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  1. #1LionFan

    Top ten RBs for 2010 - In 2011, Who will repeat / Who Will Not

    I would by no means call Forte a lock....i would call AP and CJ locks...just too important to their teams...Assuming no injuries, the top 6 are locks....AP, CJ, McCoy, Rice, Charles, Foster.... the other two I would add to have the best shot are S-Jax and Gore. the final two are tough...In addition to Turner, McFadden, Mendenhall & Hillis, ,I would throw the following sleepers in the mix....Ingram, DeAngelo, Ryan Williams & Bradshaw. I feel that Ingram will take the job and DeAngelo will go to Denver and both will be beasts. The players that i feel are most likely to be bounced from top 10 are Hillis (cuz i dont trust they will use him like they did) & McFadden (cuz you can fairly accurately predict he wont play all 16)
  2. Really, you and most others are calling him a breakout candidate....not me tho, he is limited both as a player and in the offense IMO. i would take him no higher than I would have last season. In that last grouping of startable QBs in the 10-12 range (along with the Eli, Freeman, Cutler types).
  3. #1LionFan

    Tim Tebow

    Top 5 is quite optimistic. I own him with Orton in a few dynasty leagues and am excited that one or both can finish in top 10, especially if Orton goes to Arizona!
  4. #1LionFan

    Nicks or Jennings

    I know Jennings is safe, blah, blah, blah....I think its Nicks and not even close....would take Nicks every time if faced with this decision
  5. #1LionFan

    Pick 1 RB and 1 Flex

    I would go Bush and caddy myself. none of the other WRs really stand out other than Evans & he could always put up a goose egg. At leaast you know the RBs will get touches. Thanks for mine!
  6. #1LionFan

    Current lineup and possible WR WW pickup?

    agreed, pick & play Bowe...then trade him when he goes off for 2nd week in a row. sched goes back to disaster after this week. see mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=374589
  7. #1LionFan

    WR Help

    I would keep Williams in your l/u every week see mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=374589
  8. #1LionFan

    Need BIG-time help!

    I am a BIG underdog and need a win in a PPR league: Starting Rivers @ QB, Bradshaw & Ricky Williams @ RB, Colston & Smith (Car) @ WR, and Gates @ TE I need to start 2 more out of the list below. Since I am a big underdog do I swing for the fences with McCluster & Manningham for their big play potential? McCluster v JAX Manningham @ DAL Hartline v PIT Nelson, GB v MIN Shipley @ ATL Carlson (TE) v ARI Thanks!
  9. ....Brees, Rogers, maybe Brady, maybe Orton. Rivers is an absolute stud. If you own him you play him.
  10. #1LionFan

    TE Dallas Clark, IND

    You and me both (had a feeling Clark would get hurt this year). He "fell" to me at end of fourth rnd....my saving grace is that Zach Miller fell to me in the 9th. I usually do not carry 2 TEs but glad I did here. I was shopping Miller hard the past couple weeks too! Glad no one bit.
  11. #1LionFan

    Carlton Mitchell

    For this week, I could see Robiskie or Stuckey having a good fantasy day with Cribbs and Massaquoi likely out, NO's top corners likely out & the Browns likely playing from behind all day long.
  12. #1LionFan

    Dynasty QB trade

    Dynasty league, passing TDs worth 4 pts, int's are -1, no penalty for fumbles or getting sacked. My current QBs are Palmer and Henne. While I also have needs at RB, I really need a QB upgrade. I have been offered Cutler for Palmer and my 2011 first rounder (rookie draft)? Since I am currently 5-0, this draft pick would likely be at the bottom of the first round. I like Cutler better than Palmer but is he that much of an upgrade? I also do not like Cutler's fantasy playoff schedule: Pats, Vikings, Jets
  13. #1LionFan

    Ryan Mathews

  14. #1LionFan

    Draft slot ideas

    I choose my draft order 6th in a 12-team PPR redraft. The 1, 2, & 4 spots are taken. I am more than likely looking at either the 6th spot & choosing between either Andre or Gore OR selecting a slot at end of the 1st and going stud WR-WR. This is a "3RR" draft so if I chose 11 or 12 spot I would draft at the beginning of both the 2nd & 3rd rounds. QB is NOT an option in first two rounds!
  15. #1LionFan

    Santana Moss with McNabb at the helm?

    Well illustrated points and there is a lot of merit to them. ("He made TO" are strong words and of course not accurate, but I do believe he extremely helped D-Jax's quick development.) However, TO and Jackson are the only two WRs that McNabb has ever had that actually deserve legit #1 WR status. In the other years he had arguably the worst WR corps in the league. He distributed the ball to Brown, Pinkston, and others depending on the cast of characters very equally. So looking at ONLY his #1 WR each year is not a fair or accurate gauge on how accurate a downfield passer he has been. The only fair way to do this is to look at his stats on passing plays of 20+ yards or so and compare this to other passers. I am sure this can be done but I do not have the time to partake in this, or do i know exactly what the numbers will tell us. One thing I do know - I have watched him a lot throughout the years and he definately passes the so-called "eye test" in this category. More than simply being accurate, I believe his success can be attributed to his ability to keep plays alive and wait for WRs to get open downfield. This is how certain players put up respectable numbers while playing with him, but not before or after (ie Brown, Pinkston, etc.)