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  1. Young_Grasshopper

    RG3 to Skins @2

    I feel bad for Colt McCoy, but hey, from the Browns perspective I understand given McCoy's regression in 2011. IMO they could really use some legit receiving threats like Blackmon. It's pretty disgusting they've been slotting in Mohamed Massaquoi as their top receiver for two years now.
  2. Young_Grasshopper

    Pick the playoff teams

    Not too bad. AFC I went 4/6 (Chargers and Raiders were both close). NFC I went 4/6 too (Cowboys were close; Rams WAAAY off). Pats as AFC champ too! And I was part of 10% of folks who DIDN'T pick Philly.
  3. Agh, there was a thread at the start of the season about everyone's super bowl picks. I thought it would be fun to resurrect for bragging rights... but I can't find it. I did pick NE for the Super Bowl, but I also picked the Cowboys.
  4. Young_Grasshopper

    MJD - Hall of Fame Someday?

    I'm thinking no, but I'm curious what others say. MJD's never played on a great team and has been very productive overall. Of current RBs, I think the future hall of famers will be (no particular order): CJ2K Tomlinson (this is pretty much a lock) Matt Forte ... maybe Roy Helu Very good players who won't have a productive enough career to go HOF, again, just speculation: LeSean McCoy Ray Rice Arian Foster (sadly, I think he'll burn out too quickly) DeMarco Murray
  5. Young_Grasshopper

    2012 1st Round

    Charles is going to underperform the first half of the FF season due to coming back from injury. Think about the recent ACL injuries: Brady, Welker, etc. had okay but not great seasons after the ACL tear. I read a football player once talk about the fact that you have to get used to the knee NEVER feeling quite the same after ACL surgery. Charles might light it up down the stretch and if he's in good shape would be an AWESOME option for 2013. So, you have to weigh whether a slump for the first 10 weeks of 2012 is acceptable, IMO, if you are looking to draft Charles.
  6. Young_Grasshopper

    Biggest upset in your league playoffs

    The 8 seed knocked off the 1 seed 75 to 72. I lost this week too, so seeing that eased my pain a little at least. 8 seed: Tom Brady Jackie Battle Thomas Jones Vincent Jackson Jeremy Maclin Aaron Hernandez Rackers Jets D Brady was half the points on the team; the Jets D at 12 points was the only other position to score in the double-digits. The 1 seed had awful luck with Jennings, Megatron, and Finley. Oh, and he played the Cowboys D which netted him -1. On a side note, I think this is why WR heavy teams are not a good idea. Dude had Megatron, Steve Smith, Jennings, and Jordy Nelson and just demolished everyone during the regular season with those WR and Aaron Rogers. When Green Bay had a slow week passing though, it all came to an end.
  7. Young_Grasshopper

    How long until Romo is done in Dallas?

    I'm not giving the coaching and Defense a pass - I certainly think they bear more responsibility for the inability of Dallas to hold onto leads (save the Lions game, Romo's pick-sixes were the deciding factor there). For me, I want to see Romo learn how to manage a game and grind out a win. He has the big play ability to put his team ahead or come from behind, but he doesn't have the maturity to pick a team apart when Dallas needs to bleed the clock. That may be the play calling, so prove me wrong on that if you want. I just don't see the same football IQ as Brady or Roethlisberger to play for the W. And even if the supporting cast improves, I don't see Romo leading Dallas deep into the playoffs.
  8. Young_Grasshopper

    How long until Romo is done in Dallas?

    I've now suffered through two seasons of having Romo as a starting QB. Hey from a fantasy perspective, he does alright. As I read about these games though, it's clear the guy either needs another two seasons to mature (and who wants to wait?) or will NEVER turn into an elite QB. If I were Jones, I'd trade up to take a QB this year and send Romo the message that he's done in Dallas unless he goes Drew Brees and gets it together. Say what you will about injuries, supporting cast, coaching, etc. Romo has had too many years to show us that he's an elite QB in spite of these things, and you can't expect anything from him game to game.
  9. Young_Grasshopper

    Lessons learnt in the 2011 fantasy season

    Try to avoid guys who demand a handcuff. I had to keep two roster spots for Tate and Bush that could have gone to players who had more upside for the entire season. You're screwing yourself on value.
  10. Young_Grasshopper

    How many points did your team the missed the playoffs score?

    Missed by 40 points: FU Murray for running great for the first quarter and then breaking your ankle. FU Foster for doing nothing. FU Cruz for dropping a long pass that would have been a TD. Meanwhile, Barber, Antonio Brown, and Laurent Robinson lit it up on my AGGGHH!!! Well, now at least I can enjoy the games instead of stressing about WTF Romo will do every week.
  11. Young_Grasshopper

    Toilet Bowl Contenders

    Sure, I'll keep playing, but I'm done scouring the waiver wire or agonizing over my matchups. Plug them in and let them roll. Who knows, maybe 5th place awaits...
  12. Young_Grasshopper

    Felix Jones

    Jones is a solid play. He did great last week and should be considered a high RB2 until he proves otherwise. The only concern is his historical lack of TDs - even when he's playing well, the guy has trouble getting in the end zone.
  13. Young_Grasshopper

    Sidney Rice to IR...

    Seattle has such an awful track record of paying so-so WR good money and getting NOTHING out of them. See Nate Burleson, Deion Branch, and now Sidney Rice. Chicago is also in that boat.
  14. Young_Grasshopper

    lets go back and remember the RB's from 2000-2005

    Fragile Fred Taylor. Ahman "Degenerative Knee" Green Warrick Dunn was always the sneaky mid-round pick to get consistent fantasy scoring. I remember all the hype around Kevan Barlow. One of the biggest FF busts of all time, and my first lesson that getting hot at the end of the season doesn't mean you're a stud RB next year.
  15. Young_Grasshopper

    Moving Up, Moving Down

    Thanks Mike. Just picked up Grossman to back up Romo for my FF playoff run: love that schedule!