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  1. Hog Chow

    A black day

    Rest in peace, my friend.
  2. Hog Chow

    Redskins Schedule

    We have got to take care of business against Minnesota, Houston and Jax. Going to Dallas and New York will not be a walk in the park. With that brutal mid-season stretch, we had better be 4-1 coming out of those first 5 weeks.
  3. Hog Chow

    Welcome Back, Dungeoneers

    I agree with Blitz. We need Dan the Man to show up and set us straight.
  4. Hog Chow

    Welcome Back, Dungeoneers

    It's good to be home! I assume all future league business will be conducted here?
  5. Hog Chow

    Feeling Better, Probably gettin' out Sunday

    Nice to hear from you! I hope everything continues to improve from here on out. Take care!
  6. Hog Chow

    playoff picture

    Damn! Big week!
  7. Hog Chow

    Dan Sez and Who...please see this

    LMAO...sorry Who, I guess I assumed you still had some power!
  8. Hog Chow

    Dan Sez and Who...please see this

  9. Hog Chow

    Trade - Chaos & God Balls

    Dang! How could you help out a fellow divison foe, JGalt?
  10. Hog Chow

    Distant... Early... Warning

    Face it...you have been so impressed with the dominance of the Tower of London division that you simply had to move there! Seriously...congrats. I have been there many times and it is a great place to hang for awhile.
  11. Hog Chow

    power rankings

    Yeah, that's better......back where I belong.
  12. Hog Chow

    August 2005 Round Six Draft Thread

    6.01 -- Patrick Pass, RB, NE
  13. Hog Chow

    August 2005 Round Five Draft Thread

    5.12 -- Antonio Brown, WR/KR, Washington
  14. Hog Chow

    August 29th Check In thread

    It is EVIL! Not to mention that Robinson wont even start and Mason wont even be close to previous year's numbers... Oh yeah, Gates suspended for game 1 was just the icing....