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  1. I would never order trout in a restaurant given other fish on the menu. I find them to be quite "fishy". The best way that I've ever eaten trout was breaded and pan-fried on an open fire on the river bank just off the stringer. But that was 40 years ago in Canada. I think I'll just continue to release my little friends when I catch them.
  2. I haven't fished a lot with the 6-wt., but the Allen 4-wt is really nice. I will likely do most of my fishing with it over the next 20 years, God willing. I'll use the 6-wt if I'm going to hit bigger water. If any of my friends want to try the fly, I'll loan them the shorter 5-wt since it easier to control and cast.
  3. Also, reels should say what weight rod they match.
  4. Good rec from MTSkiBum. You don't need to drop a lot of money on gear at the start. As far as the reel, it depends how much you want to spend. I have asked for a Lamson Liquid reel for my birthday. You can get them on closeout for $79 or the new model is $99. I tried it in my local fly shop and it was a nice weight and feel. So, while I cannot recommend it from personal use, I really liked what I saw. I actually have three rods because I took advantage of a BOGO rod offer from Allen Fishing, and bought a 8.5 ft 4-wt and a 9 ft. 6-wt. They offer a lifetime warranty, so that was a big selling point. My original rod was an old Daiwa 7.5-ft. 5 wt, from the 1960s. I have two reels that I interchange on the 3 rods...both reels "antiques" from my father and grandfather. I fixed them up, and they work fine. If you'd rather not buy new stuff, there is plenty of great used fly gear on e-Bay. If you are going to buy new, you should try to go to the store and check it out. I would start with something that you like the feel in your hands.
  5. fricker66

    Joke inside...caution

    Hate the joke, but love the hot Scots.
  6. fricker66

    My onions are re-growing

    I contemplated it, but alas, we have no volcanoes in NJ.
  7. I guess the fishing starts to wane in late October. Today, I caught two fish which were just larger than minnows. Thank God I am not relying on this to survive.
  8. fricker66

    My onions are re-growing

    The onion crop is starting to wilt again. It is almost harvest time. Let's pray for a good harvest.
  9. I think the fall trout stocking has dried up. I've been two consecutive mornings to a stocked location and no trout. It appears that I will need to stalk the native brookies again. I have tied on a wooly bugger. Wish me luck.
  10. I figure that I'll do 20-30 days per year in full wader -- the rest will be in hip waders. I have looked at Orvis, Simms and Reddington. I'm probably gonna do rubber soles to avoid all of the environmental issues. Most of the water I've fished is moderate current. I'm getting too old to take significant risks in the water anyhow. I don't need to die fishing. I've already used Flexi-seal on my hip waders. Sealed up the holes, just like the guy on late-night-TV says!
  11. She may have caught a 20-inch worm as they have been eating her for 9 years now.
  12. Caught a 20-incher today. It had another fly in its mouth in addition to mine.
  13. No thanks. I have been using hip waders since April. It's getting a little brisk, so I am thinking of upgrading to chest waders and wading boots.
  14. fricker66

    Candy corn

    Politics be damned. Candy corn be praised.