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  1. brotherbock

    Rex Burkhead headed to IR

    Pitt would have to overcome their hatred of the Pats, that's an even bigger issue than Bell's personal feelings. If this was the Bears, would they send him to the Packers? From what I can tell, Pit/Pats animosity is pretty high up there.
  2. brotherbock

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    Good take. There are JAGs who can end up high scoring FF guys. Tends to be unusual, typically real talent is what gets FF points. But Crowell is RB8 in my keeper league, and Crowell is a JAG in real life. The other top 10 are Gurley Kamara Gordon Connor Barkley Peterson Hyde McCaff Elliot. Pretty good group of players, all things considered. Is 3 weeks enough to know about Connor?
  3. brotherbock

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    Money over integrity/honesty is a story as old as people.
  4. brotherbock

    Bell - Possible Trade To New NFL Team

    Well, first, the Raiders didn't get the huge contract. I'm talking about what the Raiders got in return. Yeah, two firsts is cheap for Khalil Mack. The guy is, literally, one of the top 3 players in the league right now. No joke. Look at what he's done for the Bears even through 3 weeks. Their offense is terrible, and they are leading the NFC North. No one saw that coming before the Mack trade. It's honestly one of the best incoming trades a team has made in the last two decades, and one of the stupidest outgoing trades. Trade your best player at the start of the prime of his career? As a Packer fan, I'm terrified of the results
  5. brotherbock

    Kaepernick: Is he ever going to get another gig?

    Solution: why don't you go read what the protesters have said about why they are protesting? Go read what Eric Reid has written about it. Or, you know...just keep being upset about people doing something and not try to actually figure out why they are doing it. Your call. But the people who started this whole thing (not every single person doing it, granted--Kaepernick and Reid aren't charging dues and forming a club, they can't control people) have been very clear about their reasons. Makes it funny that so many people upset with them even have to ask this question. "I'm upset at what they are doing!" Why are they doing it? "I can't be bothered to find out!" EDIT: here, I'll help you: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/25/opinion/colin-kaepernick-football-protests.html Read that, and ask if 'whining' applies to his statements or motives.
  6. brotherbock

    Kaepernick: Is he ever going to get another gig?

    Cops are by their very job put in perilous situations. That's part of the gig--and it's why all cops deserve some immediate respect. Even if some of them then go and demonstrate that they personally should not be respected. Cops 1) should recognize and accept that they are going to be at risk, and 2) should be paid a ton of money in return (which doesn't happen but I don't hear you complaining about that) and also 3) should be held to an extremely high standard regarding killing people. Simply because cops have so much power, society should not just let them shoot whoever they want. But they should also be paid a heck of a lot more in return for the risk and the accountability. As it is, we 1) don't pay them well and 2) often let them shoot people with impunity. Great system. No reason to object to that at all, maybe protest. But cops having a dangerous job does not justify shooting innocent people. "My job is dangerous. So shooting a kid who is walking away from me in the back 16 times, over the course of 14 seconds, is justified." Bullsh!t. And all the cops I know (including relatives and long-time friends) don't buy that either. The only people who claim that shooting an unarmed kid is justified by the 'danger of the job' are the specific cops who end up doing it, and their supervisors. No one else, other cops included, buys that. Easy. To say "cops should not shoot unarmed and/or non-threatening people" is not to ignore that 'cops have dangerous jobs'. Those are two different issues, and no one is denying the second. You are claiming that Kaepernick is 'ignoring' that issue. The truth is that that issue is simply irrelevant to whether or not you shoot an kid in the back 16 times. Go ahead, find me some quotes from Kaepernick that say he hates all cops. Find some quotes where he says that cops 'have it easy' or something similar. You are just flat out making things up here. You are putting words in his mouth, and then disliking him for it. And then you keep on harping about it. So many posts where you keep bringing it up, when no one else was talking about it. And then you say that it's Kaepernick who's 'whining'. We do agree on a number of things. Cops have very difficult, risky jobs. Kaepernick isn't going to play in the NFL again. I'm going to assume you agree with me that people who do risk their lives to protect the public shouldn't have to worry about making modest mortgage payments--these men and women need to be paid a lot more money than we pay them. You agree, yes? But I don't know if you agree that, because they have so much power, they should be held to the highest of standards. It should be easier for me to get off if I shoot an unarmed person than for a cop to get off. Because the cop has so much more power in society than I do. Politicians should be held to higher standards as well, officers in the military too. And seemingly only the military seems to agree with this claim. The branches of our military hold people more accountable the higher up they go in power. While politicians and other reactionaries seem to think cops shouldn't be held accountable even to normal citizen standards. Great idea. Let's give some people tons of power, and then also make them above the law. Good recipe for a peaceful society.
  7. brotherbock

    Bell - Possible Trade To New NFL Team

    Not that you're wrong. But the Bears traded for Mack in part because Gruden lost his f*cking mind and basically gave away his best player--one of the best players in the league--for $5 and a handy. You'd almost have to take that deal, whether you were looking for a new player or not.
  8. brotherbock

    Cowboys talk

    I guess my question was more basic--what was your evidence for people hating him? I'm not questioning that you're correct, just wondering. My experience is that Romo was a guy people would roll their eyes about, but not that people hated. So I'm taking it that you met a lot of people who actually felt a lot more strongly than that? For example--a lot of Chicago people hated Jay Cutler. I mean really thought he was crap and disliked him personally. I never heard a lot of even Cowboy fans saying either about Romo. I'd hear that he wasn't great, that he'd make big mistakes sometimes. But I just never heard the 'hate'. That's all I'm asking about.
  9. brotherbock

    Kaepernick: Is he ever going to get another gig?

