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    uh oh, what are the chances Favre starts now and everyone who has Webb in gets 0pts?
  2. donkeymcdonkerton

    WR help

    1pt per 10 yards and we have to start 3 WR's with a flex of WR/TE. I have 3 WR's that im starting in Stevie Johnson, Vincent Jackson & Joe Webb. Who should be my final WR? If Sims-Walker was 100% healthy, it be a no-brainer for me. Am I over thinking? Will answer yours.
  3. donkeymcdonkerton

    Who do you need in the Monday Night game?

    I'm up by 4.6, I have Alge and my opponent has Bush.....
  4. C.Taylor is the better back so far this year, but he plays CHI, while K.Jones is up against GB. Who should I give the nod too?
  5. donkeymcdonkerton


  6. donkeymcdonkerton

    Stud player vs Stud D

    easy answer is YOU DONT. The correct answer is, it depends on your backups.
  7. donkeymcdonkerton

    Is Mark Brunell gonna keep his job?

    Brunell sucks and he is done....I wish the JC era would begin already!
  8. donkeymcdonkerton

    Why the Eagles and Giants will finish top 2 in NFC East

    Getting warmer...
  9. donkeymcdonkerton

    I have LJ in keeper and 1st pick; LT, SA or PM?

    Thats what I was wondering....
  10. donkeymcdonkerton

    Hey Giant fans...

    That was a whoopin! The season isn't close to being over!
  11. donkeymcdonkerton

    Vikings article from KFAN (Carolina game)

    Smoot is a great locker room guy. He talks the talk, and gets everybody on the same page(class clown,good for team chemistry). He was always on the Sports Junkies when he was in DC and he is funny, but he is not that good of a corner.
  12. donkeymcdonkerton

    T.O., S. Moss, S. Smith or C. Johnson

    S.Moss and Smith....I have those two, thats why i voted that way!
  13. donkeymcdonkerton

    LaVar Arrington

    Not starting, but HE IS BACK B!tches!
  14. donkeymcdonkerton

    Holt, Bulger, and Bruce NOT PLAYING this week!

    Do you guys think Holt will play this week?