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  1. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Gus Edwards injury?

    Corey Davis could have a good week, but I wouldn't consider him over Jones and especially not over Lockett. If you had to choose a starter between Ty'son Williams and Corey Davis, I would be fine going with Williams. Hard to imagine him getting fewer than 15 touches.
  2. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Gus Edwards injury?

    Think you can make a case to start him over Corey Davis, but not the others.
  3. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Skibum - Axe Elf bet

    Think I'd be pretty happy with Anderson in this spot.
  4. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Gus Edwards injury?

    He entered the league in 2020, so he is by definition not a perennial practice squad undrafted dude. Assuming he remains healthy, which at this point is not a safe assumption for a Baltimore RB, he's more likely than not to hold off those two IMO. We will soon find out.
  5. Norwood....Wide Right!

    It's Bold Prediction Time

    A healthy Ty'son Williams goes for 1300 total yards and 10 TDs.
  6. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Gus Edwards injury?

    Was going to hold Williams to see how he performs in a backup role. Now he's a reasonable starter this Monday.
  7. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Marlon Mack

    Was going to say that the 500 yards alone is rarely a good reason to stash. Rather, it's the upside in the event that he gets a shot at the lead role, particularly in a place like Baltimore. Looks like we're about to find out about that upside.
  8. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Marlon Mack

    Williams has shown enough to be considered more than a JAG and worth a stash on a reasonably deep bench. Felt that way before he was announced as the #2 behind Edwards, and felt same about Jones Jr before Murray was released. Both will run behind above average O-lines and are one high ankle sprain away from being the lead back in high % run offenses. 500 yards rushing for Williams is a reasonable over/under given the current situation.
  9. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Reche Caldwell, Troy Brown, Chad Jackson

    does not resolve itself soon, one of the three will become a viable fantasy WR. Currently, the depth chart seems to have the three placed in the order above, and Brady has praised an unproven Reche Caldwell's play in camp. We all know Ben Watson has been the sexy pick in drafts since the Branch issue became mainstream, but what is less clear is how the NE WR sitatuion will shake out. Any NE homers out here with some insight on the WR situation assuming Branch leaves or holds out for an extended period of time?
  10. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Which Draft Position Would You Choose?

    While selecting top 3 practically guarantees you a stud RB, these spots are not necessarily ideal for the RB RB theorist. Assuming you pick up LT third overall and you subscribe to the stud RB theory, the RBs probably available to you at 2.10 will be Kevin Jones, Willie Parker and Jamal Lewis. Now these are not bad picks by any means, and you may be able to scoop up one of them in the third round after picking up a stud WR. If they are not, 2nd tier speculations like Tatum Bell and Chester Taylor would be the next likely considerations. But a stud RB theorist should also consider dropping down in the 1st round. Assuming you draft from the 9 spot, one of Edge, S-Jax, Lamont or Ronnie Brown will almost certainly be available. Then, at 2.04, you should have the opportunity to pick up Brian Westbrook (a great selection in a ppr league) or Willis McGahee. In round 3, lower 1st tier WRs like Hines Ward and D-Jax will probably still be on the board. Depending on your projections, drafting from the 9 spot might provide a better backfield than drafting 1-3 with the intention of drafting a RB in round 2. And many would agree that drafting 1-3 is not a clear cut a choice as it may seem once you examine where players in the first 4 or 5 rounds will likely fall. In this scenario, I am assuming a 12 team PPR league that starts 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 DT, offers 4 pts per TD pass and bonus points for longer scores. Most of us realize that leagues are won during the middle rounds of drafts and not at the beginning. But it is still important to consider where you would like to draft, and what types of scenarios are likely to play out from the various positions. Any additional takes are welcomed. And would your analysis drastically change if the league awarded 6 pts per TD pass?
  11. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Which Draft Position Would You Choose?

    If you assume that the big 3 are a cut above, I can understand the logic of picking third overall. Choosing to pick third when first and second are available means that you probably believe there is greater value in being able to select your 2nd rounder earlier while still acquiring one of the big 3 versus the value of picking first overall and selecting who you believe is the most valuable of the big 3. So assuming LJ is the consensus #1, SA is #2 and LT is #3, by voluntarily picking third you forego LJ b/c you believe the gap between LJ and LT is less valuable than the choices that will be available to you at 2.10 as related to 2.11 and 2.12. This logic extends into the later even numbered rounds as well. The value in later even numbered rounds probably has more to do with those few instances where you can avoid a player being plucked right before your turn, which could have been avoided if you selected third overall rather than first or second overall. (of course, the converse could be true in the later odd numbered rounds). Using ADP on Antsports as a concrete example, if you select LT at 1.3, Larry Fitzgerald is the player w/ an ADP of 2.10. If you selected 1.1 or 1.2 overall, you 'd have Marvin Harrison and Kevin Jones as your selections, respectively. The point is, you shouldn't pick third overall to avoid making a wrong decision about the big 3. You should pick third if you think greater value exists in foregoing choice in the first round for choice in the second round, as well as later rounds.
  12. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Which Draft Position Would You Choose?

    If you are confident in your drafting abilities, why not draft LJ from the 1 spot?
  13. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Which Draft Position Would You Choose?

    Which players do you anticipate drafting from the 9 spot? I would have thought 9 is one of the least desirable positions from which to draft...
  14. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Which Draft Position Would You Choose?

    12 Team League Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DT/ST 4 pts per TD pass, 6 pts for all others 1 Point per reception You have the option of drafting from any position, 1-12. Which do you choose and why? Good to be back on the board!
  15. Norwood....Wide Right!

    Results as of 3/8/03

    What site do people play on? Party Poker here