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  1. sperri40

    Who the hell is Gus Edwards

    I'm tempted to start him over Sony.
  2. Kumerow was activated. It may time to cut bait.
  3. Up 5 with Kelce/ Zeurlein vs. Mahomes. I'm scared.
  4. sperri40

    Gerald Everrett a sneaky play?

    I picked him up last week. I actually thought he'd be worth a play last season, but didn't really see much action. I wouldn't be surprised if he did very well tonight.
  5. sperri40

    Josh Adams

    Hard to know what to expect and I'm not expecting a lot at this point, but he does look like he'll at least get the bulk of the work going forward.
  6. sperri40

    Josh Adams

    It turns out it's not gas! http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/13218/josh-adams
  7. sperri40


    Well, as predicted- he got picked up. As for Kirk vs. Golladay- I'll take Golladay's upside in a better offense even though he's been slumping lately.
  8. sperri40

    Josh Adams

    It means zero, but I have a feeling Adams emerges as the lead guy and ends up being real solid. I picked him up, but he's behind Conner, Sony & Kerryon for now- so not posting this 'wishfully thinking.' It's just a gut feeling.* *It's probably just gas
  9. sperri40


    I don't know about 'better', but he has a real nice ROS schedule. Good luck!
  10. sperri40


    Especially with Old Man Fitz reawakening. But I guarantee someone picks him up. Never fails...I try and trade a guy and can't get half a schit for him- then I drop the guy and he gets picked up immediately.
  11. sperri40


    I dropped him for Josh Adams- I have a feeling he's going to take the lead in Philly and I'm concerned about my RBs (Conner, Sony and Kerryon).
  12. sperri40


    So he hasn't done a whole lot and Fitz seems to be coming back to life, but his upcoming schedule looks tasty. Are you holding him or dropping him for other speculative adds?
  13. Defense is not a thing anymore. I'd say it has a good chance of going over (50 I think).
  14. sperri40

    Marquez Valdes-Scantling

    And Chinese food leftovers...those are solid.