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  1. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    ESPN "expert's draft" show

    (if above link didn't work)
  2. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    ESPN "expert's draft" show

    I think this show was my second favorite football related comedy. It trumped the show a couple years back when Suzy Kolber took Brett Favre with the 2nd overall pick in her fantasy draft. The only thing better was the Halloween halftime show on Monday Night Football last year when they had the football costume race of ESPN football analysts. For those interested, here is the link: When I saw this live, I was literally on the floor clutching my stomach in laughter at the pointlessness of it all. There's so many pinpoint moments in this clip I can't even begin to explain them. Watch for prancing Kornheiser in the background.
  3. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    ESPN "expert's draft" show

    I think my favorite part was Hoge and Mort in the 2nd round. Mort had a wry smile on his face when he took Darren McFadden like he had stolen the draft. After defending the pick, he just kept smiling "McFadden's numbers this year are no mystery to me, though. I know it's early, but I'm not going to let him slip past me." Prefacing Hoge's second round pick, he criticized the others for taking quarterbacks in the first and second rounds. "You guys are all crazy for taking quarterbacks in the first couple rounds. You need a foundation on your team, guys who are guaranteed to touch the ball...that's why I'm taking.......Brandon Jacobs."
  4. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    Rate my team

    Thanks guys. I just picked up Jeremi Johnson to handcuff Rudi (dropped Jaymar Johnson) since I could use more RB depth.
  5. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    Rate my team

    QB - Brad Johnson - $1 WR - Andre Johnson - $27 WR - Chad Johnson - $27 RB/WR - Calvin Johnson - $24 RB - Larry Johnson - $42 RB - Rudi Johnson - $18 TE - Eric Johnson - $5 K - John Kasay - $4 D/ST - Chiefs - $20 Bench - Bethel Johnson, WR - $7 Bench - Teyo Johnson, TE - $3 Bench - Doug Johnson, QB - $8 Bench - Bryant Johnson, WR - $3 Bench - Jaymar Johnson, WR - $4 Bench - Keyshawn Johnson - $1 Bench - Chris Johnson, RB - $5 I have great depth at WR with Keyshawn as my #5. Bethel Johnson is the only deep threat in Houston and poised for a breakout year. If/when Romo goes down, Brad Johnson has a stellar offense to work with. Shockey is being overrated and the real TE to have in New Orleans is Eric Johnson who had a great season last year and only a couple years removed from a breakout season in SF. Chief's D/ST is a sleeper this year, and Teyo Johnson will be a great safety valve for a pure pocket passer.
  6. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    Hilarious Noah Herron News Story

    Ack sorry. Bury it!
  7. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    Hilarious Noah Herron News Story

    2 Charged in burglary of Packers RB's home According a criminal complaint, Herron was in an upstairs bedroom playing a video game and talking by phone with his girlfriend about 11:30 p.m. May 30 when the doorbell rang twice. He ignored it and then heard people on his deck, so he called police. When he heard breaking glass and realized people were inside and coming up the stairs, he called police a second time. Then he unscrewed a bedpost, hid behind a bedroom door and saw a man enter and take cash from his desk drawer. Herron told police the man went to the stairs and called to someone else, which made him fear for his life as he realized there were at least two people inside. When the second intruder came in, Herron hit him in the head, then shut the bedroom door to keep the other man out. He said he heard one person running outside, and when the man on the floor started to get up, he hit him again and then went to his garage and told police a man upstairs needed medical help. I think I need to get an unscrewable bedpost in my night chamber
  8. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    The Jerry Porter Question

    Call me slightly forgetful, but what actually happened to him last season? I briefly recall one incident where he was simply sitting on the sidelines for a whole slew of games rooting against his own team. Why is he back all of a sudden? Is it because of a coaching staff change, and a willingness to start over?
  9. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    So you've got the 4th pick in a PPR redraft league

    It's the same old debate, taking a one year wonder super high. Go ahead and justify it all you want, it's just not an attractive pick to me. I'm not impressed with him yet, and have slight concern over his durability. And FYI, I only play in PPR leagues.
  10. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    Barlow meets with Steelers

    You have over twenty thousand posts on a fantasy football forum, 'nuff said.
  11. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    So you've got the 4th pick in a PPR redraft league

    Gore is a consensus top 5 pick? Maybe it's me, but if I had to choose Gore at the 4th overall pick I think I'd just quit fantasy football altogether
  12. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    Barlow meets with Steelers

    If they sign him, they'd better set the bar low.
  13. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    Texans could swap picks w/ Denver

    Yeah, that is what they are thinking.
  14. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    Lendale white is up to 435lbs and 6 chins!

    whatever happened to THE BIGGEST SLEEPER OF ALL TIME Tyrone Calico? HUGE hands, SUPER athletic
  15. Leonard Henry -2 Yds

    Mellencamp's Song

    I guess I didn't need to put it in words in the first place! WHITE SUPREMACY!