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  1. rickap7

    Trade offer thought

    Trade away David Johnson and Lockett for M.Thomas and Mixon Thoughts? Sorry forgot to mention it is a Dynasty Keeper League
  2. rickap7

    Pick One

    Thanks guys appreciate the input HILTON it is.
  3. rickap7

    Pick One

    Hilton or Woods this week? 1ppr
  4. rickap7

    Hopkins trade

    No do not do the trade
  5. rickap7

    Super flex option

    Need some input Currently have Goff in super flex( scoring is QB favorable) But have Evans and Kupp(currently in my second WR spot), Hopkins is my other starting WR. So need to pick between Evans and Goff for super flex which one? It is a 1PPR, 5 every 50 and 5 pt bonus at 100yds
  6. rickap7

    Trade thought

    Thank you here another thought what about D.Adams-GB?
  7. rickap7

    Trade thought

    I'm in a Dynasty Keeper can keep as many as we want up to full roster. Looking for a #1 WR was thinking of offering David Johnson for Julio Jones. I'm deep at RB(see profile) and being Johnson keeps getting these nagging injuries and he is in his 27 almost 28(Dec) years of age might be a good time to trade and get a #1 WR. Thoughts....
  8. rickap7

    Who do you like

    KUPP thanks guys appreciate the input I started him big game. Again THANK YOU
  9. rickap7

    Different team Who do you like

    not JuJu?
  10. Ridley or Hilton or Woods Currently have JuJU and Ridley in the lineup Who do you like
  11. rickap7

    Who do you like

    Evans or Kupp ? Have Evan in right now but not to sure about him vs N.O. and Lattimore. LMK which one you like
  12. rickap7

    Need 2

    Need 2 RB's out of - Ingram ,Fournette, Dv Johnson, K Johnson, Carson, Henry Currently I have D Johnson and Ingram starting
  13. rickap7

    Need 1

    I already started Henry Need 1 RB D.Johnson, K.Johnson, Carson, Ingram We do .5 per carry and 1 ppr
  14. rickap7

    Need 2

    Need 2 RB-(.5 per carry and 1ppr) Fournette Henry Carson Ingram Dv Johnson K Johnson
  15. rickap7

    Trade help

    I would trade K.Johnson for K.Allen Rest of team under interest