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  1. rfiori9

    Championship decision

    This is ugly but real If Miller sits do I start Blue or Josh Adams?
  2. rfiori9

    I need a quick answer please

    Sorry yes meant Adams
  3. rfiori9

    I need a quick answer please

    No flex only 2 rbs
  4. Damian Williams or Josh Allen?
  5. Do I start Gordon tonight with the Chargers saying he will be limited Or Josh Adams?
  6. rfiori9

    Blue or Forman

    Who do I pick up? Blue or Forman?
  7. Ppr league Coleman vs Seattle Ajayi vs Dallas
  8. rfiori9

    RB conundrum

    Do I start Ajai this week vs Dallas Or Tevin Coleman vs Seattle if Freeman is out I don't know if Sean Lee is playing or not
  9. Do I start Saints D vs buffalo ( team I'm playing has Tyrod) or Chargers D vs Jax?
  10. Not sure how much carries he will have
  11. I was offered Hunt and Theilen I would give up Ingram and Landry The rest of my team Brees Ajai A. Brown E. Sanders Rudolph Thoughts?
  12. I give up Ingram and Landry For Hunt and Theilen My other starters Brees Ajai A. Brown Rudolph