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  1. futurecub07

    Do NOT make those last minute lineup changes

    Unless the change is related to injury
  2. futurecub07

    Week 11 streaming Def

    I like Houston. Probably won't have a great game but they're unlikely to screw you over. I'm also intrigued by New Orleans. Dalton playing like garbage, Saints in a must-win, and they've actually been decent their last 4 games
  3. futurecub07

    Giovani Bernard

    A Little Help! is for start/sit, waiver wire, trades, etc. This post is in the right section I'm hoping that Cincinnati recognizes that Bernard is more effective if his touches are evenly spaced between running and receiving. Last year, he played a big role in the passing game, not so much this year. I think they would be better off if they used him more like the Bears use Forte, with Hill running between the tackles. Andy Dalton should at least be able to complete simple dump-offs, right?
  4. Drafting Gerhart in 3 of my 4 leagues. It didn't kill me, but I was counting on him to be a strong insurance policy. Not trading Fred Jackson the week before he got hurt. Not trading Steve Smith while his value was through the roof. I've been fortunate, though. 6-2, 5-2-1, 5-3, and 4-4
  5. futurecub07

    Is it time to sell Carson Palmer?

    No he's not a stud, but the last few weeks, Palmer has been very serviceable. I think he's a solid player but his future matchups are pretty ugly. Maybe package him with another player for a buy low option (I'm looking at Cam Newton, and I still have M. Ryan and Glennon/waiver wire). Check out the Arizona S.O.S. http://www.fftoday.com/stats/fantasystats.php?o=3
  6. futurecub07

    Cam Newton-- buy low?

    Anyone think that Cam might be worth trading for right now? His stock is low, and he's only had one great game this year. Anyone who owned him either of the past 2 years would agree that he was much better in the second half than in the first half. As long as you don't give up too much, I see it as a low-risk, potentially high-reward deal. Thoughts?
  7. futurecub07

    ++ UPDATE: Giovani Bernard Hip Injury - Out Week 9

    Most weeks his YPC aren't bad, but not good either. I think the Bengals are misusing him. He was effective last year due to total yds, not just rushing yds. He's barely getting any catches this year. The Bengals should balance the handoffs between him and Hill, and give him more chances in the passing game.
  8. futurecub07

    Is Carson Palmer officially a go?

    I know he's probable, but does anyone know any official information? Starting him over Matty Ice but I don't want to get screwed over since Ryan is in the first set of games and Palmer is in the second set
  9. futurecub07

    Ronnie Hillman

    Opinions on his performance today? I thought he looked pretty good. Consistent throughout the day, and 24-100 seems legitimate considering that it wasn't garbage time yards. Do you think he has this spot locked up for the foreseeable future? Possibly even when Ball comes back if he keeps this up?
  10. futurecub07

    Should anything be expected out of Donald Brown?

    His numbers were pretty bad but Buffalo does have an excellent d-line. Just lost Woodhead so I'm gonna try to grab him. All my other hb are underperforming too (Ellington, J.Bell, Gerhart)
  11. Based on the injuries on the Chargers, he is obviously worth a roster spot, simply because he is currently their starter. I want to know if is worth a roster spot because: 1. He is a starting hb and all starting hb are rostered, or 2. He might have some success. Did anyone see him on Sunday? Is there any reason to be optimistic?
  12. futurecub07

    Why is Bernard Pierce ranked so low?

    I managed to grab him off waivers (I was 6th in line so I was surprised to get him, goodbye Aaron Dobson). Overall though I'd say he's worth a roster spot. The Ravens have more reason to at least see what he's got, since he could be their future #1, Forsett isn't a long term solution.
  13. futurecub07

    Woodhead Value

    I'd expect a few more carries, but nothing significant. I think you'll see him have a bigger impact in the passing game though. They should pass more now, and that bodes well for Woodhead.
  14. On every site that I've checked, Bernard Pierce is ranked insanely low for week 3 and rest of the way rankings. Forsett had a good week 1 but he only got the playing time after Pierce fumbled. Last week, Pierce was clearly the top back and put up a good game. Forsett had a high YPC but that was only due to 1 long run. Can anybody shed some light? It seems like Pierce should be much higher, especially since Rice was suspended.
  15. In one of my leagues, a team started out 5-0, and was talking a lot of trash. They ended 1-7 to finish 6-7 overall and miss the playoffs. The best part? He posted a message on the league discussion board embedded with Queen's "We Are the Champions" after his fifth win. That's karma for you...