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  1. nos23

    Flex and QB question

    Terry if he plays samuel and Goff please see mine
  2. nos23

    WR Marvin Jones vs WR Christian Kirk

    Kirk please see mine
  3. Need one to stream today.
  4. nos23

    Carson or McCoy?

  5. nos23


    Was offered Melvin Gordon and Sutton from the broncos I give up Josh Allen and Derrick Henry. Watson is my starting QB and also have McCaffrey and Levan Bell
  6. nos23

    Andrew Luck retired

    Is TY still worth a 3rd round pick as a #2 wr?
  7. nos23

    Would u start Brady or Foles?

    Brady Please see mine
  8. nos23

    Help please

    Need two ppr rb Mixon Cohen Mcguire J Williams
  9. nos23

    Top 3 backs?

  10. nos23

    Dak or Lamar Jackson

    Need one with cam out
  11. nos23

    Tough QB decision

  12. nos23

    Baker Mayfield or Lamar Jackson

    Jackson Please see mine
  13. nos23

    Atlanta D or NYG D?

    Dirty birds Please see mine