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  1. freighttrain

    2012 Consensus Rankings Voting Thread: TIGHT ENDS

    1. Jimmy Graham 2. Rob Gronkowski 3. Antonio Gates 4. Aaron Hernandez 5. Jason Witten 6. Brandon Pettigrew 7. Jermichael Finley 8. Vernon Davis 9. Jacob Tamme 10. Jared Cook 11. Jermaine Gresham 12. Kyle Rudolph 13. Tony Gonzalez 14. Fred Davis 15. Dustin Keller
  2. freighttrain

    2012 Consensus Rankings Voting Thread: WIDE RECEIVERS

    1. Calvin Johnson 2. Julio Jones 3. Victor Cruz 4. Wes Welker 5. Larry Fitzgerald 6. Roddy White 7. Greg Jennings 8. Jordy Nelson 9. A.J. Green 10. Andre Johnson 11. Steve Smith 12. Hakeem Nicks 13. Percy Harvin 14. Brandon Lloyd 15. Brandon Marshall 16. Marques Colston 17. Demaryious Thomas 18. Dez Bryant 19. Miles Austin 20. Antonio Brown 21. Eric Decker 22. Reggie Wayne 23. Jeremy Maclin 24. DeSean Jackson 25. Steve Johnson 26. Mike Wallace 27. Dwayne Bowe 28. Kendall Wright 29. Pierre Garcon 30. Vincent Brown
  3. freighttrain

    2012 Consensus Rankings Voting Thread: QUARTERBACKS

    1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Tom Brady 3. Drew Brees 4. Matt Stafford 5. Matt Ryan 6. Cam Newton 7. Michael Vick 8. Eli Manning 9. Tony Romo 10. Philip Rivers 11. Peyton Manning 12. Matt Schaub 13. Robert Griffin III 14. Ryan Fitzpatrick 15. Josh Freeman 16. Andrew Luck 17. Andy Dalton 18. Jay Cutler 19. Carson Palmer 20. Ben Roethlisberger
  4. freighttrain

    2012 Consensus Rankings Voting Thread: RUNNING BACKS

    1. Arian Foster 2. Ray Rice 3. LeSean McCoy 4. Matt Forte 5. Darren McFadden 6. Maurice Jones-Drew 7. Chris Johnson 8. Adrian Peterson 9. Steven Jackson 10. Ryan Mathews 11. Marshawn Lynch 12. Jamaal Charles 13. Trent Richardson 14. Fred Jackson 15. DeMarco Murray 16. Doug Martin 17. Ahmad Bradshaw 18. Darren Sporles 19. BenJarvus Green-Ellis 20. Michael Turner 21. Frank Gore 22. Peyton Hillis 23. Willis McGahee 24. Isaac Redman 25. Toby Gerhart 26. Ben Tate 27. Steven Ridley 28. Evan Royster 29. Donald Brown 30. Jacquizz Rodgers
  5. freighttrain

    Trent Richardson already missing time

    With this news do you think Richardson still is the #1 overall pick in a rookie draft?
  6. freighttrain

    Salary cap keeper league trade

    I am in a 12 team salary cap keeper league. Cap is $150. We can keep as many players (20 roster spots) as we want from season to season. Currently 1-6 and in full sell mode on my team. Have a outline of a deal that would have me trading: I give LeSean McCoy $50 for I get Rashard Mendenhall $25 Jamaal Charles $13 Thoughts on this deal? Would you pull the trigger? It would give me 2 starting RBs for next year IF Charles can return healthy from his knee injury.
  7. freighttrain

    Hard to host the Winter Olympics if the temperature...

    Heard on TV that Vancouver's annual high Temp. in Feb is in the mid to low 40s. Its the warmest city ever to host the Winter Olympics.
  8. freighttrain

    Newest Acorn video... :shocking:

    Guess no one wants to mention that cops in San Bernardino looked into this ACORN employees claims that should killed her ex-husband and found all of them alive and well.
  9. freighttrain


    The Jets last season in my league finished 5th. Now take into account Ryan and the players they added and thats why people are high on them.
  10. freighttrain

    Anyone here use fanball?

    I am glad that my one league on Fanball didnt get lost. I have heard of some losing leagues entirely when the wrote the new program. I noticed the live scoring screw up last night also. Roethsligberger scored 145 pts last night according to it. I am suggesting to our league and commish that we move from Fanball for next year.
  11. I looked at my league settings for a league I run on ESPN and it looks like it cant be done.
  12. freighttrain

    07' Grant, 08' Hillis, 09'?

    Deshwan Wynn and Bernard Scott
  13. freighttrain

    Where is Ray Rice being taken in your draft?

    I took him in my 10 team PPR league at 4.05. It was a reach but I know he would not have made it back to me. One of the owners on the end would have taken him.
  14. freighttrain

    The TO show

    from what i understood the one time i saw it was that the two are his publicists/friends.
  15. freighttrain

    Craziest Sleeper of the Year

    QB- Matt Leinart. Warners hip wont hold up. RB- Bernard Scott. will outplay Benson and become starter by week 6 WR- Austin Collie. Will win the Colts 3rd WR spot and will become their new Brandon Stokley. TE= Jermichael Finley. Donald Lee is not as nearly as talented as this kid.