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  1. 7 minutes ago, Mookz said:

    Well okay, but...she did a pretty sexy child abuse song her own self.  🤔


    I totally forgot about that song.  What's with the child abuse songs and these singer/songwriters??? 

  2. 1 hour ago, Big Blue 06 said:

    That’s awesome.  I eagerly await your review.  I know what you mean about civic shopping.  Two days ago, I ordered a couple of cases of beer for me and a bottle of tequila for the wife (it’s the Rock’s new brand of tequila).  When things get back to normal, I may still just order all of my stuff and never go anywhere.  :cheers:

    I'm not very good at describing my experience when enjoying a new scotch/wine/beer, but here's a very basic review.  Unfortunately I don't have any Laphroaig 10 on hand for a side by side comparison.

    Definitely has the same (yummy) peaty/medicinal smell as Laphroaig.

    Color seems to be a bit paler, though of course that doesn't mean anything in terms of taste.

    Nice little bit of burn and the lingering aftertaste is nice as well.

    I really need to taste side by side w Laphroaig 10 to decide if I want to spend the few extra dollars next time I'm out, but I certainly enjoy this scotch.  Thanks for bringing Ardbeg back to my attention! 

    Bonus points for the little dog pic in the packaging. 




  3. 2 hours ago, Thornton Melon said:

    That's how I always felt about her. I was in love with her voice, not her looks, although she wasn't ugly by any stretch. A unique, soothing voice, though. 

    While not Natalie Merchant, I always rub one out to this sexy song about child abuse. 


  4. 1 hour ago, Big Blue 06 said:

    That’s awesome.  I eagerly await your review.  I know what you mean about civic shopping.  Two days ago, I ordered a couple of cases of beer for me and a bottle of tequila for the wife (it’s the Rock’s new brand of tequila).  When things get back to normal, I may still just order all of my stuff and never go anywhere.  :cheers:

    It's a COVID miracle!!!! The doordash driver just delivered my scotch. I showed him my ID and brought the package inside. I then noticed that in addition to my scotch there were 3 bottles of wine. I ran back out to catch him before he left and explained how the wine wasn't mine. In broken English he just said "this is what they gave me. You have their number, yes?". Guess that $11 delivery fee + tip equals free wine. Fock going through the effort to fix their mistake. Guess this makes me an azzhole, but I did immediately run outside and reported the mistake. 

  5. On 4/17/2020 at 7:24 PM, DonS said:

    Awesome!   Glad it was worth it.  I checked Total Wine and I see Ardbeg 10 is just a few dollars more than Laphroaig 10.  I'll give it a shot when it's time to replenish. 

    @Big Blue 06 I just hit rock bottom in covid shopping.  While I could drive to Total Wine, I just decided fock it and ordered some Ardbeg 10 for home delivery.  Should be here in a couple hours.  Laziness certainly has a cost, though, as delivery fee is $11 and I added a 15% tip for the driver.  I'll let you know what I think of Ardbeg.  :cheers:


  6. 16 minutes ago, Hardcore troubadour said:

     None of you are gong to do my mom? What’s this place coming to? 

    Last time I did your mom it was right after she ran a train on an entire basketball team.  I'm going to give her some time to heal up before going back for more.

  7. 1 hour ago, listen2me 23 said:

    What would you be doing otherwise? 

    In normal times I would be looking forward to a 3 day weekend so that I can relax at home and not go into work.  Now that I'm always at home there isn't any difference.   Sometimes on days off I'd catch a movie, but that's obviously off the table. 

    My wife and I discussed using her brother's cottage on the Oregon coast, but part of the enjoyment is going to a nearby brewery for beers and dinner and that isn't an option.   Driving 5.5 hrs for a little bit of chilly beach time while being stuck in another house isn't very appealing. 

  8. Thanks for reminding me that I was supposed to be seeing TOOL next week.  :mad:

    Oh, and while not a surprise, the Megadeth / Lamb of God show in July is now officially postponed as well.  Tix for this show was an early Father's Day present from my daughter.  Focking bat eating yellow bastards.  :mad:  :mad:  :mad:



  9. Just now, TommyGavin said:

    Ruth is a ###### and very annoying- The only reason I had to quit the show. I cringe evertime she opens her mouth. 

    Shut your focking mouth you focking fock of a focking phaggot.  Fock. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Strike said:

    This thread did not go in the direction I expected lol.  For the record I whacked it to both Debbie and Tiffany.  Mmmmm threesome.....

    Who was the British chick with the huge t1ts  at about the same time?  The one that sang "Naughty Girls Need Love Too"? 

  11. My favorite line was Marty saying how the sound of his wife's lover hitting the pavement is the only thing that helps him sleep at night.  (or something like that) 

  12. On 4/3/2020 at 7:19 AM, DonS said:

    Finally some good news (for me at least).  New Haken song came out yesterday with new album coming out June 5. Something to look forward to as the days continue to blur together in quarantine. 

    Ironically/unfortunately the new album is called Virus.  It's the continuation of the story from the 2018 album Vector. Thry were probably like "fuuuuuccccckkkkkk" when all this hit. 

    Second single from upcoming album couldn't be more different.  Can't wait to see how this song and the previous one fit into the flow of the album.

    Awesome video. 


  13. 3 minutes ago, jerryskids said:

    No, I was born and raised in NE PA.  Went to college in the Boston area.  Moved out to Phoenix after graduation in 1989, met my wife, had some kids, bought some houses... I've lived here longer than anywhere else though and it is home.

    Yuma is hotter, but that's not to say Phoenix doesn't get hot.  You don't want to be sitting outside at 3PM when it is 110+, if there isn't a pool nearby.  But mornings are nice most of the year, and evenings are great for a quick dip in the pool to cool off from the evaporative effect (it is a DRY heat after all).  

    A lot of people who live in the cold think that they could never live in this weather.  That's largely because they have never lived in this weather.  I've done both and I'm here to tell you, from my perspective anyway, cold/rain/snow can lick my taint.  :cheers:


    Thanks for the info.  My feelings are probably tainted by the fact that Yuma FOCKING SUCKS and I was always out in the middle of Yuma Proving Ground doing work. 

    Edit: I do agree that sunrise at the airfield was quite nice. 

  14. 25 minutes ago, Mike Honcho said:

    USA TODAY: In the early morning hours of March 13, Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, were in bed asleep when they heard a loud banging at the door. 

    They called out, asking who was there, but heard no response, their attorneys say.

    Minutes later, Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT, lay dead on her hallway floor, shot at least eight times by plainclothes officers who had burst in to execute a "no-knock" search warrant at her home.

    What happened that night at Taylor's Springfield Drive apartment in southwest Jefferson County has sparked a national debate on the use of force and the shootings of unarmed black Americans by police. 

    I thought we were supposed to call them African Americans??? 

  15. 14 minutes ago, jerryskids said:

    It was over 100 for a few days but went back down below.  100 is not bad, especially if you get out in the morning.  We are expected to be in the 90s thru Monday, then 105-110 the rest of the week.  That's worse...

    Have you always lived in AZ?  I've traveled to Yuma for work quite a bit and the heat just kicks my ass.