his 10-13 points but that's it. I have him as my flex (right now) this week. Maybe he blows up. Maybe he gets his normal 10-13 lol
  15. PunkRockRedneck

    1 DEF for ROS ??