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  1. JOHN 316

    In Snell we trust

    Drop Breida for Snell ? I also have Samuels.
  2. JOHN 316

    Evan Engram

    let him rest up until week 14.....!!!
  3. JOHN 316

    Evan Engram

    i picked him up off waivers....to pair with Edwards. Hollister is also still available ? Thoughts ? I'm 10-1 with a week 14 bye, so trying to stack my team for weeks 15/16.
  4. JOHN 316

    Marlon Mack's hand

    I've secured a week 1 bye, so as long as he returns by week 15 I'm OK. BTW.....I traded for Mack just last week (gave up Michel and Allen Robinson).
  5. JOHN 316

    Jacob Hollister

    I also have Andrews and was thinking of either Hollister or Everett to back him up for my playoff stretch....Everett looks to have a good matchup for weeks 14/15 (SEA/DAL), while Hollister gets ARI for week 16 !!!!
  6. JOHN 316

    Allen Robinson owners-you still have him?

    He's my WR4 behind Thomas, Godwin and Julio Jones. I also have Gallup and I can't seem to bring myself drop either of them to the WW at the moment, making them available to my competitors. The decision may get easier if I can manage a week 1 playoff bye (currently 8-2), but the talent sitting on the WW right now makes me want to keep them both.
  7. I have Robinson, but De De is available. Wondering if I should drop Robinson for the implied easier playoff schedule of De De ?
  8. JOHN 316

    Def down the stretch. Eagles vs. SF?

    NE also got roasted by BAL....showing no DEF is a plug and play the rest of the season. I have SF and PITT, plan on playing the matchups down the stretch, but PHI does have a nice playoff schedule. I'm likely to wait 1-2 more weeks before making any decisions as I need to secure a week 1 playoff bye before I start jettisoning players just for weeks 14-16.
  9. JOHN 316

    Washington RBs

    GUICE is available in my league too, but someone also dropped HYDE due to bye week issues......My roster is below. Not sure either of those 2 are better that what I got ? I'm 8-1 and built for a playoff run, so not sure if it's worth rolling the dice on either of these 2 guys.....thoughts? WILSON, BREES JONES, LINDSAY, MICHEL, BREIDA, SAMUELS THOMAS, JULIO, GODWIN, ROBINSON, GALLUP EDWARDS PITT, SF
  10. same here....got SF and PITT....playing the matchups rest of the way
  11. JOHN 316

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    My RB's are RB2s at best.....Aaron Jones, Matt Breida, Phillip Lindsay, Sony Michel....I've been holding Pollard hoping for a Zeke injury, but that's a lottery ticket more than anything Holding Brees is more of a block of my league opponents more than anything.....our league typically carries 2 QB's for each manager and since Wilson hasn't had his bye yet, Brees was the best available for that week.
  12. JOHN 316

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    I picked up the NINERS with my #1 ww pick......hoping it's the missing piece for my team....but STEELERS are still sitting there as a possible free agent pickup, but can't seem to justify dropping one of my bench players.....I have Sony Michel, Tony Pollard, Michael Gallup, Allen Robinson, Greg Olsen, Drew Brees I have Olsen for my backup to Mark Andrews (week 8 bye) and Brees to compliment WILSON down the stretch. Thoughts ?
  13. JOHN 316

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    In our league......1st to 4th.....PATS (145), 49ers (97), Panthers (91), Steelers (80)...............Bills (60) 49ers, steelers are still available..... Bills play MIA this weekend, then PHI, WAS, CLE, MIA...so also a decent schedule I appreciate the input. Now just need to decide whether or not to burn #1 ww for a defence (personal choice I guess).
  14. JOHN 316

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    thanks for the input !
  15. JOHN 316

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    BILLS and STEELERS seem to have the best complimentary schedule...BILLS early (Week 7-12) on and then STEELERS (Week 8 and then from Week 12 onward)....of equal importance......... is it worth paying up by using my #1 ww priority for a DEF ?