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    No shutters.
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    ChatGT or whatever

    It is also pretty good at writing code. You have to ask it to do a few iterations and you need to proof check it, but you can ask it to program as well.
  3. MTSkiBum

    ChatGT or whatever

    It won't put Google out of business, it seems to be a new service and does not replace any existing service. Who needs to be worried are low level journalists, authors, and artists(other engines, similar worry). On Wednesday, Reuters reported that AI bot ChatGPT reached an estimated 100 million active monthly users last month, a mere two months from launch, making it the "fastest-growing consumer application in history," according to a UBS investment bank research note.
  4. Careful, they may have seen the recent article about the dirtiest cities in America. We are number 1 https://www.ktsm.com/news/2-texas-cities-ranked-in-top-10-dirtiest-cities-in-america-report/ .... Although that is because of the east side of town.
  5. MTSkiBum

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Since I am both pro environment and pro mining I will weigh in. The mine would make up just over 5% of the national forest and would probably put another 5% off limits, maybe more maybe less, it depends how spread out the ore is. This does hurt the recreational user. In addition the mine is upstream of boundary waters. What I don't know is how the minerals are processed. Do they use leach pits and if so for which of the minerals. If they do use leach pits is there a strong plan in place to mitigate the risk, something pebble mine never provided. It would be good to get a domestic source of cobalt. It specifically is one of the worst offenders for slavery. It is a 20 year moratorium, can that be lifted? There are both pros and cons. This is not an easy decision.
  6. MTSkiBum

    Broncos Head Coach: Sean Payton

    John elway has not been the GM for a few years, however Condoleezza Rice was supposedly a voice in the coaching search.
  7. MTSkiBum

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    It is 55% efficient at 9 months, not bad I guess. With a kid in kindergarten and another in 2nd grade I will most likely keep active antibodies the old fashioned way. By the time I will need boosters there should be more research on the subject.
  8. MTSkiBum

    is timschoschet at war with the entire geek club?

    Currently I am fishing west galveston bay and clear lake, although in the summer time i will surf fish on the beach in Freeport as well. My current boat is a flats boat with jackplate, etc. It would not be safe to go more than 1-2 miles offshore and even then it would need to be the perfect forecast. The ownership cost of offshore fishing is too high given all of my other hobbies, for example I have a season pass at arapohe basin and am flying there next week for 1 day of skiing. I plan on getting back into offshore fishing but not until my kids are close to graduating highschool. Assuming I can get another promotion or two between now and then.
  9. MTSkiBum

    is timschoschet at war with the entire geek club?

    There has been a drastic turnover in posters in the last 2 years kilroy69 vuduchile northernvike titansbucsbears vikings4ever mmmbeer sux tanatastic patfatsboy fricker igotworms and many, many more I do not know anything about all these new posters except they gravitate towards the threads that discuss social differences between left and right and they like to call people names. I have switched to a local texas fishing forum for actual help where as in years past i would have asked those questions here.
  10. She is worthless, it should have been Amy Klobuchar.
  11. MTSkiBum

    Trump vs DeSantis

    If it is trump, desantis, and a moderate republican then trump and desantis will split the maga crowd possibly allowing a more moderate a chance to win. In theory this is great, however in practice there will probably not be a moderate candidate. It will probably be a retread like Cruz, etc. That is also in the final 3.
  12. MTSkiBum

    Drone Military Submarines. Do we have them yet?

    I know that GPS does not penetrate the ocean. There can be workarounds with a buoy system. A quick google search shows that DARPA was trying to fund this, but I do not know how far they have gotten. I am assuming if they have gotten far it is classified, which means I can probably find it in a government officials garage if i was more curious. Below link is from 2018 and at that time they were not extremely far along. https://warriormaven.com/future-weapons/darpa-explores-undersea-gps-like-network
  13. MTSkiBum

    Drone Military Submarines. Do we have them yet?

    The problem is that GPS does not penetrate the ocean. So we have no positioning system to determine where the drones would be and how to guide them, similar to what exists for airborne drones.
  14. MTSkiBum

    is timschoschet at war with the entire geek club?

