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  1. JOHN 316

    Laviska Shenault

    Swing and a miss for me too......started him over jarvis landry.
  2. JOHN 316

    Drew Brees is it over?

    Is there any sense in holding Brees since I have Josh Allen (other than for bye week replacement)? It does looks like Brees has a softer end of season schedule compared to Allen though.
  3. JOHN 316

    Chubb or Carson

    I have CARSON.....is CHUBB an upgrade for me? Owner of CHUBB is ripe for a trade offer given Week 1 results. Thoughts ? .5 PPR league
  4. JOHN 316

    Mike Boone anyone?

    Played Boone tonight too...but had a large enough cushion to still beat my opponent by 44 !!
  5. JOHN 316

    Post Your Championship Squad

    Drew Brees (waivers) Phillip Lindsay Marlon Mack (trade) Julio Jones Michael Thomas Aaron Jones Michael Gallup Mark Andrews Steelers
  6. JOHN 316

    i did It!!!!!!

    Make it 3 championships for me !! Beat my opponent by 44 Drafting 12th, I hit gold in my draft with the first 5 of 6 picks being Mike Thomas, Julio Jones, Aaron Jones, Phillip Lindsay and Chris Godwin. Scoured the waiver wire this year too, picking up Russell Wilson and Drew Brees after some impatient owners cut bait on them.........didn't hurt that I drafted Allen Robinson in the 9th, Mark Andrews in the 12th, Michael Gallup in the 13th Overall a dominating year, ending up 13-2 (with a week 1 bye in the playoffs) CONGRATS to all the other winners !!
  7. JOHN 316

    Mike Boone anyone?

    Playing Boone tonight......benched Gallup......hoping for a Festivus Miracle !!
  8. JOHN 316

    Mike Boone anyone?

    I'm deciding on Boone or Lindsay in my flex. Also have Gallup in consideration....I wish my choice was more clear !!!!
  9. Been riding Pittsburgh to the finals so far, but picked up Denver to block my opponent. There doesn't appear to be any consistent opinion on who would be the preferred option this week. Any gurus have any insight?
  10. JOHN 316

    Questions? I have right answers (hopefully)

    Chris Godwin......droppable? Still no confirmation on whether or not season ending injury ?
  11. JOHN 316

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    need 31.5 from Brees and Thomas
  12. JOHN 316

    Week 15 and 16 DST Thread

    I already have the Steelers but looking to add another Def to block my potential opponent. Who do you like amongst the following: Giants , Chief's or broncos ?
  13. JOHN 316

    Baltimore TE's

    I'm starting HIGBEE (if Everett doesn't play) in place of EDWARDS.......can't risk a 0 to start the playoffs....also have Thomas, Fant and OJ Howard available for my consideration....but Edwards will ride the bench this week
  14. JOHN 316

    Week 15 TE

    I need a backup plan for my Mark Andrews. The available FA's are: Howard Higbee Fant Thomas Any obvious choice here ?
  15. JOHN 316

    In Snell we trust

    Drop Breida for Snell ? I also have Samuels.