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  1. kilroy69

    Billie Eilish - I'm just not getting it

    she is trash. Her brother is a music industry insider that has made it his pet project to make his little sister into the whisper/mumble singing queen.
  2. Good movie. I laughed. I also realized that Jim Carrey is a one dimensional actor. His Dr robotnic character is a mix of ace Ventura and the Riddler. Same thing over and over.
  3. kilroy69

    I saw sonic last night with the kid.

    It is exactly the opposite it is going to end up being the biggest video game movie of all time it make like 55 million in 4 days on an 85 million dollar budget.
  4. kilroy69

    Myles Clubber Garrett - reinstated by NFL

    It's quite clear he is a liar. If Rudolph had said that he would have been screaming to high heaven about what just happened. Not waited days after when he probably talked to Al or Jesse.
  5. kilroy69

    Myles Clubber Garrett - reinstated by NFL

    He should be now suspended for making an unfounded racially motivated claim.
  6. kilroy69

    Books you are not reading

    War and peace.
  7. kilroy69

    Recent Favorite Youtube Addiction

    If a houseboat would work in Michigan I would do it.
  8. kilroy69

    Recent Favorite Youtube Addiction

    I like something called extra credits.
  9. No one outside of Michigan would ever even know who he is.
  10. kilroy69

    Peenie, have you ever heard of Candace Owens?

    Funny. I would like to know the same about the dems. I used to identify the dems as the good guys. Now they are a bunch of left wing wackos that think you can change your gender just by speaking it out loud.
  11. and I keep a 4 leaf clover in my pocket
  12. I try to stay off the radar of death and the cops at all times
  13. I just think that when people proclaim to the world they are cancer free that its like tempting fate. I know it sounds crazy. But its like thumbing your nose at death and expecting it not to notice.
  14. So did shannon daughtery a few years back
  15. I no longer believe this was an attempt to impeach and remove trump. I now believe this was a ploy by the DNC to keep sanders off the campaign trail for iowa.
  16. kilroy69

    Greta Van Climate Change

    I am super creeped out by this. Its just sooo odd.
  17. Co-ed bathrooms are asking for trouble.
  18. kilroy69

    Black History Month Bios and Stuff

    3 pages and she peenies it.
  19. We had a creature move from....Ann Arbor....shocker. No matter what they did it would not be satisfied unless it was allowed to use the boys bathroom WITH the boys. It was not satisfied with being given access to it's own personal bathroom. The school system of course caved and let it go to the boys bathroom with the boys. It started getting teased and now as a result the boys bathroom is now a series of individual stalls that go from floor to ceiling and they will do that for the girls too once a boygirl comes along instead of a girlboy We are being steered by a super small minority who act as though they are what's normal when they are in fact far from it.
  20. I am pro death penalty. As a matter of fact I toured the spot he is going to be killed at as a kid....FOR A CLASS TOUR. Thats not a joke. 30 plus years ago. When they say coming to you from Atlanta they are talking about live updates from death row in Jackson. I caught the biggest catfish of my life a half a mile from here in a river that you wouldn't be able to pronounce if I told ya anyway. lol Thatttttt being said. This. This seems super suspicious to me. The ONLY reason why they would not do DNA testing on the evidence would be because they either fear or know that they have the wrong guy and are willing to send him to his death for something outside observers would see as a super weak case. https://news.yahoo.com/georgia-man-set-executed-killings-061421936.html?soc_src=community&soc_trk=fb Overwhelming.. circumstantial evidence including the fact he was violent in the past to his wife.....annndddddd they will not run a DNA test on the evidence? No witnesses. The cops only looked at him as a suspect and the prosecutor packed the jury? No murder weapon. No gunshot residue. And after beating his wife to death with the butt of the shotgun he had no blood evidence on him. We are a one armed man away from fugitive.
  21. You don't beat someone to death with the butt if a gun and not leave behind blood spatter evidence.
  22. kilroy69

    NPR Mary Louise Kelly

    Can anyone tell me what the fock is wrong with her voice? She sounds like Kermit the frog.
  23. kilroy69

    NPR Mary Louise Kelly

    once trump was elected the idea of being unbiased went out the window. I mean even with Obama though it was clear though they were acting more as a mouthpiece for the DNC. Like I said. I loved them growing up. Loved them. Just sucks to see them stray soooo soooo far from the good programming.
  24. kilroy69

    NPR Mary Louise Kelly

    They do a thing called storycorps that is really good and science friday is excellent. Everything else is liberal trash.
  25. kilroy69

    NPR Mary Louise Kelly

    Man I have a soft spot in my heart for NPR. Its a throwback to when I first started driving. They had such excellent programming that made me laugh so hard I was in tears. Car talk was one one the best pieces of radio ever done. A prairy home companion was dry witty humor. I could count on them to bring news that was largely unbiased. Now they are a wing of the DNC.