    He wasn't trying to 'fix the problem'. Do you really think that racial problems can be 'fixed' by one guy doing something? He was trying to call attention to it, as one small drop in the ocean of trying to fix the problem. He was under no illusion that his protest would magically make the problem stop. That's absurd. But let's take a look at who's 'whining'. On the one side he have Kaepernick. His complaint is "People are being killed". On the other side we have people whose complaint is "Someone else is complaining about something". Which one of those should be called 'whining'? Fred: I'm upset. George: Oh yeah, why? Fred: People are being killed. George: Man, stop whining. Bert: I'm upset. Ernie: Oh yeah, why? Bert: Because someone else is complaining about something. Ernie: Man, stop whining. Think about it--what sort of person would say "stop whining" to someone who's complaint is "people are being killed"? You may disagree that there is a problem. You may not think that a problematic number of unarmed and/or non-threatening young black men are being killed. You may not think that it's a problem that a Chicago cop is on video shooting a kid 16 times over the course of 14 seconds when the kid was walking away from him. You may not think it's a problem that Philando Castile, unarmed, is shot dead in his car at a traffic stop. But even if you disagree, is it accurate to portray someone's concern over people being killed as 'whining'? Are you really gonna be the guy who says 'stop whining' when someone says "I'm upset that people are literally being killed"? If that is just 'whining', then what would possibly count as a legitimate reason to complain? But now look at the other side. Someone is protesting, silently and peacefully. You're up in the stands. Their protest is only affecting you because you are choosing to have it affect you. Their protest is only upsetting you because you have chosen, of your own free will, to interpret his action as 'anti-soldier' or 'anti-all-cops' (like Seafoam is saying above, intentionally mis-characterizing Kaepernick's position as 'hating cops'). You (hypoethetical 'you' here) are upset because you have, at this stage in the game, either ignored or never bothered to look at his stated reasons for choosing this particular method of demonstration (clue: it's not about soldiers at all, and kneeling was chosen as a sign of respect). If you are upset, then you are upset because you have chosen to be upset about the fact that someone else is upset and is showing it. So what is 'whining'? Complaining about people being killed, or complaining about someone complaining about people being killed? You don't have to agree that what he's upset about is a problem. But calling it 'whining' is simply inaccurate. Edit: Here's another pictures of some guys doing what you're calling 'whining': https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/olympic-games-mexico-city-mexico-mens-200-metres-final-usa-gold-picture-id79025649 These days, there's a statue of them doing this at San Jose State University. I know some people in this country today who would still call using the olympics to protest the lynchings of black men, the denial of voting rights, etc etc as 'whining'. I guess that's up to you to decide. Should people being killed take a back seat to 'making football watching less fun'? Does that make protesting people being killed 'whining'?
  10. brotherbock

    Steelers at Buccaneers: In-Game Discussion

    It's definitely in the soap opera category. We've got the hated villains, we have the feuds, we have the political sides of everything. It's certainly something for a lot of the machismo set to get their knickers in a twist about while still feeling macho
  11. brotherbock

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    I'm just partial to the guy I have on my team who looks like he's going to be the #1 for the foreseeable future
  12. brotherbock

    Kaepernick: Is he ever going to get another gig?

    Seems clear to both sides, I think, that he's not coming back. The whiners will keep complaining that a guy is kneeling, the Whiner-In-Chief will keep aggravating them into more whining by tweeting about it, and the owners are afraid the whiners will stop spending money on their product, so the owners won't bring him back. And from his perspective, his point has been made. The whiners won't ever listen, so they aren't the people he's trying to reach anyway. Coming back would just lead to the whiners yelling at him, booing, calling for his benching, some of them probably doing things like spitting on him at this point. There's no point he's trying to make about ability, so there's nothing for him to gain by putting up with all the whiners. He was trying to raise awareness about a problem, and the fact that everyone keeps talking about it--in praise or in whining or in legitimate complaint--only makes his efforts continually successful. Job done, no reason to come back. No one's gonna ask, and I highly doubt he'd accept if they did.
  13. brotherbock

    Kenyan Drake

    Kenyan Drake...the guy named after where Obama was born.
  14. brotherbock

    Am I Getting Screwed? (Trade timing dispute)

    I don't think he was the other team in the trade. He was playing a guy who was one end of a trade with a 3rd team.
  15. brotherbock

    D.J. Moore only 4 targets in 3 games

    Now Will Dissly on the other hand--born ready.