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  1. star69

    Wow...just Happened To Stumble In

    Hey hey whats up yo
  2. star69

    Buying or selling used panties

    Creepy. Those are for the guys that go to strip clubs and compliment the ladies’ feet
  3. star69

    Wentz Out

    Curtis Painter is available
  4. star69

    Cleveland Browns :lol:

    Heinz ward in his prime Heath miller maybe had somethin to do with that
  5. star69

    Andrew Luck Retiring?

    Never been a Luck fan. He is good at times, but I have heard sure fire HOF since Stanford. Career QBR under 90. Injury prone and his press conference was that of a beaten down man.
  6. Still 20 yrs is a long time to remember a password respect
  7. star69

    Mmmmm...beer's Low Carb Trial

    I am doing Keto, but mt starting point is 360... Down 20lbs in 2 weeks and rather enjoying salads, spam and eggs. That and beef and chicken is about all i get, other than Adkins snacks and zero sugar Powerade, which I actually quite enjoy.
  8. star69

    I'm going to go ahead and throw a name out there.

    Chrissy Snow ( Threes Company)
  9. star69

    Most Overrated Bands of All-Time

    Ur right, David Bowie has 3 songs that don't completely suck. That Major Tom, man, that weird story gets the crowd a rockin...
  10. In college, I worked at a restaurant. I took 3 different guys closing shifts one Thursday. Cleared the schedule change with 2 asst mgrs. and the gen mgr. separately. I knew the jerk GM would be working. I came in at 4:30, made a guacamole bacon cheeseburger and told him he is on his own. <Metaphoric drops microphone> ( The guys I took the shifts from did not get in any trouble.)
  11. star69

    Most Overrated Bands of All-Time

    If I am being honest, I can't stand RUSH and Jimmy Hendrix plays cool guitar, but most his stuff is utter crap. Radiohead, for sure, but let's add Motorhead. Lemmy schmimmy- where is ur good song? David Bowie , I know those of a certain age worship him. I am not of that age and I find him just odd. And of course... CREED
  12. star69

    Romo or Prescott?

    I think its kind of silly. Dak may play at a lower level or get hurt before Romo is back. The rookie is playin well, but Romo has every Cowboy passing record. He IS a Brady Rodgers Manning type. He is on the lower side of the elite, but make no mistake, he IS an elite QB. When he has had a D and a running game, Dallas won big time. This rookie has played 1/4 a season. I am gonna wait and see. Im a HUGE Cowboys fan and think Prescott is really good and playin even better, but ROMO is a Ring of Honor/ Hall of Fame guy. Just one Oklahoman's opinion. star69---out
  13. star69

    Landry Jones

    So at OU, this guy set every record and is in the top 5 all time in most college qb stats. He is not a small man. Does he have a chance to be any kind of a qb in this league at all?
  14. no not some alias either I am alive, darnit to heck