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  1. Which DST later this afternoon? Bears vs Saints (No Kamara, no cooks, no Brees) Titans vs Chargers (Chargers have been weak offensively lately and game is in Tennessee) Chargers @ Titans (Ryan Tannehill in for Mariota)
  2. hellfish21

    RB and Flex help

    PPR league: RB Yeldon (no fournette?) or Adrian Peterson Flex: Dion Lewis or Jordan Reed
  3. hellfish21

    Woodhead carted off. Torn ACL.

    Dexter McCluster
  4. hellfish21

    Crystal Ball - Waiver Wire Gem 2016

    Coleman in a reversal of roles.
  5. hellfish21

    Thoughts... QB & RB on same team?

    I have Rivers and Woodhead in a PPR. I think it's a good combo. But Woodhead isn't like most other RBs.
  6. hellfish21

    2 RB, 1 WR, 2 WR/RB Flex...

    Dwill, Ware Brown Coleman, Woodhead
  7. hellfish21

    If Charcandrick is out...

    If Charcandrick West is out: Pick 2 PPR. Spencer Ware vs BUf - IF West is out Javorius Allen @ Cle - Bad Offense vs Bad Defense but Allen should be heavily involved Giovani Bernard vs Stl - Will it be Gio or Hill? DeAngelo Williams @ Sea - Tough Matchup If Charc plays, I'll probably go with Allen and Williams. If Charc is out....?
  8. hellfish21

    Allen or Ware

    I have the 3rd waiver pick. 1 will take Rawls unless he's still drunk from the weekend 2 is in last place so he's probably not making a move I have #3 WW. (PPR) Do I take Javorius Allen or Spencer Ware? Allen is the obvious starter in Baltimore but they are in trouble over there. Just lost their QB, their supposed #1 RB and they also lost their top WR a few weeks back. They are hurting. The plus is, there should be plenty of carries/targets for Allen (who else is gonna get the ball?) Ware is a little trickier. If West is out, then Ware is much better option, but that's a big IF right now. Which player should I go for? (other options? Bradshaw? Powell? Droughns? etc?) I am in 5th place, so I'm mainly interested in winning now then winning weeks 15 and 16. If I don't win now, there is no 15 or 16. Allen has a nice week 12 and 13 schedule but his 14,15 and 16 are terrible matchups.
  9. hellfish21

    Dalton or Stafford

    60yds/point 5pts td Dalton @ Arizona - Andy vs Arizona Def on SNF? Stafford vs Oakland - Home vs 32nd ranked def? Can I trust Detroit? Can I trust Dalton on prime time vs a top Def? Thanks, leave a link
  10. hellfish21

    Lewis or Blount

    Lewis. He has a higher ceiling.
  11. hellfish21

    Marshall or Landry

    PPR Marshall vs Jacksonville - Fitzpatrick's thumb a problem? Landry @ Buffalo -
  12. hellfish21

    Gates and Ladarius. Gates expected to play

    Ugh. I was kinda hoping he'd rest another week. Where would you rank him this week if he plays? top 5? top 10? #1? limited and only used in the red zone (TD dependent TE2 for the week?)
  13. hellfish21


    I have Gates and Eifert. Eifert is on a bye. UGH. We are locked into 2 TE spot. We are not allowed 3. I don't want ot drop either guy. I just have to hope he plays or hope that I can win without a TE this week.
  14. hellfish21

    Who are you benching and who are you starting? Week-3

    Benching Gore for either Gio or Dion Lewis in a PPR.
  15. hellfish21

    Eagles Cowboys gameday thread

    3rd and penalty