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  1. jbizzle06


  2. jbizzle06

    Ben or Romo Wk 2 QB

    Romo probably has the easier match up, but they won't have to worry about covering Dez. I would still probably go with Romo.
  3. jbizzle06

    Trade Megatron for Jeremy Hill?

    How many WR's (flex?) can you start? If 2, then it wouldn't be a bad trade. If 3, then I would keep Calvin.
  4. jbizzle06

    James Jones or Andre Johnson

    Andre, Luck's #1 (supposedly) while TY is out.
  5. jbizzle06

    Which TE in ppr?

    ASJ- Winston (young qb's) rely on TE's typically
  6. jbizzle06

    Brady vs Bills or Tannehill vs Jags

    Always start your studs
  7. jbizzle06

    Would you drop....

    Ditto- Drop ARob.
  8. jbizzle06

    Flex Help! WHIR

    Miller would be safe bet Allen would be close second
  9. jbizzle06

    who would you rather pick up in ppr?

    Coleman has the highest upside imo
  10. jbizzle06

    Trade lamar miller for Calvin? Ppr. Will answer yours.

    Calvin all day. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=448177
  11. jbizzle06

    Waiver RBs to Choose From... (WHIR)

    I handcuffed LeSean with Karlos, as LeSean tends to get banged up. Sproles is an interesting add as well. I like Stevie Johnson going forward, and Moncrief while Hilton is out.
  12. jbizzle06

    CJ Anderson Trade Question

    Should I do this trade? 12-man PPR. Send Jeremy Hill, Cin RB Send Donte Moncrief, Ind WR Receive Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QB Receive C.J. Anderson, Den RB Receive Frank Gore, Ind RB Receive Charles Johnson, Min WR Receive Ronnie Hillman, Den RB QB- Cam Newton RB- Jeremy Hill RB- LeSean McCoy RB/WR- Andre Johnson WR/TE- VJax WR/TE- Golden Tate WR/TE- Jimmy Graham D- Bills K- WhoCares B- Teddy B- Reggie Bush B- Jereick McKinnon B- Donte Moncrief B- Juluis Thomas B- Karlos Williams B- Ty Montgomery
  13. jbizzle06

    Running Back Help

  14. jbizzle06

    Replace Garcon with Hilton or Douglass?

    I would keep Garcon in. Otherwise Douglass. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?s=b5a9ac6eb90979ecfce6d503768e1b3c&showtopic=429604