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  1. Mundo867

    Just dumped Felix Jones over Jerome Harrison

    Yes, this was a no-brainer, unless of course Barber or Harrison gets hurt. go vikes
  2. Mundo867

    Blockbuster Trade Help!

    OK, I'm in a 12-team league, 1pt per 20 rushing/receiving yards, 6 pt TD, 1 pt per 50 passing, 4 pt passing TD. Standard lineup (no flex). I'm 1-1 but have some extra depth at RB. The owner of Ryan Grant is needing an RB and this is what he offered: I Get Chris Johnson I Give Ray Rice and LeSean McCoy I also have Matt Forte and Shonn Greene (it's an auction keeper league and I kept Rice and Greene). I can pick up Fred Jackson, so... Before Rice McCoy Forte Greene After Johnson Forte Greene Jackson One concern is that Rice/McCoy/Forte are all bye week 8. Another is that Greene just doesn't pan out this year, so having to start him in a scoring league is not good. Your thoughts? Will help in return... Thanks!
  3. Mundo867

    I played a team with....

    Can't really beat that team from an overall perspective but substitute Romo/Julius Jones, who outscored Brees/Rice this week, and you have the team I played. And I'm in a 12-team league (we have 3 keepers)! Fortunately, Housh didn't do much and Bironas missed 2, or he'd have broken my league record for points in a week. Fighting for a Wild Card bid at best because he'll kill my division. The real bummer is that I have the 2nd most points this week, although I'll probably end up 3rd. go vikes
  4. Mundo867


    Eerily familiar. You have 10 teams and I have 12, so it makes sense that yours is better than mine. I like this team. Was this an auction or snake, because it seems odd that you got Manning/Fitz/Boldin/Marshall/Maroney, which are all 2nd/3rd round types. Barber is going to be strong. Boldin is a nice sub for Marshall while he's out, although having two WRs on the same team is no fun unless they are lighting up their opponents. DJax is one player that as a Cal fan I can tell you is going to be unbelievable if he stays healthy. He's already the best WR on his team. go vikes Rate mine?
  5. Mundo867

    Please rate my team

    This team reminds me of why I hate snake drafts, and also why you take an RB in the first round. I don't like this lineup at all, and it's quite similar to my team (that I hate), which is linked below. Brady is nice but you have question marks everywhere at the most important position in fantasy football, RB. Hopefully, CJ becomes a monster at WR or it's going to be a long year. Huge Desean fan, so maybe that will be your meal ticket. go vikes You rate mine?
  6. Mundo867

    Rate mine...

    Yep, auction draft and thought Barber hadn't been taken so was saving up for him, but he was a keeper that I missed and ended up scrambling around and getting too many good receivers. Also, there is 1 team that has both Westbrook and LT (but terrible WRs, TEs and QB). So, I'm thinking about a trade but not sure what I could offer.
  7. Mundo867

    Rate mine...

    OK, when I walked out of my draft, I was sure I had the worst team, but now sportsline is projecting I will have the highest points! So, tell me the truth, my team sucks, right? 12 Teams, 16 players Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF/ST 1pt/10 rush/rec yds 1pt/20 pass yds 6 pt rush/rec TD 4 pt pass TD -2 Int/Fum QB1 Palmer QB2 V Young RB1 E. James RB2 T. Jones RB3 Maroney RB4 Slaton WR1 Wayne WR2 Fitz WR3 Marshall WR4 Roddy White TE1 Gonzo TE2 Heap K1 Crosby K2 Dawson Def1 Steelers Def2 Eagles Thanks! Will return the favor! go vikes
  8. Mundo867

    Update: Brady/Jamal Lewis for Roeth/Fitz/Gore

    I say pull the trigger NOW! Your WRs need help, this is a nice upgrade at RB. I just think Gore is going to be outstanding this year in the Martz system. He's great running the draw and catching screens, and their offense WILL be better just with the changes in QB/WR. Even if Brady is great again, and he probably will be, I prefer the upgrade at the more consistent scoring position (RB).
  9. Mundo867

    Gore Portis or Moss?

    Really? OK, I'll bite. Gore every day of the week. go vikes
  10. Mundo867

    Choose my keepers, WILL ANSWER YOURS

    Gonzo and/or White. Maybe Jones if his preseason improves and health is not an issue. That's it. Throw the rest back. Wayne can be had again for that amount. Same with Hasselbeck and Parker. Jacobs is just not a player I would ever draft, but seems like that price is OK.
  11. Mundo867

    4th pick over-all

    While the points do seem high for QBs in your league, I always base my pick on what happens if I let him go by. What is the drop off? And if I draft Brady, what will my RBs look like? I think this is a no-brainer. Do not draft Brady. You will rue the day when your best RB is Parker, Jacobs or Edge (Gore will be gone when you pick again). go vikes
  12. Mundo867

    Bears should have 3 sacks!

    OK, so I'm up 15 in our Super Bowl and I have Marshall against my opponent's LT in a performance league. But there were two situations yesterday where Favre fumbled the shotgun snap or the snap was bad. When he looked up and saw the oncoming rush, he dove down to avoid contact. Are these not sacks? As I mentioned in another post below, if his own lineman steps on his foot and he goes down, that's certainly a sack. If Favre avoids the rush, scrambles forward but goes down for a loss, that's a sack. If he rolls out and goes out of bounds for a short loss, that's a sack. What gives? I think I may really need these 4 points (2 per sack is just too many, I think, but whatever). Go Brandon Marshall! Craig
  13. Mundo867

    I started the Bears DE

    I have the same frigging question. Ryan's fumble is probably a "no" because it's special teams, but Favre did it again later in the game. I know if his own lineman steps on his foot and he falls down, that's a sack. I know that if he rolls out, can't find anyone open, and goes out of bounds for a loss, that's a sack. If he scrambles forward and loses a yard, that's a sack. What the hell's the difference? Craig
  14. Mundo867

    Maroney or Henry

    No contest. Maroney all the way. Better team that will lead more games and thus use the running back more to run out the clock. Henry will fumble a couple times in one game and be benched at some point for Mike Bell. No one in the wings waiting for Maroney's job. go vikes
  15. Mundo867

    vetoable, dumb or makin too much of it

    Hey, did it ever occur to you that teams vote down trades that benefits a team because they never want to see THEIR OPPONENTS improve? If they did want to see other teams improve, they would be voting against their own team interests. Imagine if you could vote down other teams' free agent pickups? Leagues that have idiotic voting rules like yours suck. At the end of the season, teams will just veto trades to cripple their opponents' ability to improve, even if trades may benefit both teams equally. By the way, the commissioners of my two leagues lets all trades go that are not obviously collusion and we have a waiting list to join both leagues. So much for that stupid comment. go vikes