    Says the guy commenting about the guy making fun of the guy posting on Saturday night I gave myself a trophy because my Saturday night post is in irony..... At least I hope so
  15. MTSkiBum

    Dynasty Rankings

    I would flip Hodgins and Wandale Robinson. They are 20 spots apart in your ranking and they should be, but it should be the other way around. Wandale is a gadget player and it looks like Hodgins can be a legit starting WR in the giants offense. I like how swift is rated higher than Jacobs, they are the same age and Jacob's worst year is better than Swift's best year. He is the rodney dangerfield of the nfl. Give me jacobs over Swift 10 times out of 10. I own jacobs in 2 dynasty leagues because he has been so cheap to acquire, nobody ever believes in the guy, however when he has not put up stats like in 2021 where he was a low end RB #1, his elusiveness rating at pff was still really good. I did a startup dynasty draft last year and I went extremely young and while i finished 12th place last year I finished 2nd in points this year and I still easily have the youngest team in the league. I do not think most people value youth enough, many of those WR's I would move around only based on age. If I was a contending team i would be looking to dump Diggs, Adams, Kupp, or Hill. It is better to sell 1 year too early than 1 year too late.
  16. MTSkiBum

    2023 TV's "A Little Help"

    Costco does not currently have any deals on LG 65", the below is the best deal i could find locally. You can find 65" LG in the 350-400 dollar range if you are patient. Microcenter is one of the best electronics stores in the country, but sadly they do not ship. https://www.microcenter.com/product/662296/lg-65-class-(645-diag)-4k-ultra-hd-smart-led-tv https://www.consumerreports.org/tvs/hisense-vizio-tvs-lose-cr-recommendation-over-reliability-issues-a9492902364/ Consumer Reports estimates that 20 percent of Hisense and Vizio TVs will experience a problem within the first five years. Both brands get a rating of Fair for predicted reliability. By comparison, we estimate that 11 percent of TVs made by Sony, which has a Very Good rating for reliability, will develop a problem during that period. No brand that earns a Poor or Fair rating for predicted reliability is eligible for a CR recommendation. In addition to Vizio and Hisense, Element, RCA, and Westinghouse also have subpar reliability ratings. But no models from those brands had high enough Overall Scores to be recommended.
  17. MTSkiBum

    2023 TV's "A Little Help"

    My gaming tv is a Hisense, they offer the most performance for the dollar however they are also the most unreliable tv on the market. I bought a "high end" Hisense 50" tv with extremely low input lag. However even though I bought that brand I would not recommend it. On other more technical forums I post at people complain about them breaking. This does not bother me because tv tech changes so fast when my gaming tv goes it gives me an excuse to upgrade. I would recommend a cheap lg 65" 4k tv from Costco for your needs. It will be a major upgrade, will only cost ~350 dollars, and will last a long time.
  18. MTSkiBum

    New recent games

    Great game, but I could not get into it.
  19. MTSkiBum

    New recent games

    I am playing Fortnite 1-2 nights a week with my friends after my wife goes to bed, don't starve together 1 night a week with my brother in law and a nephew after my wife goes to bed, and I will start playing valheim with my brother and his wife 1 evening a week. They have a very young daughter (4 months?) so we will play 6-8ish. My wife goes to bed so early I struggle to think of activities to do, so usually I play video games if I can find a friend/relative to play with.
  20. MTSkiBum

    Justin Roiland fired from Rick and Morty

    After season 3 it has been going downhill quickly, I have not even watched all of this last season. Not only do I know nothing about the case I will purposeful avoid learning details, i do not care. However I do not like the guilty until proven innocent though, shouldn't Cartoon network wait until after the trial before firing him?
  21. MTSkiBum

    Xbox goes woke

    Computers Video game consoles TV's Cable boxes Printers Are the big drains, although there are many more. It probably does not matter as much for you, but I have 5 computers, a PS5, xbox, Switch, 3 tv's, 2 cable boxes, and an always on laser printer. Some of these i try to unplug when i know they will not be in use for a while, but it would be better if they just shut off completely.
  22. MTSkiBum

    Xbox goes woke

    Also, this change is good and I hope microsoft makes a similar change with windows computers and sony makes a change with playstation. As consumers we should not stand for how many of our electronics devices consume electricity when they are "off".
  23. MTSkiBum

    Favorite live album

    I was going to be contrarian and post an album by the band live, however after reading through their list of songs/albums I realized that I did not recognize any of the names. They were on the radio in the 90's but we're very forgettable I guess.
  24. MTSkiBum

    Classified docs found in Pence home

    I will post the same thing i posted in the Trump thread. These targeted attacks on politicians of the other side need to stop. Obviously classified document storage needs to be fixed, but it is not a partisan issue.
  25. This is my reasoning as well. Bengals - niners would be best case scenario