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  1. fricker66

    I'm going to go ahead and throw a name out there.

    Gordon Lightfoot
  2. fricker66

    Favorite supermarket

    I can honestly say that I do not have a favorite. Wegmans and H-Mart (Asian Supermarket) are both great for produce when the local farmers markets do not have fresh-from-the-field veggies. Shop Rite is best for day-to-day shopping such as proteins, canned goods, dairy and deli, but the Shop Rite in my town is new and is SOOOO much better than some of the other ones in the county, so I could see where someone might say that Shop Rite sucks. Whole Foods is good for special occasion food shopping. Stop and Shop has the best prices. I've also been to most of the stores in posts above and agree that Harris Teeter and H-E-B are usually very nice. I would say the same thing for Publix, but I went to a Publix in inland central Florida that was a sh!thole. Agree that Acme ad Walmart both suck. Kroger is also not so great. Genuardi's in Philly and NJ is another good store. Also, I still miss A&P.
  3. You would have loved it. Because the water was so clear, it was easy to sight-fish...you could see the trout hovering in the current and rising from depth when they hit. Some of the smaller ones hit with tremendous velocity...one actually went fully airborne as he hit my fly. The big fish actually gave the least fight. That said, the fish were initially picky, so it took a few fly changes to figure out what the trout were looking for. In the end, small dries with orange/red in the coloring seemed to be drawing their attention. While I got some action landing dries softly in the correct spot in swift current, most of my success was slowly pulling soft hackle dry flies cross-current just under the surface in slower, deeper pools. Once I changed to that look/technique/location, I caught a lot of fish. I have this river pretty well-scouted for where the fish tend to go when water conditions are low, so I know 6 really good spots within a mile walk that are usually productive. I caught fish in all 6 locations on Monday which means I had the right strategy going, which is not always the case. Sorry to hear about your drought. I had a frustrating spring, but it has been a lot of fun since late May. I hope you get more variety your next time out.
  4. Went fishing on July 4th. It was a cool morning, so water temps dropped to a safe zone for catch-and-release trout in the conservation zone where I like to fish. When I arrived at the stream just after dawn, water temp was at 59 degrees and waters were crystal clear. Water levels are very low right now, and the trout are all huddling in various pools. I fished exclusively dry flies and landed about 12-15 trout in the first two hours, including a 23-inch beast caught on a size 18 Royal Wulff fly. Along with that very small hook, I was using a 3-wt rod and 6x tippet (superlight tackle for that sized fish), so I had to give that fish some room, but I did get it to net. If I had caught that fish in swifter water, it would have certainly broken off. The fish had a heron or eagle bite on its shoulder, so once I got it back into the stream, I saw it several more times swiftly moving about the pool where I caught it. This gave me some comfort that I had not worn it out during our fight. The pool where I caught it was stuffed with trout, and with the clear water, I would estimate that I could see up to 100 trout swimming in that pool at any given moment on Monday. There were other guys trying to nymph that hole, and they were not having near as much success as I was having with the dries. As the day progressed, I caught another 10-12 trout in various locations and then decided to head home once the water temp had reached 68. Most of the trout were anywhere between 12-15 inches. All fish were safely released.
  5. 4 trout early this morning today at a stream 10 minutes from my house. I didn't even know trout lived in this stream. I was fishing for sunnies with a dry fly and boom! -- 4 trout within about 20 casts. All were caught on a size 18 blue wing olive. I figure that they must have traveled about a mile upstream from a local lake that was stocked back in April. I was not carrying a net (figuring that I would just catch sunnies) and the last trout deposited the hook into my thumb as I took out the fly. I am not a pu$$y, so I took my foreceps, pulled the hook out of my thumb, and started casting again. All trout were safely released back into the stream.
  6. fricker66

    What is the most adventurous thing you have eaten?

    Unusual foods that I have eaten include: Gator, Rattlesnake, frog's legs, Kangaroo, Rabbit (not very unusual, frankly), Wild boar, ostrich, yak, elk, bison, pigeon, squirrel (in a stew called "burgoo"), caribou sausage, mountain lion, zebra, brain, sweetbreads, tripe, bull testicles, pig's liver, haggus and durian. The only one that I spit out was durian, although the pig's liver was not so great. Everything else, I would eat again (and in fact, have eaten most of the others more than once). I also have cooked most of the proteins listed. Also, I may have forgotten a few things.
  7. fricker66

    Do you think the Geek Club is racist?

    Yes. (I skipped 5 pages of posts)
  8. fricker66

    The Sopranos vs The Wire

    I have seen both series twice, and enjoyed the Wire more the second time through. But both are great re-watches.
  9. fricker66

    Canada bans sale of handuns

    Are they defending themselves from Greenland, Alaska, North Dakota or the Arctic Circle?
  10. fricker66

    '80s movies that absolutely cannot ever be remade

    Technically 1978, but I'll add Animal House to the list.
  11. After a battle with COVID and a few weekend obligations, I finally got out on a designated conservation stream yesterday and caught about 3 dozen trout in fast, cool waters on dry flies. It doesn't get much better. I had several fish go airborne taking my fly, and all the fish were super-aggressive. The area I fished holds a lot of wild trout, and the State supplements the population periodically. It is all catch and release, so the population remains pretty strong absent poachers. I caught several brook trout and 1 brown trout, neither of which has been stocked in NJ in years. The remainder were rainbows, and I'd say more than half were probably native. The air temp was in the upper 80s, but water temps are still in the upper 50s, so it was prime yesterday. Also, my onions are growing like mad.
  12. This is a really tough question. My gut was Thanksgiving, but day that has come with a series of bad memories over the last few years. We host a party every December for our good friends. It started as a cocktail party for 60, grew to a party for 90, and is now dinner for 10. I cook everything, and typically do a cajun/creole menu. If it wasn't for the fact that my kids do not have a part in the day, I think that would overtake Thanksgiving as my favorite day of the year. .
  13. fricker66

    Any of you guys have a second home somewhere?

    Several really good points here. My wife's family had a beach house when she was growing up, and as a result, she had only spent time in a handful of states until she and I married and started traveling. . Whether you have a ton of maintenance is dependent on how much you rent it out, and the level of exposure to salt air. The latter is obviously less of a consideration in a lake house than it would be for a beach house.
  14. fricker66

    Anyone here bowl in a league

    I bowled in a college league. We got drunk every week during the regular season, and then didn't drink during the playoffs. The result? League champions 2 of the 3 years we were in the league. I've thought about getting back into it but was looking for a friend to join. I've not found anyone who is interested.