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  1. mark32esu

    Big draft day decision...NEED HELP

    The thread about this site being dead might be right. Nobody has an opinion on draft day bbq?
  2. mark32esu

    Big draft day decision...NEED HELP

    Love a butt samich, served them last year with jalapeño & red onion jam. Good stuff.
  3. It’s that time of year again where I say F this heat & humidity, give me shorts & hoodie weather with football on tv and it’s bliss for me. But anyway, draft day is Sunday night before Labor Day, 12 team league of friends, live redraft on my deck, I have a major decision to make. Pork butt or brisket. I made this same thread last season where pork butt won out, but am throwing a curveball this year. Pork butt, straight brisket, or...taking two briskets, curing the flats and making smoked pastrami for sandwiches and making burnt ends from the points. All aspects must be taken into consideration, main focus on pork butts being cheap and relatively easy to make, to brisket and brisket side products being more involved but they are the commissioner of flavortown (sorry). What say you FFtoday? edit- I am well versed in the art of smoking brisket, well smoking any meats in general, and making pastrami from scratch
  4. mark32esu

    Saints v. Panthers - MNF - What do ya need?

    47 from thomas in a ppr
  5. mark32esu

    Eric Berry back at practice

    Ill eat crow on this one. Cant believe rivers laying 2 eggs in a row
  6. mark32esu

    Eric Berry back at practice

    Not sure why everyone is so high on KC defense and down on Rivers this week. I know he has a mediocre track record in KC but KC hasn't faced that many good offenses and they got lit up when they did. 33 points to the Raiders too. Eric Berry is a great player but sorry a guy who is playing in his first game this season isn't going to turn their defense into a juggernaut. The only teams they gave up less than 21 to are the Cards, Bengals, and Jags
  7. mark32esu

    Sony Michel vs. Miami

    No. I dont recall Michel playing much let alone Develin being a TD vulture earlier in the season
  8. mark32esu

    Sony Michel vs. Miami

    i want to start him but i don't think he can be trusted at this point, no passing work and devlin the feature goal line back now kills his value. If michel doesn't score he usless in a ppr league. If breida is out this week again wilson or adams is getting the start over Michel. Probably Wilson
  9. mark32esu

    Week 14 FU Thread

    Rivers Lindsey Michel Brown Njoku Butker All can kiss my arse
  10. mark32esu

    Sony Michel vs. Miami

    Michel or Wilson in ppr?
  11. mark32esu

    Consistency key to winning.....................

    Stay away from players on bad offenses. Don’t buy into names, buy into production.
  12. mark32esu

    onside kick recovery scoring

    Sportsline initially had the Bears onside kick recovery scored as a d/st fumble recovery but then took it off. I'm commish so i checked the scoring system and they don't have a specific onside kick recovery setting, so wouldn't it count as a fumble recovery? How was it scored for your leagues?
  13. mark32esu

    Who's MVP for yor team this year?

    not the last two weeks when i needed him.
  14. mark32esu

    Who's MVP for yor team this year?

    Rivers and the Bears d/st have been rock solid for me
  15. mark32esu

    Phillip "The Tasmanian Devil" Lindsay

    because of this I think the rbbc actually benefits him