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  1. I was pretty sure DJ was being shopped. it was clear they didnt want him come the second half of the year. the only explanation I can think of is that the Houston GM/coach loved him and if there was another offer on the table, maybe they stepped up with their absolute best offer. Keep in mind 2 years (even 1 year) ago this wouldnt have seemed to be a terrible deal.
  2. Ray_T

    Tag, You're It

    problem is... at 5M someone would likely outbid them because I dont think he signs for 5 M without going to free agency. 5-7 M is what hes likely worth, but there are always teams who will overpay to get a piece they need. in this case I still think the franchise makes sense. IF they dont sign him to a long term deal he will be gone by end of this season.
  3. Ray_T

    Titans agree on new deal with Tannehill

    for some reason I thought it was week 8. Guess I didnt pay enough attention
  4. I guess the question is.... could they have gotten more for Hopkins? maybe its a case where hopkins wanted out, so they needed to act quickly. hard to say
  5. David Johnson is a waste on a team that isnt competitive and has a poor O line. I was pretty sure he'd move somewhere. but I was a bit surprised about this. Hopkins fits the AZ offense far better. and it is a good year to draft WR I hear, so the replacement will come quick enough.
  6. Ray_T

    Titans agree on new deal with Tannehill

    valid point. I drafted him in my 2 QB league with the thought that he would have Mariotas job by week 6. I was wrong in the sense that it happened a bit later than I had predicted, but I was right in the sense that he was most definitely the better QB.
  7. Ray_T

    Tag, You're It

    That would actually be the best reason to tag him. you get one more year while he is in his prime. They will probably run the hell out of him and then discard at end of season.
  8. Ray_T

    2020 NFL DRAFT (who you like-rookies)

    well, the last couple drafts have had a lot of franchise defenders and not so many top notch offensive players. The pendulum is finally swinging the other way. it is a very good year to have rookie draft picks in any leagues that allow it. there are a lot of second tier prospects who are looking good too.
  9. Ray_T

    2020 stash

    for the record, you can go into fftoday and pick the scoring format and the tool will rank your players based on the scoring format. so you can rank based on PPR, then go and rank based on standard scoring. its perhaps one of the most useful analytical tools on this website.
  10. True. honestly in the superbowl I dont know why San Fran went away from the run game. Late in the first half, they destroyed them on the ground even with the box stacked. but a strong defense goes quite well with a good ground game. in that scenario you need a solid game manager who can open things up when needed.
  11. Most players at this point in their career (1 full season as starter) are still on a rookie contract. That rookie contract is considerably more team friendly than the one he is on. This is a large part of the reason why I feel the way I do in terms of his value in trade. Usually by the time you are getting into salary ranges like his, you are dealing with a far more proven commodity than what we have here. thus the discount. the point is likely irrelevant. I dont see the team trading him to be completely honest. when you pay this much to a player and spend what they did to acquire him, you give him every chance to prove hes worth the hefty price you paid.
  12. Yes. but in general, he didnt put up great numbers in the playoffs in general. some of this was due to the game plan. Perhaps the coaches were trying to protect him. but when the chips were down, he didnt get it done in the superbowl game. I acknowledge, given the number of starts he has had in his career thus far, hes done reasonably well. but he still has to develop as a player before I'd declare him a franchise QB. The good news for San Fran.... he is still young and can improve. I am sure a lot of other NFL defenses will be studying the game tape for the playoffs to figure out the best way to defend Jimmy G, so he likely will need to make some adjustments to his game too. If he cannot make those adjustments, he will fade into oblivion like many other highly regarded QB prospects have in the past. The real test for him will be the next year or two.
  13. well, a surefire franchise QB is worth 2 first round picks, but hes also not dealing from a position of strength. in this scenario, he needs to dump a very large contract and everyone knows it. so this will affect the compensation. We are also looking at a QB who may not actually be a surefire franchise qb. he was injured nearly all of last year and this year he threw for 4000 yards, 27 TD and 13 INT. good stats for the first full year starting, but not spectacular. in the playoffs he threw for 131, 77, ans 219 yards respectively and INT's outnumbered the TDs. that being said, the playoffs are a higher level of play than the regular season, just like the regular season is better than the pre season. I"m not saying hes not a franchise qb, but it sure looks like he was not the main reason they made the superbowl. That would be the killer defense and the fantastic ground game. I'll give him credit for doing a fair job managing the games, but to be a true franchise Qb, you expect a little bit more. I am saying theres enough unknowns with him that I dont know that he should go for 2 firsts. Especially with the large contract he has. I'd expect him to go for a first and a second at most. Maybe we can agree to disagree on this. likely we will never find out. If I was the San Fran GM I'd be inclined to hang onto him to see if he grows as a player and as a leader in the coming years. if he improves, he can still be that franchise QB. I just dont think hes quite there yet.
  14. if he actually thought the addition of Brady would win him a championship, I'd guess he'd think about it. but then hes in a position where he needs to dump a very large contract. an even better story is if this happens and then San Fran sends garoppolo back to New England for a first round pick and the pats pickup where they left off.
  15. if that actually happened I'd be floored. the team brings in Brady's understudy, pays him a kings ransom and then dumps him to get Brady himself when he hits free agency in a year where he turns 43 before the season even begins. it would make one hell of a story if it actually happened.
  16. all I have to say is what Romo makes as a commentator on NFL broadcasts should have nothing to do with what NFL players make. while I would argue nearly all of the NFL is overpaid.... This is not the reality we live in. we live in a world where people spend more time/viewing time and money on NFL related stuff than they do for a whole lot of other things, so the proportionate amount of ad revenue and ticket monies needs to be divided between owners (who take the risk) and players (who put the product on the field) When we think about the current setup, the current split is reasonable regardless of whether you feel the players are overpaid (or not) As Romo is just part of a delivery method for broadcasts and he educates fans on certain concepts he plays a valuable role for the sport and for the broadcaster. but what he does is different from what NFL players do. if NBC (or fox or any other broadcaster) decides to pay him a pile of cash because it allows them to do a better job of selling the game and improve their TV ratings..... that's their choice to do so. It has nothing to do with the NFL players or what they deserve to get. The factors that determine value are different. its a stupid argument.
  17. with a poor O line, I dont know that Brady will be winning much of anything with the Chargers. He likely also knows this. Brady wants to win more than he wants money. he will stand pat in NE or pick a place that maximizes his chances of another Superbowl. LA is not that place. Not unless they can get that O line up to a level even remotely comparable to what they have in New England. I could see him going to Tampa. Line there is solid, they have some good coaches there as well. But I'd be surprised as hell if he went to the Chargers.
  18. Ray_T

