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  1. sparkky

    Waiting this thing out....

    I'm good with it. is there a time limit on picks? if so, how long?
  2. sparkky

    Waiting this thing out....

    sounds like we may be getting close to NFL football this season!!!(fingers crossed) smitty, "urine trouble" came down this weekend and will get payment to you very soon.
  3. sparkky

    Waiting this thing out....

    just sent you PP payment for this year, whenEVER it may be.
  4. sparkky

    Waiting this thing out....

    smitty, you may want to contact "urine trouble" and "grinders" by email. I don't think they could ever get on this board.
  5. sparkky

    Waiting this thing out....

    I'm game. patience is NOT my strong suit so lets get ready and PRETEND we'll have a season of some kind this year. COUNT ME IN!!
  6. sparkky

    The site says the draft starts in 5 days.

    I agree, I'm guessing it's a glitch of some kind.
  7. sparkky

    RT site Converted

    thanks smitty.
  8. sparkky

    Draft Order

    thanks for the post. looks ok to me.
  9. sparkky

    Congrats To Shugar

    congrats to all!! it's always a bummer when it's over for awhile.
  10. sparkky

    Before time slips away

    guys, just wanted to wish all of ya a Merry Christmas and thanks for the good competition this year, as usual.
  11. sparkky

    What a disappointing season

    lots of FFL folks were let down by how the games worked out yesterday. I was looking forward to all the FFL playoffs this year because there shouldn't be many, if ANY, NFL teams resting players after having locked up the playoffs.
  12. sparkky

    Congrats to all who made the playoffs

    adding my congrats too!! and good luck to all.
  13. sparkky

    My team is pissing me off!

    and darn nice additions they are too!!
  14. sparkky

    RTS message board

    just a heads up to everyone, some of us have been posting on the RTS message board,. so if you feel so inclined drop by there and put up a post. our two new owners, GP Grinders and Urine Trouble have some posts and introductions there if anyone wants to check it out.
  15. sparkky

    2010 Trades

    sparkky gets Micheal Bush singman gets Hines Ward