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  1. star69

    Blake Bortles

    Bortles threw for 4000 yards one yr and nearly hit it again and he won a playoff game
  2. star69

    Blake Bortles

    Decent stats and playoff on resume Why can this guy not make a roster when so many nobody QBs that will never play a down are getting checks every week?
  3. i think josh rosen will lose his job as soon as they find someone that can toss a spiral and be the new 3rd/4th qb
  4. star69

    Useless NFL Trivia

    red grange
  5. star69

    Jordan Love

    until i see different he will be the guy the Pack thought may hafta actually play and they ran out and signed Blake Bortles so Love could be where he belongs ... the sidelines
  6. star69

    Favorite Bar Fights…

    Bud turns 18 and Al takes him to the nudie bar Where the beer gives you gas and the Bundys kick ass AT THE NUDIE BAR !!!
  7. star69

    Cale Gundy

    So longtime OU assistant Cale Gundy resigned since he read a bad word off a players iPad... very odd story
  8. star69

    your rushmore of western TV shows

    rawhide bonanza lone ranger have gun will travel
  9. not sure what the punishment should be, but I think last yr 17 games should count cuz he sat out, but had he tried to play, he would not have been allowed by the NFL - to me that is suspended
  10. star69

    1st And Last Time Evah This Will Happen...

    how bout now?
  11. star69

    I Am Hammered Right Now

    still hammered ?? too soon?
  12. star69

    Year, make, model and miles on your daily driver

    2016 jeep patriot 111,000
  13. star69

    Wow...just Happened To Stumble In

    Hey hey whats up yo