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  1. estabonmrj

    Trade(keeper league) updated offer

    Yep. No problem with that
  2. estabonmrj

    Keeper keep 3

    Thanks for options! Only thing that scares me about Moore is Newton’s shoulder!
  3. estabonmrj

    Keeper keep 3

    Guice 14th round W Fuller 10th round Pettis 12th round DJ Moore 12th round Ebron 12th round 1/2 ppr, standard scoring on yards, going to keep 3 if 2 have same round then would give up a round earlier. Leaning towards GUICE, PETTIS, FULLER.
  4. estabonmrj

    Keeper Question (I need to pick 3)

    It’s a nice problem. But keep Thomas, Mixon, Chubb. Then at 12/13 pick up Ertz/Cook if possible.
  5. estabonmrj

    Trade(keeper league)

    They say no. But it depends on how you feel about DJ. If you’re not high on him. Then pull it. Cause Goff fell off big time. Mahomes will be solid. May not have same numbers but if Luck is hurt you will be in trouble. Overall I would not trade DJ.
  6. estabonmrj

    Amendola, Goodwin, or Anderson

    Don't worry how I have ended up choosing between these three, just know I'm in this bad position! Who would you pick and why?
  7. estabonmrj

    Rookie draft

    What about Cook, or Mixon? I like Mcaffery between the two. Fournette has toe injury that may linger.
  8. estabonmrj

    Freeman or Ajayi in standard?

    I like Jay He is only real option, freeman has Coleman and Atlanta is due for super bowl let down.
  9. estabonmrj

    How is my team?

    I agree with above.
  10. estabonmrj

    Need to pick 2 keepers

    Graham for sure. I like cam newton to rebound. I think I would keep him over other two. Then concentrate on drafting rookie rbs early or top wr then rbs.
  11. estabonmrj

    Trade Hunt & Crabtree for AJ Green & Gore?

    Hunt will be great. Gore is 100. No way would I make this trade. Crabtree can still get80 catches and 10 tds.
  12. estabonmrj

    Trade Advice, will answer back

    Make the 2nd offer. See if he counters. I like Landry, and wouldn't trade him.
  13. estabonmrj

    Grade my team please (#1 pick, 12-Team League)

    There isn't any weakness in the team. Great backups.
  14. estabonmrj

    Kevin White or Wright

    Who should I pick up out of these 2? Not much other choices out there. Hoping there are bears fans out there that might know something.
  15. estabonmrj

    Derrick Henry vs Mixon/Cook?

    I like cook, then mix on. Henry will be good keeper but not picking over other two. The only reason I would take Nixon is because offense is above Minnesota