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    Lynch and Welker or Charles and Garcon

    Who would you rather have?
  2. NateBurleson81

    Lynch and Welker or Charles and Garcon

  3. NateBurleson81

    Lynch and Welker or Charles and Garcon

    Wow! Thanks for all the feedback! What a great site!
  4. NateBurleson81

    Lynch and Welker or Charles and Garcon

    Sorry, If there was a way I could type slower to give you a better chance of understanding I would....Lynch and Welker or Charles and Garcon...which duo is better going forward?
  5. NateBurleson81

    Help finding team roster sheets..

    Can somebody direct me where to go to find these...thanks for any help!
  6. Anybody who can point me in the right direction would be appreciated...thanks!
  7. There was a link on this site for roster sheets but I cant find it...
  8. NateBurleson81

    MDC, Others Who Drafted At 6th Spot

    I drafted 6th in a 10 team redraft, I hated it. 18 man roster. Start 1 QB, 2 RB/WR, 1 flex,1 TE,K,D/ST. PPR. But here's how my draft went 1-ARodg 2-Mendenhall 3-Calvin Johnson 4-Finley 5-Addai 6-Bowe 7-Ward 8-Harrison 9-Kolb 10-Maclin 11-Slaton You get the idea....
  9. NateBurleson81

    Draft last night....

    No problem Bro,I enjoy giving back to the ff community. I didnt draft NB either. I did get Megatron though.
  10. NateBurleson81

    Draft last night....

    So we have a 2 player keeper league, you dont have to keep anybody. I threw my whole team back in as I had a horrible year last year. So we get PPR, pt per 20 yards passing, pt per 10 yards rushing/receiving, 4 pts passing td, 6 pts for rushing/receiving td, pt per 5 completions. standard defense scoring. qbs are way overvalued. We might be the only league who has restricted rosters as well. * = keeper. Team 1. QB-Aaron Rodgers* QB-Kevin Kolb RB-Chris Johnson* RB-DeAngelo Williams RB-Clinton Portis RB-Reggie Bush WR-Wes Welker WR-Donald Driver WR-Dwayne Bowe WR-Vincent Jackson WR-Devin Aroshamadu TE-Rob Gronkowski TE-Dustin Kellar K-Matt Prater K-Jeff Reed D-Chargers D-Falcons Team 2 QB-Peyton Manning* QB-Ben Rothleisberger RB-MJD* RB-Jahvid Best RB-Jon Stewart RB-Jerome Harrison WR-DeSean Jackson WR-Mike Wallace WR-Hines Ward WR-Devin Hester WR-Jabar Gaffney TE-Tony Gonzalaz TE-Heath Miller K-S.Gostkowski K-Matt Bryant D-Vikings D-Bears Team 3 QB-Carson Palmer QB-Jay Cutler RB-Shonn Green RB-Jamal Charles RB-Arian Foster RB-Micheal Bush WR-Reggie Wayne* WR-Larry Fitzgereld* WR-Roddy White WR-Johhny Knox WR-Mike Williams, TB TE-Brent Celek TE-Kellen Winslow K-Nral Rackers K-Dan Carpenter D-Saints D-Bengals Team 4. QB-Joe Flacco QB-Alex Smith RB-Ray Rice* RB-Ryan Grant RB-Justin Forsett RB-Aahmad Bradshaw WR-Miles Austin* WR-Steve Smith, NYG WR-Pierre Garcon WR-Robert Meacham WR-Kevin Walter TE-Chris Cooley TE-Greg Olson K-Gould K-Feely D-Cowboys D-Giants Team 5. QB-Drew Brees* QB-Chad Henne RB-Ced Benson RB-Knowshon Moreno RB-Marian Barber RB-Thomas Jones WR-Brandon Marshall* WR-Boldin WR-Sims-Walker WR-Hakeem Nicks WR-Anthony Gonzalaz TE-Owen Daniels TE-John Carlson K-Kaeding K-Kasay D-49ers D-Browns Team 6. QB-Matt Schaub* QB-Eli RB-Matt Forte RB-LeSean McCoy RB-L.T. RB-Steve Slaton WR-Andre Johnson* WR-Percy Harvin WR-Braylon Edwards WR-Jeremy Maclin WR-Greg Camirrillo TE-Jason Witten TE-Shockey K-Longwell K-Tynes D-eagles D-denver Team 7. QB-Brett Favre QB-Matt Stafford RB-Adrian Peterson* RB-Ryan Matthews RB-Felix Jones RB-Chester Taylor WR-Randy Moss* WR-Crabtree WR-T.O. WR-Nate Burleson WR-Josh Morgan TE-Vernon Davis TE-Shiancoe K-Janikowski K-Josh Brown D-jets D-pats Team 8. QB-Brady* QB-McNabb RB-Steven Jackson* RB-Pierre Thomas RB-Beanie RB-Cadillac WR-Steve Smith, Car WR-Housh WR-Bernard Berrian WR-Santana Moss WR-Massaquoi TE-Gates TE-Heap K-Birones K-Vinatieri D-Green Bay D-Miami Team 9. QB-Tony Romo QB-Matt Ryan RB-Frank Gore* RB-Micheal Turner* RB-Ronnie Brown RB-Ricky Williams WR-Colston WR-OchoCinco WR-Derrick Mason WR-Dez Bryant WR-Sydney Rice TE-Dallas Clark TE-Zach Miller K-Hartley K-Akers D-Steelers D-Texans Team 10. QB-Phillip Rivers QB-Vince Young RB-Mendenhall RB-Joe Addai RB-C.J. Spiller RB-Brandon Jacobs WR-Greg Jennings WR-Calvin Johnson WR-Malcolm Floyd WR-Steve Breaston WR-Lee Evans TE-JerMicheal Finley TE-Jermaine Gresham K-Crosby K-Buehler D-Ravens D-Titans
  11. NateBurleson81