    Dynasty league question

    a league I was in had a rule where, once the season was over, you had a period where the cap and IR dont matter. so you could make deals that put you over the cap if you want, and you can have as many on IR as you want, but come Midnight July 31 you have to decide to activate said player or drop them and you have to be under the cap by the same date. You also had to declare your keepers for the same date. This way you could trade for a player that puts you over the cap, then unload another player later. generally it encourages player movement.
  19. Ray_T

    XFL....oh my

    at least I get to watch any and all NFL games along with all CFL games. Its not all bad
  20. Ray_T

    XFL....oh my

    I live in Canada. I dont get the same selection of college games that you get in the states. so my selection of what is available is generally limited to games in the pacific NW, California, and Boston College games. We get a few Texas games too. but the selection isnt the same.
  21. Ray_T

    XFL....oh my

    I dont watch a lot of College football either. But then again, the skill level is lower on average and there is not a ton of parity in college football. Nobody likes to watch a game that ends 58-3 regardless of who wins. That's what you get in college football a fair bit of the time. Sure, there is the occasional matchup that is worth watching if it looks evenly matched. but most of those type of games happen in the Bowl Championship series and such. Even then.... sometimes they are still blowouts.
  22. Ray_T

    XFL....oh my

    In this situation, I'd suggest most times its a case of not good enough. I have found that usually its more like an 23 year old got a boatload of money and partied their way out of the NFL or ate their way out of the NFL or some combination of the two. In some cases, they just couldnt handle the stresses of being an NFL player. but most of the first rounders who crap out either have off field issues of some sort. It is rarely a lack of talent
  23. Ray_T

    Greg Robinson arrested for 157 pounds of pot

    That is a lot of drugs. These guys make a boatload of money. Why do they think they need to do something like this? This is just stupid on so many levels. Even if they wanna have a party. can they not pay someone to transport their weed for them so this sort of thing does not end their careers in the event they get pulled over on a routine traffic stop? I am certain he could have paid someone to transport that needlessly large bag of weed to any location he wanted. why risk it himself?
  24. Ray_T

    XFL....oh my

    actually, the CFL is a substantially better product than the XFL so far. but then given what I said about salaries, I would expect this. it is also a situation where the lack of a substantial preseason may be hurting the onfield product. I found that the AFL was the same. first couple weeks were pretty poor quality football. the Gameplay did improve as the season wore on, but by that time the fans stopped going to the games.
  25. Ray_T

    XFL....oh my

    I think most of those had their shot already. Not many will make their way back to the NFL. it is also worth noting that the quality of play is largely determined by the amount of money the players are paid. Currently the Canadian Football League pays better than the XFL. The XFL may have an advantage in that the players have better exposure to NFL scouts who may live in some of these cities and may find it convenient to watch the games, but I'd argue that most XFL players are unlikely to get an NFL tryout once they become free Agents. in any given year there are about 15 CFL players who successfully obtain NFL tryouts and half of those actually get a contract. I'd suggest in the XFL that number would be the same or smaller.