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  1. JOHN 316

    Start Lance ??

    I have Kyler Murray....but he's been less than impressive as of late.....missing Hopkins....and going against Dallas this week. Is there any logical arguement to be made for starting Lance (vs HOUSTON) (if Jimmy G sits of course) over Murray? Projections have me pretty even with my opponent this week starting Murray......glad I have a few days to mull this over.
  2. JOHN 316

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz ...

    12 team. Full PPR I need RB2 from the following. Darrel Williams (KC) @ Cin (or) Jeff Wilson (SF) or Eli Mitchell (SF) vs Hou I need FLEX to consider Renfrow (LV) @ Ind or leftover from RB2 (above) I need DEF TB @ NYJ or Chi vs NYG
  3. JOHN 316

    2nd RB and Flex spot ??

    12 team - 1 pt ppr. I need help deciding on my 2nd RB as well as my flex I need 1 RB from the following.....Jeff wilson vs Ten......Devonta Freeman vs Cin ..............or CEH vs Pit I also need help deciding on my flex from the following.....Renfrow vs Den.......V.jefferson vs Min......Boyd vs Bal ............or G.Davis vs NE I'm leaning CEH and Renfrow....but with Mitchell out, Jeff Wilson is giving me pause.
  4. JOHN 316

    What do you need Wk 14 MNF?

    I need 22 points from Kyler to secure 2nd place and a bye in week 1 of playoffs...otherwise I sink to #3 seed and have to play in week 15.
  5. Streaming only works if other owners are not thinking ahead....any competitive league will have at least half the other owners also considering streaming....what do you do then ?? You still need a solid D in case there are no other steaming options available.....and the bench space to pick up a better weekly option. I'm rolling with TB and stashing depth at the other positions.
  6. JOHN 316


    I dropped PIT after their embarrasing performance vs Detroit. I had already picked up TB when they were on bye....so rolling with TB the rest of the way. I may also loof at SF for the playoff stretch...just not sure if my roster can handle carring to defences right now....currently I'm 7-3 but only 2 games up from the last playoff spot.
  7. JOHN 316

    Titans Defense surging, yet mostly unrostered

    I picked up TB after they were dropped for their bye week. I also have PIT going this weekend and then likely rolling TB the rest of the way...
  8. JOHN 316

    Anyone else pickup Adrian Peterson ?

    In my PPR league I picked up McNichols instead...I'm not convinced a 36 yr old RB is gonna be able to contribute meanifully the rest of the season...and if Ten gets into some negative gamescripts because no one is afraid of the run game, then McNichols should be the beneficiary in that dept.
  9. JOHN 316

    Grab Colts Defense now if you have bench room ;-)

    picked them up, along with Pittsburgh too....similar 2-3 weeks of potential for large weeks.
  10. JOHN 316

    What do you need Wk 7 MNF?

    I need Kamara to outscore NO defence.
  11. JOHN 316

    What do you need tonight?

    I need Mark Andrews to score less than 3 points for my opponent !!
  12. JOHN 316

    Defense ROS ?

    So much unnecessary hatred over a simple spelling error when all I did was ask a simple question....Denver or Cleveland ROS....or stream each week.
  13. JOHN 316

    Defense ROS ?

    Brilliant feedback...as per usual .... so what does the Almighty AxeElf see happening ?
  14. JOHN 316

    Defense ROS ?

    I've been riding Denver since draft day, but someone recently dropped Cleveland last week. In my league they curently have near identical points as Denver (58/57) The ROS rankings on this site have Cleveland ranked top 5 (I think), while Denver is outside of the top 10. Depending on who's avalable in the free agent market I've beem known to roster 2 defences and rotate them based on matchups, but are either one of these teams worth rolling with all season long (outside of bye weeks of course)
  15. JOHN 316

    Rostering 2 WR from the same team?

    yes, ful ppr