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  1. ** Non-PPR ** RB (Need 3) Fournette Foreman Z Moss D Jackson Allgeier Herbert WR (Need 3) Godwin Lazard Gallup Meyers Sutton Still can't believe I've made it this far...
  2. eagerowl

    Jonathan Taylor done for the season

    Already have Jackson but my other backs are Fournette, Foreman and Allegier so adding Moss as well. Yes took Pitts way too early. Stumbled into Fields and made the playoffs with hot garbage but got lucky and made it to the semis. Receivers are Godwin, Gallup, Lazard, Meyers, Sutton. Lucky garbage.
  3. eagerowl

    Is Barkley a 1st Rounder? Not in 2021

    I had the 10th pick in a 12-teamer...took Chubb in the first and Barkley made it back in the second. Felt good man.
  4. eagerowl

    Mack or Ito?

    Seems like a decent time to use the #1 waiver spot...standard league...Mack or Ito? (Wrong forum)
  5. eagerowl

    Pick 2: Kamara, Ingram & Zek

    I have Kamara but I'd sit him for Ingram and Zeke
  6. eagerowl

    Flex Question...Pick One

  7. Standard league...been guessing right between based on matchups the past few weeks but obviously need to get it right this week. Thoughts? Thanks!
  8. eagerowl

    RB Despair

    I'd drop Evans and pick up Forsett or Pierce...no way I'd drop Vereen in .5 PPR
  9. eagerowl

    Trade A. Brown for Brees?

    10-team non-ppr...the other owner was on autodraft and has both Rodgers and Brees at QB...while I'm stuck with RGIII. I think if I offered him A. Brown he'd take it for Brees...seems like a fair deal but looking for opinions...my remaining WRs are: C. Patterson M. Floyd (AZ) K. Wright B. Cooks E. Sanders We start 3...no flex...so I'm thinking between Patterson and Floyd I'd be able to get away with one of the others as a WR3. Not keen on giving up Brown...Is that worth the upgrade from RGIII to Brees? Thanks in advance...will attempt to answer yours.
  10. Yes, another one of these threads... I've never voted to veto a trade in my life but I'd be interested in opinions on this one. Team 1 is the commissioner, is currently 5-5 and one spot out of the playoffs. Team 2 is 3-7, in last place and not quite eliminated...but close. The trade: Team 1 gets: B. Marshall R. Gronkowski Team 2 gets: L. Moore A. Gates D. Bowe New Orleans Team 2 will be dropping D. Murray and Atlanta in order to receive the extra two players...not sure why they did it this way. Can't really say there is collusion and I never vote against trades but this seems really odd. Thoughts?
  11. eagerowl

    Choice or Morris

    I do think Choice will be more effective than Murray but I'd go for Morris due to less competition for carries
  12. eagerowl

    Trade advice

    I lost Charles for the season leaving me weak at RB and strong at WR in a ten team PPR league. We start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR. I put my desire to trade a WR for a RB out to the league and received the following offers...which would you do? G Jennings for R Mendenhall AJ Green for L Blount AJ Green for D Thomas Here are my current RB/WR: Jennings Wallace Holmes Green Garcon Forte Starks Bush Addai Battle I'm thinking the GB situation is much like NO, lots of different options that will blow up different weeks, although Jennings has been the most consistent. I want a RB I can start each week with Forte instead of a bunch of bad choices.
  13. eagerowl

    Long Term: Schaub or Henne?

    I'd have to go with Schaub as well. Probably need another year to know what you're getting with Henne...but I do like him. Even though Schaub is older he should be around at least 5-7 years (QBs can play later into their careers).
  14. It always seems the top guy is worth getting but I'd rather have my first pick and Rice, who when its all said and done could post similar numbers. Mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=366106