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  1. pullie1

    Dionate Johnson or Emanuel Sanders

    Lol thank yiu
  2. pullie1

    Dionate Johnson or Emanuel Sanders

    Lol thank you
  3. Who do I start as a flex in a ppr Dionate Johnson or Emanuel Sanders.
  4. pullie1

    Lindsay or Hyde

    Im in a non ppr and we start 3 RB's and for my 3rd RB my chooses are either Lindsay or Hyde. I leaning towards Lindsay. Any Suggestions.Please
  5. pullie1

    Collins for Coleman trade offer

    Robinson D Thomas and Kirk
  6. I'm being offered Coleman Tate and Gano for Collins and tucker in a non ppr I know Coleman is the better RB but Collins has a sweet schedule the rest of the way. Any advice would be appreciated
  7. pullie1

    Is This a fair Offer

    Just been offered T Cannon and Cooper for Duke Johnson and Croweder. we are non ppr we start 3 RB and 3 WR I lost Lynch and have Kamara Miller and Yeldon. My WR are terrible Landry D Thomas Crowder kirk and Snead, Any advice would be helpful I see Cannon as a one week wonder till McGruire comes back And Im not sure if Duke will become what he was last year
  8. pullie1

    Rex, Marshawn, or Isaiah?

    I like Crowell
  9. pullie1

    Yeldon or Lynch

    As an RB 3 in a standard non ppr Who should I start as an RB 3 Lynch or Yeldon if Fournette is out. Thanks
  10. pullie1

    Trade Advice

    Standard league Im being offered Stewart and Parker for Larry Fitz. Not sure what to do Arizona without Palmer or fragile Parker. Thoughts please
  11. pullie1

    QB help

    I'd go with Cutler
  12. pullie1

    Roethlisberger or Stafford

    Standard points Who do I go with. Roethlisberger at Chicago or Stafford at Atlanta
  13. pullie1

    Cousin or Big Ben

    Im thinking Cousin since Ben is away and has been terrible on the road and Bell is going hog wild. Where Cousin is always airing it out. Any suggestion? Thanks
  14. pullie1

    QB Help

    I'm not sure what QB to go with. I Have Ben vs Giants or Cousin vs Arizona I get 1pt for every 25 yds thrown 7 pts per TD and -2pts per int also 1pt for every 10 yards rushing. All advice is appreciated
  15. pullie1

    Trade Help

    Im being offered D Hopkins and Risard Matthews for Booker and Beasly. We start 3 RB and 3 WR. I'm OK at RB Miller McCoy Stewart, my WR sux Landry, JJ Nelson Hurns and Beasly. Does this trade really help me WR core. Any advice would be great.