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  1. This. I've never seen what makes him so special. Just an average RB with flashes every so often.
  2. PunkRockRedneck

    Playoff defenses

    Ya, I went with NO over Chicago. Didn't work out as well as I was hoping. Luckily, even if I lose it was just for fun this week as it was against the other bye week owner. Think I'll be rolling with Chicago next week. lol
  3. PunkRockRedneck

    Playoff defenses

    Have been rolling with Chicago most the season but thinking of going with NO for the playoffs.
  4. PunkRockRedneck

    Who's MVP for yor team this year?

    Connor (free agent pickup just before season started) Elliot has been a beast. I was actually bummed when I picked him at #4 because I wanted Bell or Johnson to fall. Thank the gods they didn't. Also, Davante Adams has been amazing all year. Tough to argue with that kinda of constant production every week.
  5. PunkRockRedneck

    Cohen better this week with Trubisky out?

    lol good thing I left him on the bench.
  6. PunkRockRedneck

    Cohen better this week with Trubisky out?

    My other RBs are Elliot, Mixon, and Conner so I typically have to decide between Mixon and Cohen for a flex. Horrible problem isn't it? lol
  7. The dude lives off dump offs and set plays like that. Would imagine there'll be plenty tomorrow. Detroit is already pretty generous to RBs. Does Cohen get a bump now?
  8. Need Gurley and Hill to NOT outscore Zuerlein by 40 pts. I'm not expecting a win this week lol
  9. PunkRockRedneck

    Fitzmagic or Big Ben?

    thanks guys
  10. Kelce is tempting I'm sure but I don't think who you have is all that bad. But I could see why you'd consider it tho lol
  11. PunkRockRedneck

    Fitzmagic or Big Ben?

    Need a filler for Watson on bye and cant decide. Was originally gonna use Dalton against the Saints but with AJ out I don't see him doing as well. So looking at Fitz or Ben... thoughts?
  12. PunkRockRedneck

    MNF: What do you need?

    Need Cooper to score 8pts less than Zeke...
  13. PunkRockRedneck

    Why is Tre'Quan Smith ranked so high this week?

    hmm thanks for the replies guys. Maybe I'll look into picking him up if I can't work out something otherwise. I know it should be a high scoring game so maybe it'd be worth it for a week lol
  14. I understand it could be a high scoring game. But other than the Washington game, he hasn't done anything at all. I may be needing to pick up a WR with Diggs possibly not playing and my others on byes. Is Smith really worth a shot? I just don't see it.
  15. 5 of 15. Still have my 1-5 picks. Tho I just dropped Rivers to cover Ertz being a bye next week. Will probably get him back after Ertz's bye. I'm in 1st in my league so far at 5-2