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  1. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    Womenz patties found on my bedpost,wtf?

    Seems to make sense. When they left she did not say goodbye or even look at me. Before, very friendly. Weird, uncomfortably.
  2. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    Womenz patties found on my bedpost,wtf?

    Had a friend come down here to Fl Brought his GF. Fine Second day they went shopping, I went to play bridge. Did not notice until I went to bed, st midnight,, womenz panties on my bedpost.. They left the next day. I said nothing. Does that mean something or did they just have sex in my waterbed?
  3. Let Da Big Dog Eat


    I've been offered some, I've made offers. I've tried to make reasonable offers. Without fail, all trades offered to me are just rediculous.. Please people, there is no one that is that stupid in this league to accept stupid trade offers. If you don't wish to trade, just turn it down. Getting stupid trade offers is just insulting. Think about what they need and what you can afford to give. Otherwise, what happens is trading is actually discouraged because no one wants to waste their time making reasonable trade offers only to be met with crap counters.
  4. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    New Commish *UPDATED*

    see you fixed that. site just rolled over to 2021. ran into that problem last year. above not true.
  5. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    New Commish *UPDATED*

    Thinking that maybe we should change the draft min time from 12 hours to 24 hours, which would likely eliminate the problem last year. That said, I would still strongly encourage everyone to set up preferences for auto picks. Thoughts?
  6. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    New Commish *UPDATED*

    I can;t see anything that shows rosters are locked. I just proposed a trade and was not alerted to a problem. Which team are you?
  7. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    New Commish *UPDATED*

    I would rather not have this role. But,apparently it has been thrust upon me. I took it for 2 reasons. GB has promised me much help and I love this league. The league will work best if everyone realizes that we all have responsibilities such as drafting at the right time, setting lineups, etc. I do not want to make rulings, but I will, if necessary. Preferably, after a league vote. It is OUR league. Not just to Sulu, to all of you. Make it so. Sorry for the bold, can't seem to get it normal. ETA: I Commished for nearly 20 years. I have heard it all..............
  8. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    2020 Wrapped Up

    That's only 1 more Coors Light and a flush of the terlet if he ever decides to use an indoor bathroom.
  9. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    2020 Wrapped Up

    Not me. Sure, it's in the mail, suuuure,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JK, I'm sure it's in the mail. Kinda...........................
  10. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    Vudu Balls.... VIOLATOR!

    This was my 2nd year. I love this league Think the top teams can be very fluid. Also think that GR has done a GREAT job and would request him to remain Commish.
  11. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    No good FA available here?

    2 words, Bill Bellicheck. 1 week wonder.
  12. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    Draft Fix Vote

    Skip the pick. It would be chaos if picks were posted here No one would know who is available and who isn't. Plus makes more work for GB. GB I don't think you need to pay anyone's dues.
  13. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    Make a decision

    Agreed. Seriously children, being a Commish is a Thankless time consuming job. GB does a GREAT job of it. Last year due to a scheduling snafu I did not go to the SB (which I would have won) and I did not whine and now we have people complaining about a 4th Rd pick? Grow the Fock Up. I vote that in the future, if you miss your window, you lose your pick and get the last pick of the draft. It's not fair to ask the Commish to pick ANY player for you. No 2 owners have the same rankings so how is it possible for him to make the "right" choice for you. Last, the rules are different on the 2 sites. That is not GB's fault or problem. He's Da Commish. However he decides to go, he's right. Yes, it should be fixored. BTW, I was Da Commish for over 20 years. I know how thankless and time consuming the job is.
  14. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    Willing to trade picks or players

    Make offers I can't refuse.
  15. Let Da Big Dog Eat

    Rookie Draft Date