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  1. Ehlana

    Washington at Dallas: Turkey game Discussion

    That fake punt was hilarious.
  2. Ehlana

    Week 10 FU Thread

    I'm giving a year long award to James Conner. Blech.
  3. Ehlana

    and how's YOUR team doing?

    3-6 in my long time keeper league. Near the bottom (25 pts or so) in points scored, and near the top in points against (35ish behind the top guy). Not a good combination. Week 1 James Conner got "injured". So did Kittle I think. After week 1 and before week 2 I traded for Barkley, he went out for the year week 2. Week 4ish? Nick Chubb got hurt. Just not my year.
  4. Ehlana

    Week 5 FU

    Chase Claypool. WTF why you stealing all JJSS TDs?
  5. Ehlana

    Lazard may be out a while (who’s up next?)

    Huh. I tried to drop MVS and pick up Lazard this week, but someone with a higher ww priority beat me to Lazard. Oh wellsies.
  6. Ehlana

    Metcalf, you focking moron

    That was dumb. Did he think the five yard line was the goal line or was he just show boating for the crowd? Oh wait...
  7. Ehlana

    Any in season trades going on?

    I traded Lamar Jackson (and Odell Beckham) for Saquon Barkley (and Adam Thielen). It was fun for about a quarter.
  8. Ehlana

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 1

    I need 65 points from Conner and Smith-Schuster. Yahoo thinks I have a 6% chance.
  9. It probably depends on which two WRs you took and which running backs you followed up with. I had Michael Thomas as a keeper, drafted Beckham, and followed up with Cook, Fournette and Jacobs. So it sorta worked, except I didn't get the 2nd reliable WR that I'd hoped for. If you went WR/WR which WR did you get and which RBs did you pair with them?
  10. Ehlana

    I refuse to call it “The Ship”.

    What a pile of ship.
  11. Ehlana

    Championship weekend FU thread

    FU to the Fantasy Football Scheduling Gods. Lost last week in the semi-final to a team I'd have beaten 14 out of 16 weeks, this week I might win the 3rd place game while outscoring the two teams playing in the Championship game.
  12. Ehlana

    2020 Keepers on your wire?

    David Johnson maybe? The guy was pretty good before getting injured and now can't get on the field b/c Kenyon Drake is too awesome? Change of scenery could be good for DJ.
  13. Ehlana

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    I need 40 from Michael Thomas. That Kupp garbage time TD and Cook's injury torpedoed by 12-1 regular reason.
  14. Ehlana

    Jets at Ravens: In-Game Discussion

    Well, you only play him twice a year. Just win your other games and go 14-2 each year?
  15. Ehlana

    Jets at Ravens: In-Game Discussion

    Fortunately for you and the Steelers he's probably gonna chill week 17.