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    I'm Sick Of Some People

    And that is the people that @fandandy has to deal with all day, when he isn't humble bragging about his nympho girlfriend. Well at least that was the case 2 years ago.
  2. MTSkiBum

    Where And What Is The Coolst Places You’ve Ever Been

    In highschool my parents let my friends and I explore the tongue river cave. I explored the hell out of those caves. What an experience, although extremely stupid at the time to let kids explore a cave with no adult supervision. The summer after my senior year of highschool my dad finally went with along with my sister who is 4 years younger(her 2nd or third trip with us by then). There were times he had to have been wondering wtf he was thinking letting his kids dive deep into a cave with no adult supervision. Looking back, no way in hell would i let my kids do that.
  3. MTSkiBum

    Good morning

    I have been lazy the last month but we managed to make it to the beach on Saturday. Kids had fun, but I didn't catch any fish.
  4. MTSkiBum

    I'm closing in on 20 years..

    That is not bad at all, although you probably get there before rush hour traffic starts.
  5. MTSkiBum

    I'm closing in on 20 years..

    Congrats on the move, there is more amenities over there except for Costco. How long of commute do you have living on the west side? Did you choose to live off of North Mesa or Resler as your main street?
  6. MTSkiBum

    I'm closing in on 20 years..

    Congrats, I assume your retirement benefits go up every year which is why you are staying in. How is El Paso treating you?
  7. MTSkiBum

    Divisional Realignment Each Year - VOTE

    Yes. Top 4 teams every year get division 1 Middle 4 teams division 2 Last 4 teams division 3. Rolling divisions are the best way.
  8. MTSkiBum

    2023 MFL site

    @cbfalcon is the biggest risk, he has not logged in the last 2 months.
  9. MTSkiBum

    EV Vehicles - Will They Work Here

    I posted on the first page, but will type out again. The majority of charging happens during offpeak hours and once we get enough electric cars on the road they will actually help stabilize the grid. You can find my previous link if you are interested. As for the second part, mining in general is much more environmentally friendly than people give it credit for. Although in this case lithium is generally not mined but pumped out of wells using a brine extraction method. The processing of the rare earths is the environmentally unfriendly part of the battery production, even though they typically make up a small percentage of the batteries overall content.
  10. MTSkiBum

    EV Vehicles - Will They Work Here

    I admit, that is something that is pretty silly to discuss. I did not bring this up initially. However there were a couple posters who were trying to say they do not want to spend time charging a vehicle, I was only trying to point out that in the end it would not be more time spent, only because the vast majority of the time you would be charging at home. But once again I agree with you, I think this specific point does not make much sense to discuss.
  11. MTSkiBum

    EV Vehicles - Will They Work Here

    They could skip buying an ev until their needs are met. I have already responded as such. However, the majority of Americans would spend less time fueling their vehicle due to time savings of charging at night.
  12. MTSkiBum

    EV Vehicles - Will They Work Here

    California has alot of issues, which is too bad. Much of the state has a beautiful climate, they have a ton of natural resources and of course the easy access to Asia and its 4.5 billion people due to having a large coastline on the pacific ocean.
  13. MTSkiBum

    EV Vehicles - Will They Work Here

    I did not, they essentially raised the price by ~30k. It is a ripoff compared to what they advertised when I put down a 100 dollar deposit to preorder. In addition Ford makes you get certain packages to get the extended range battery, which I do not support. If they ever open up the extended range battery with the lower end trim I would possibly consider it. I am trying to convince my wife to let me get rid of the Tacoma and get another WRX. The problem I am running into is she likes driving the truck around instead of her suv on days that i work from home. It is much easier for Norway, but that does not mean it is impossible for us.
  14. MTSkiBum

    EV Vehicles - Will They Work Here

    That is a major issue. EV's currently make sense for a family with 2 cars living in a house.
  15. MTSkiBum

    EV Vehicles - Will They Work Here

    It sounds like you have not read about this technology. I suggest the below article, it provides some details without being too technical. @seafoam1 as well https://www.automotiveworld.com/articles/electric-mobility-articles/smart-grids-are-the-ev-fuel-of-the-future/
  16. MTSkiBum

    EV Vehicles - Will They Work Here

    From my understanding the majority of the problem with California's grid is not the amount of electricity that they can produce, but rather their transmission lines cause a fire risk in some conditions. A few years ago they started a really expensive fire and their solution to it the last few years has been forced brownouts in areas at high risk of them starting a fire due to aging power lines.
  17. MTSkiBum

    EV Vehicles - Will They Work Here

    An electric vehicle smart grid actual stabilizes the grid. Peak demand is during the day whereas cars would mostly charge at night. They could even feed back into the grid during the day if we had a large enough network of electric cars.
  18. MTSkiBum

    EV Vehicles - Will They Work Here

    For the majority of Americans there would be a time savings, just plug in at night. The time savings from not having to go to a gas station every week more than offsets the longer time to charge when you have to stop at a charging station.
  19. MTSkiBum

    WTF is this? LOL

    Harlem globetrotters of baseball.
  20. MTSkiBum

    Grizzly found dead

    One down, 100+ more to go. The 3 SH's. Shoot, shovel, and shutup.
  21. I watched the first game after he was called up and the announcer kept bringing him up, however he did not get in because the game was too close. I have not watched a pirates game since the series against the reds. Good to see him get some at bats
  22. MTSkiBum

    It’s noon. What have accomplished??

    Changed an outside light assembly.
  23. MTSkiBum

    2023 MFL site

    @taco breath @RaiderHaters Revenge @cbfalcon @mmmmm...beer @SUXBNME
  24. MTSkiBum

    mobb_deep reporting in from Texas.

    We are on the other side of Houston from you, down in sugar land. There is good Mexican food, but you have to search for it. Tex Mex is pretty overrated. https://www.xochihouston.com/menus/ Another restaurant if you ever make it to the south side is tan tan. I would recommend snow pea leaves and house special rice cake as must order. https://tantanrestaurant.com/
  25. MTSkiBum

    2023 MFL site

    I am in, just need to flag @Let Da Big Dog Eat @SUXBNME @Gypsybrat if you want to get answers.