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  1. rickap7

    Trade question

    Roster is under my user name: Here- Carr,Goff,L.Jackson D.Johnson,Ingram,Henry,Carson,Fournette,Hill Woods,JuJu,Green,Ridley,Lockett Kelce
  2. rickap7

    Trade question

    Trade M.Ingram get K.Allen?
  3. rickap7

    Which RB?

    Henry,Singletary and Carson
  4. rickap7

    Need 2 ASAP

    Yes superflex
  5. rickap7

    Need 2 ASAP

    Ingram Carson or Goff(-5 int)
  6. rickap7

    Which one

    Ingram v Cin or Carson v SF .5 ppc and 1 ppr
  7. rickap7

    Super flex question

    Right now I have Goff in the super flex spot but was thinking of putting M.Ingram in thoughts? So Goff or Ingram?
  8. rickap7

    Need 1

    Ridley @ NO JuJu v LAR Woods @ Pitt 1 ppr
  9. rickap7

    Trade question

    I would get Newton and give up Ridley and the rights to Hunter Henry. This is a dynasty league(see my roster in my profile.What do you think LMK
  10. rickap7

    Need 1

    Hyde or Carson this week?
  11. rickap7

    Pick One

    JuJu or woods?
  12. rickap7

    Trade offer thought

    Trade away David Johnson and Lockett for M.Thomas and Mixon Thoughts? Sorry forgot to mention it is a Dynasty Keeper League
  13. rickap7

    Pick One

    Thanks guys appreciate the input HILTON it is.
  14. rickap7

    Pick One

    Hilton or Woods this week? 1ppr
  15. rickap7

    Hopkins trade

    No do not do the trade