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  1. I have a mediocre trout stream about 10 minutes from me, but a great stream about an hour from me.
  2. Yeah, I have a lot of good streams that are probably closer than Bow Creek. The Upper Delaware is about 90 minutes away as is the town of Roscoe, NY, which is essentially the birthplace of American fly fishing. There are a few good streams in that area that I might hit when the weather gets too warm here making it unsafe for the trout to be caught. I essentially have to choose to be an out-of-stater in either NY or PA...don't really want to spend money on licenses in both states.
  3. Bump for the afternoon trout crowd.
  4. I have found that Spotify has pushed me toward listening to old albums again, particularly toward the end of my workday. In the last few weeks I have listened to the following end-to-end: ELO - New World Record; Fleetwood Mac - Rumors; Counting Crows - August and Everything After; The Style Council - Cafe Blu; Yaz - Upstars At Eric's; David & David - Boomtown; Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense; Juliana Hatfield - Hey Babe; Jackson Browne - Running on Empty There may be more, but this is what I recall. So, to answer your question, it would not be one of the ones I've mentioned, so I guess I'll go with Thriller.
  5. Does Duke have an actual fight song? What is this trashy music?
  6. I also have caught 3 river chubs.
  7. About half of those fish were caught in catch-and-release-only water, so I can say that most of them are probably living their lives with purpose, unless they have been eaten by an eagle or great blue heron.
  8. I respect his coaching and mentoring abilities, but it is going to be absolutely brutal watching any Duke game this year and listening to the announcers fawn over Coach K. I think I'll skip it.
  9. fricker66

    My onions are re-growing

    The garlic is out of hand in my garden. I am probably going to harvest my garlic scapes in the next few days.
  10. Greetings fellow fishermen. Well, it has been a successful year thus far and I wanted to report my results. I have caught trout in every month of 2021 thus far, so I have 7 months to reach my goal of catching 1 trout in every month. Of course, I expect July and August to be challenging due to warmer water, which is not a trout's friend. In 2021, I have brought to net and successfully released 183 trout, all on flies. I have yet to kill one and am pretty proud of that. It is currently dry fly season here, so I pulled in an astonishing 23 trout on Memorial Day. I have fished 24 times, often for a few hours before work, and have been skunked only thrice. I do not use any rigs nor indicators (bobbers)...just a single fly tied to the end of my tippet. Most of Monday's catch was utilizing an Adams dry pattern. Tight Lines!
  11. fricker66

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Note how often Joe goes home to Delaware. When my mother declined from her Alzheimers, her docs stressed the importance of making sure that we kept her in familiar settings. I'll leave it to others to draw conclusions.
  12. fricker66

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    I don't know why you all are wasting your time. Harris will be president by 2022 when Joe steps down.
  13. fricker66

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Oops == I see there is a separate thread on my post, so I moved it.
  14. So far, so good. I am 3-for-3...have caught at least one trout in each month of 2021. Most recently, on Sunday, I landed a very aggressive rainbow who rose to the top to munch on a little black stonefly. This was surprising given that the stonefly hatch has just begun here and the water is still below 45 degrees. Just as I released the little guy back to his world, I saw a massive bald eagle in the tree canopy. I guess he was hoping for a snack.
  15. fricker66

    **2021 Masters Thread**

    Momentum going into Masters week doesn't seem to be as important as it is for many tournaments. Some guys' games just fit at Augusta while others struggle there. I like your top 17 against the field. Maybe throw in Si Woo Kim as an 18th. I think he has a game that is well suited to Augusta.