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  1. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    Hold Your Breath

    When in necessary places like Liquor Stores or Grocery Stores and you have to pass someone is aisle, just hold your breath. If you don't breath what they exhale you way cut down on your chances of getting the beer virus. I can't believe this is not in the media.
  2. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    No TP, No Prob

    So, I haven't been able to buy TP for 2 weeks. No problem. I have plenty of extra pillow cases and you can turn them inside out. So life is good or so I thought. But, this is my personnel recycling, so it must be recycled. Besides, my dog is looking at me like "so really, I have to go outside?" I go to the reclining bin and to my aghast I see a pliphohory of empty Corona bottles. Now, if they are full, I take the chances but they are empty. The only reasonable reaction is to run off screaming at the top of my lungs "BEWARE ALL YE, BEWARE ALL YE, CARONA IS UPON US." Well, after my arrest, I am sitting in my cell and writing my next Country Music hit, "At Least My Cell Has TP." I an also thinking of titling it "The Azz Is Always Cleaner."
  3. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    2019 Champs The Mighty Sweatermeats + $$

    Why would I want to be Connish? I think you are doing a GREAT job. I barely understand the rules of this league. Give me another year. Maybe thereafter if you don't want it and I feel competent to do the job. Right now, I don't. Hell, if I had been Commish this year, I would have won the SB, Oh wait................hmmm. JK.
  4. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    The f*ckin Playoffs are here

    willing to trade during off season. send legit offers only please. joelc9@gmail.com.
  5. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    The f*ckin Playoffs are here

    would have been in the bowel except for an error. would have won it by a mile. oh well, next year. been fun. hate you all.
  6. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    2019 Champs The Mighty Sweatermeats + $$

    After taxes on your half, you owe me $50. Check with Gypsy for details where to mail the check.
  7. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    2019 Champs The Mighty Sweatermeats + $$

    $50 keep for next years entry. $30 check to me. Let me know if there's any info you need. Sent you a check so you should have name and address etc.
  8. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    The f*ckin Playoffs are here

    Not being in the Bowel pissed my guys off, so they went off. Sanders slides when he could have scored. Would have put me over 200 pts. Oh well, Chefs D can get that vs Da Beerz.
  9. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    The f*ckin Playoffs are here

    No need, I am not on welfare. I talked to Sux and he explained that it was just an error. I was Commish for over 20 years. It's more important to get things right and crown the real champion than a few $. The most important thing to me is that I am in this league with all these great people who I have known for so many years and consider my internet friends (assuming there is such an animal). And, just to make it clear, I consider you all animals. It is the only thing I respect about any of you.;
  10. Let Da Big Dog Eat


    I am totally lost on WW rules. Please explain/
  11. Let Da Big Dog Eat


    Or, offer the team to someone else....
  12. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    G Bernard For Sale

    Make me an offer I can't refuse. Open to multiple player trades and draft choices.
  13. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    Who's the AHOLE that left Henry on the bench?

    Meh, 305 pt diff. It was really a choice between Henry and White, Just thought Pats would have to pass more vs Pitt.
  14. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    Wiaver Wire RULE vote

    why make it complicated. do WW trx whenever you want. In season, process on Weds night based on following order: 1 If you have an injured player, you have first rights to BU 2 Worst record, has priority. 3 lowest scoring team has priority. 4 Thurs on, free for all Reboot Monday night
  15. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    2019 Rookie/FA Draft Talk

    Thank God this draft is finally over and I can go back to my normal routine of watching Lesbian Threesome pron all day.