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  1. rickap7

    Woods or JuJu today

    Which one 1ppr
  2. rickap7

    Worth a spot

    Which one is worth a spot on roster going forward? Fournette or Edmonds?
  3. rickap7

    Need to drop 4 ASAP

    David Johnson
  4. rickap7

    Need to drop 4 ASAP

    Its a super flex league I think Herbert,Green,Henry who is the 4th one to drop Can drop and still able to keep next year
  5. rickap7

    Need to drop 4 ASAP

    Dynasty league we draft 20 and by 5pm today we need to drop 4
  6. rickap7

    Need to drop 4 ASAP

    QB-Carr,L.Jackson,Goff,Herbert RB-Carson, Drake, Fournette,Henry,Edmonds,D.Johnson WR-Woods,JuJu,Allen,Green,Lockett,Ridley TE-Kelce,Henry Need to drop 4 I was thinking-Herbert,Green,Henry Stuck on Edmonds or Fournette HELP
  7. rickap7

    Trade question

    Roster is under my user name: Here- Carr,Goff,L.Jackson D.Johnson,Ingram,Henry,Carson,Fournette,Hill Woods,JuJu,Green,Ridley,Lockett Kelce
  8. rickap7

    Trade question

    Trade M.Ingram get K.Allen?
  9. rickap7

    Which RB?

    Henry,Singletary and Carson
  10. rickap7

    Need 2 ASAP

    Yes superflex
  11. rickap7

    Need 2 ASAP

    Ingram Carson or Goff(-5 int)
  12. rickap7

    Which one

    Ingram v Cin or Carson v SF .5 ppc and 1 ppr
  13. rickap7

    Super flex question

    Right now I have Goff in the super flex spot but was thinking of putting M.Ingram in thoughts? So Goff or Ingram?
  14. rickap7

    Need 1

    Ridley @ NO JuJu v LAR Woods @ Pitt 1 ppr