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    QB help!

    Who should i start at QB, Dalton, Fitpatrick, Cutler. Or should i pick up Tannihill and drop either M. Reese or J. Dwyer.
  2. mgarthee

    PICK TWO! Oh, the intrigue of FF... HELP MAHH.

    Hartli e, williams
  3. mgarthee

    Start Whom?

    Yeah, what he said
  4. mgarthee

    Ouch....Hartline or Taiwan (or Reece)

  5. mgarthee

    Fitzpatrick, Dalton, Cutler

    Struggling at QB. I've been playing matchups all season. Who should I start: Fitzpatrick vs. TEN Dalton vs. PIT Cutler vs. DET
  6. mgarthee

    I will answer all questions

  7. Who should I keep. -Players will be drafted in the same round as last year. -PPR Welker in the 6th round Brandon Marshall in the 8th. Is Marshall a better value in the 8th over Welker in the 6th? The talent drops off considerably after the 6th round.
  8. mgarthee

    Pick 3 to start

    any thoughts?
  9. mgarthee

    Pick 3 to start

    Please pick 3 players to start. Two RB's and one Flex. Reggie Bush vs OAK Ben Jarvis Green Ellis vs IND McGahee @ MIN DeAngleo Williams @ TB Brandan Marshall vs OAK Leave your link -Thanks
  10. mgarthee

    MJD for Wallace?

    I'm trying to trade for a RB, I offered Wallace for MJD straight up. I think it's pretty fair. The other team countered with a ridiculous offer. So now I'm counter-countering with Wallace and Willis McGahee for MJD and Sidney Rice. What do you think?
  11. mgarthee

    Steve Smith or Steve Johnson

    Start Stevie Johnson http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=391228
  12. mgarthee

    Pick one RB

    Please pick one RB. Ben Jarvis Green Ellis Danny Woodhead Reggie Bush Willis McGahee DeAngelo Williams Leave Yours
  13. mgarthee

    Newton or Fitzpatrick

    Start Fitz. Who's your second RB if you sitting MJD? http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=391192
  14. mgarthee

    Vick or Grossman?

    Who should I start, Vick or Grossman? Is Vick gonna play the whole game? Leave your question?