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  1. wojo3211

    QB 6pt td's

    thanks, that's explained very well
  2. wojo3211

    QB 6pt td's

  3. wojo3211

    QB 6pt td's

    I'm no math major so I can't understand why qb's are apparently more important if their td's are 6 points. If all qb's get 6 points, what's the difference? It seems to be common logic but can someone explain?
  4. wojo3211

    How about another rating

    selfish bump.
  5. wojo3211

    How about another rating

    Carson Palmer Shaun Alexander Thomas Jones Randy Moss Reggie Brown Calvin Johnson Chris Cooley Dallas D Josh Brown Adrian Peterson (minn) Chris Henry (tenn) Michael Turner Brandon Marshal Anthony Gonzalez Chad Pennington
  6. wojo3211

    Return of the old guard?

    Jahrasta, please take all of the other 15 year old novices with you when you go to another board and aggravate people.
  7. wojo3211

    #1 rb and #1 wr on same team

    what are people's thoughts on this situation? a bad idea?
  8. wojo3211

    standard defensive scoring

    what range is considered standard
  9. Just realized that my league uses 50 yards per point. With 6 per td and -2 for int's is this too little?
  10. sorry if this is basic knowledge. Just having a brain malfunction
  11. wojo3211

    Which Top Drafted Rookies Will Bust

    The colts didn't draft faulk and edge. They traded faulk to st.louis
  12. wojo3211

    3rd round RB options...

    chester, fwp, droughns, Jones
  13. wojo3211

    Trading from 5 to 4...?

  14. wojo3211

    Trading from 5 to 4...?

    any thoughts?
  15. just trying to see which is most common