    Favre's comebacks....

    I can't believe I wasted the time to read that sh*t, What a bunch of jibberish, it took forever for the f*ckin idiot to make his point. But I think his main point is to diminish what has been a great career.
  12. NateBurleson81

    Brees or Gerard?

    Why even answer this stupid f*cker, He needs his f*ckin a$$ kicked for starting such a stupid f*ckin thread.
  13. NateBurleson81

    Gruden wants to be

    You and your friends are f*ckin wierd.
  14. NateBurleson81

    Worst NFL Coach?

    Jerry Glanville? You are a f*ckin retard, When was the last year he coached in the NFL? How does any list of bad coaches not have Wade Phillips mentioned?
  15. NateBurleson81

    Bears 34 Lions 3

    The Bears are not that good, This will be a close game.
  16. NateBurleson81

    Gruden wants to be

    Really? Do you often have f@ggety thoughts while watching a football game?....weird.
  17. NateBurleson81

    Alright men...

    I'm starting this team... qb-Romo rb-Slaton rb-Hightower wr-Braylon wr-Roy Williams wr-Steve Smith [NYG] te-Daniels k-gosto d-New England I am going to blow it up........right???
  18. NateBurleson81

    Alright men...

    nope 0 and f*ckin 3
  19. NateBurleson81

    Halloween came early

    sweetness, did your mom have any kids that lived? The bears suck and you suck, now shut the f*ck up and quit posting dumb sh*t.
  20. NateBurleson81

    I had a 10 team draft...

    Really?? Why do you know boy george songs?
  21. NateBurleson81

    I had a 10 team draft...

    4 pts a passing td, 6pts rushing and receiving td's, 1 pt every 25 yds passing, 1 pt for 5 completions, 1 pt for 10 yds rushing/receiving, ppr. I picked 8th...You start 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr,1 te, 1 k, 1 def/st, you have to draft 2 qb, 4 rb, 6 wr, 2 te, 2k,2 d/st 1-L.T. 2-Slaton 3-Steve Smith 4-Romo 5-Anthony Gonzalez 6-Braylon Edwards 7-Marshawn Lynch 8-Owen Daniels 9-Gostkowski 10-Chargers d/st 11-LeSean McCoy 12-Hasselbeck 13-Nate Washington 14-Nate Kaeding 15-New England d/st 16-John Carlson 17-Micheal Jenkins 18-Patrick Crayton
  22. NateBurleson81

    I had a 10 team draft...

    No sh*t, I have been contemplating hanging myself. I hate fantasy football.I am 0-2 and its not getting any better.
  23. NateBurleson81

    Post your 0-2 team

    My team sucks... QB-Romo RB-L.T. RB-Slaton WR-Edwards WR-Roy Williams WR-A.Gonzalaz TE-Daniels, Carlson K-Gostkowski D-Chargers
  24. NateBurleson81

    Worst Fantasy collapse ever?

    Were you playing a prevent defense or something? How did such a lead get away, please tell us so we can learn from your misfortune.