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  1. Thin Spirit


    I'm not going to complain or cause trouble if you decide otherwise, but I think I should be awarded the win. If you are joining a new league it is your duty to read the rules/scoring laid out for that league. That win puts me at 2-2 and in the thick of things in my division, where every win is going to count this year.
  2. Thin Spirit


    I have been out of town most of the week and was just coming on the forum to comment on this. How can this be fixed? I should be 2-1 (probably for the first time since I have taken over this crappy team, three years ago ). I don't really want to just sweep this under the rug - can the standings be changed?
  3. Thin Spirit


    Payment sent via Paypal Sorry I was late.
  4. Thin Spirit

    My Skipped Pick Selection

    Draft board isn't allowing me to select, I have sent an email to Smitty. Just made my 4th round selection on the draft board.
  5. Thin Spirit

    Skipped Pick

    Internet access was a disaster this weekend. It will not allow me to pick on the RTSports site, but most FF leagues you can pick whenever after your pick has been skipped. Can we still pick or do I have to wait till the end now?
  6. Thin Spirit

    Looking To Make Trades...

    Seriously, just when I thought I had this team on the brink of contention, the whole thing blows up. I swear this team is cursed, I have put together what I thought would be a contending playoff team a few times and it has just been blown to bits by injuries and off the field problems. If you see anything on my sad sack team that you think will help you make the playoffs, make me some offers, because I'm not getting there. Rebuild v4.0 begins now.
  7. Thin Spirit

    Gigantic Blockbuster Trade

    I know hindsight is 20/20, but when I look back on this trade... I have no freaking clue what I was thinking, all to move up two spots in an RB heavy draft. This could turn out to be my worst FF trade of all time, WOW.
  8. Thin Spirit


    I'd like to draft Chauncey Washington, RB, Jax I can't drop Troupe, as commish needs to do it. I also can't draft Washington until Troupe is dropped... I'm out for the rest of the day due to work. Smitty, can you drop Troupe and pick up Washington for me? Otherwise, everyone just realized Washington is drafted, skip over me and I'll Add/Drop when the draft is done. Thanks!
  9. Thin Spirit


    Ben Troupe, TE, TB
  10. Thin Spirit

    NCAA 09 XBOX 360 Dynasty League

    Is dpat ever gonna play his game? Seems like we have been stuck on this week forever, and I have a Bye coming up... won't be playing a game for quite awhile.
  11. Thin Spirit


    Anyone ever had a cat with a liver infection? I have heard of kidney infection, urinary tract infection, etc. But never liver infection in a cat. My little guy stopped eating about a week and a half ago. We took him to the vet last Tuesday and the blood test they took showed his liver levels were up and the vet said it was an infection. He won't touch his regular cat food and will now only eat Tuna (it's the only way we could get him to take his pills). Just curious if anyone ever had an animal with a liver infection, and how long it took them to get over it. The poor little bastard has only taken one dump in the last 12 days, I feel bad for him.
  12. Thin Spirit

    draft discussion

    Even if he is situational back for the first year or two before he puts on a little muscle he still holds a real good value with this being a PPR. I got the two RB's I have been targeting since I started tinkering around with my first round picks. I'm extremely happy it worked out.
  13. Thin Spirit

    1.11 pick available for other picks till 8:15pm today

    Rejectored. I think I'm gonna get great value on those 2nd round picks as it stands right now.
  14. Thin Spirit


    Scooby gives: 3.5 4.1 TS gives: Chris Perry, RB, Cin 5.1
  15. Thin Spirit


    I realized, but I thought the draft was being done here. I saw McFadden go 1.1 in the discussion thread and was waiting for 1.2 to be picked. Anyways, made the pick, Mendenhall.