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  1. JOHN 316

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    In our league......1st to 4th.....PATS (145), 49ers (97), Panthers (91), Steelers (80)...............Bills (60) 49ers, steelers are still available..... Bills play MIA this weekend, then PHI, WAS, CLE, MIA...so also a decent schedule I appreciate the input. Now just need to decide whether or not to burn #1 ww for a defence (personal choice I guess).
  2. JOHN 316

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    thanks for the input !
  3. JOHN 316

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    BILLS and STEELERS seem to have the best complimentary schedule...BILLS early (Week 7-12) on and then STEELERS (Week 8 and then from Week 12 onward)....of equal importance......... is it worth paying up by using my #1 ww priority for a DEF ?
  4. JOHN 316

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    Due to bye week issues, some managers in my league have dropped some good defences, so I'm wondering if any of you are rolling with 1 DEF for rest of the season or streaming ? Available are BILLS, STEELERS, JAGUARS, EAGLES and 49ers....I currently have the RAVENS. I have the #1 waiver priority, but never used it on a DEF before. I was considering using it on BUFFALO and perhaps pairing them with another one in a committee approach for the remainder of the season.....or at least until a playoff spot is secured. I'm currently 6-0 and haven't made a waiver claim yet, just been picking up free agents when the waivers clear, but picking up a stout DEF definatley has me considering it Opinions ?
  5. JOHN 316

    Newton or Brees (ROS)

    The wilson owner also drafted brees and trubisky....dropped wilson and trubisky week 2 in order to role with brees for the season......then dropped brees when he got injured (we don;t have an IR spot).....now he's stuck with dalton and stafford......he's a 3 time champion to boot....but in my division, so I'm not too sad for him. League has been around for 20 years...and yes it's a $100 league entry fee. In order to pick up brees now, I'd need to drop a bench spot (either breida, lindsay, pollard, olsen).....or dak....but I possibly want dak for the philly matchup week 7..... .so I guess pollard ? Trading in our league is almost non-existent !
  6. JOHN 316

    Newton or Brees (ROS)

    Maybe you didn't read my post thoroughly...........I plan on trying to trade PRESCOTT. I won't be keeping 3 QB's.
  7. JOHN 316

    Newton or Brees (ROS)

    I'm looking down the stretch to see who you think would have more value. I am currently 5-0 I already have WILSON and PRESCOTT. I played PRESCOTT weeks 1-3 and when another owner dropped WILSON i scooped him up and been playing him over PRESCOTT (weeks 4-5). Both BREES and NEWTON have been dropped and each seem to have a nice stretch of favorable games. I plan on trying to trade PRESCOTT as he seems to have a less favorable schedule down the stretch, so I would like to pair WILSON with either BREES or NEWTON Thoughts ?
  8. 247 pts. .5 PPr. wilson, aaron jones, lindsay, godwin, robinson, thomas, philly. My opponents had 94 !!
  9. JOHN 316

    Defence By Committee ??

    I recall someone having a spread sheet compiled for this purpose last year. It helped me immensely !! I figured with 4 weeks gone now we know who the good and bad defences are, so does anyone have this useful tool available ?
  10. JOHN 316

    defense by committee

    thanks for all the feedback I don't normally carry 2 defences all year, but I had a colossial issue with my computer freezing up before my draft and instead of my selecting David Johnson #2 overall, it auto picked Jordan Howard from the Queue I had set up for some 2nd round players I was looking at. My bad for not setting the Queue for my 1st round pick !!.....I'm sick to my stomach over it !! needless to say, I'll be chasing all those missing points all season long....and need to do something a little different than the other managers in the league. PITT is available and looking at their schedule, appears to be decent to pair with MINN.......any idea from my team (see signature), who you'd drop for PITT ? I'm leaning Ekeler or John Brown.
  11. JOHN 316

    defense by committee

    Hi Gang. Any articles out there on best DEF for committee approach this year? I managed to get MINN, but see their early schedule is not the greatest.
  12. JOHN 316

    Is AJ Green benchable this week?

    40 pt victory for me in my championship game this weekend
  13. My team in my signature.
  14. JOHN 316

    Is AJ Green benchable this week?

    Oh blessed day! Evans with 15.5..... now on to championship weekend....going against best team in the league this season with 12-1 record... but I'm matching up really nice this week. Thanks to everyone for their opinions this week and helping convince me to sit AJ Green.
  15. JOHN 316

    Is AJ Green benchable this week?

    Well that worked out good for a change. Green with 4 pts and Goodwin with 17. If only I would have started Olsen over Henry and Baltimore over the Saints then I would be in the finals. Right now I'm 7 points down with Evans going by tonight.... gonna be a nail biter !!!! Thanks for all the advice in starting be Goodwin otherwise I wouldn't have had a shot to move on.