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  1. drobezki

    Wassup my niggas?

    I just ordered from Eastbay. Ya digg?
  2. drobezki

    Wassup my niggas?

    I've got some flexible fabric.
  3. drobezki


    Standard mutt. Nothing special.
  4. I think jesusguys has pulled teh plug.
  5. drobezki


    If I ever met you, I would cave your ###### face in. You ###### no good racist piece of trash. I will ###### your world up.
  6. I live this life to kill, homicidal And now you lie dead with your Bible Choke on your ###### cross motherfucker I hope your soul is lost forever
  7. I usually manipulate my breast meat to ejaculation.
  8. There is no traffic here. Just a handful of phags that refuse to give up.
  9. drobezki

    Are there any bigger crooks than........

    Real Estate agents are far bigger crooks.
  10. drobezki

    song you are listening to right now?

  11. drobezki

    I am starting boxing tonight...

    You should train in MMA. Boxing is for pussies.
  12. drobezki

    Which Geekette would you most like to fock?

    Honestly, I'd turn STC out. I know 30FBT thinks he's the man, but I'd fock that pvssy proper. I'd have those titties bouncing all night long.
  13. drobezki

    Why would you not cheat on your spouse?

    I have no conscience. I don't care if people get hurt. I'm all about life experiences. Live life to the fullest, while you still can.
  14. drobezki

    Which Geekette would you most like to fock?

    I'd like to fock STC. I'd dominate her pvssy.
  15. I would cheat on my wife in a second, if the right girl came along. I know that 99% of you guys would too. Don't lie about it.