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  1. Another year came and went... lots of fun... something I love doing with my kids. My daughter and I got stopped constantly for pictures... weirdly I think I was the only Thanos at the Con this year? My wife did a fantastic job on her make up.


    Thanos, Gamora, and the second Doctor Who.







    Very cool. My daughter goes to Emerald City Comicon every year and dresses up as well. I need to go with her one of these times as she always has a blast.

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  2. Rumor has it that Bell signed with Kawhi Leonards agent, aka "Uncle Dennis" and is getting his career advice from that focktard.


    Ok, kidding of course. Reality is this: Bell isn't making a stand for running backs, he's not trying to get the position back to that among the higher paid ones in the game and he's not paving the road for next generation of backs. He's trying to line his pockets, plain and simple. He's doing so at the expense of a team with a legitimate shot at a SB and doing so in a way that undermines the unity of the team. It was wrong of the players on the team to speak up the way they did, but I'm sort of glad they made the effort. It's ridiculous drama on a team that has too much of it too often and doesn't need the distractions. I would LOVE to Conner tear it up this weekend with like a 200 yds combined game and a couple of TD's and watch ALL bargaining power that Bell has FLY RIGHT OUT THE FOCKIN WINDOW. I'd love to see it cost Bell half of what he "thinks" he's worth.


    As someone who is starting Conner in my FLEX I would be just fine with this outcome. :pointstosky:

  3. The main ringtone on my phone is the guitar intro from The Last in Line.

    I was a Ritchie Blackmore fan first. Saw Rainbow in Aug 1978 with The Cars opening when their first album was just coming out.

    Still have vivid memories of both bands playing and the whole day like it was yesterday


    Very nice... and now I have Man On the Silver Mountain stuck in my head:


  4. This.

    Whomever that vegan lesbian that they keep on "trying out" for the play by play or color commentary is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE.

    She sounds like a mortician that got her vocalistic stylings from listening to NPR 24/7 for the last 2 decades.


    I'm sure she really enjoys the game, but damn...

    She sounds like a female Marv Albert to me. YESSSSS!!!!

  5. Haken's new album is due out October 26th. I'll be seeing them on back-to-back nights in Portland (with my son) and Seattle (with my daughter) in November. Son and I saw them on their last tour and they put on a great show.


    Here's the video for the first song released from the album:




    The band Leprous is touring with them as well so I've been trying to familiarize myself with their discography. I was a bit "meh" on them at first but they're starting to grow on me. The singer's heavy use of high register takes some getting used to. Reminds me of Muse in places.


  6. How many of you D/ST streamers are rolling with the Lions week 1 now that Darnold has been named the starter?


    I ended up drafting PIT due to their matchup against CLE week 1, but I'm starting to consider DET instead. Tyrod Taylor is well known for his play-it-safe mentality while obviously Darnold is a rookie who could get rattled in his first game. Another factor is DET is at home under prime time lights of MNF while PIT is on the road.