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  1. lickin_starfish

    Car and wife trouble

    Last Friday, my wife hit a huge pothole with her car and bent the rim. It blew the tire off, and we are waiting for a new rim to arrive in the mail. Since her car is out of commission until the new one gets here, I let her drive my Jeep to work. Well, today she calls me and tells me that she LOST MY EFFING KEYS! Now my Jeep is sitting 30 miles away and her car is in our garage with a donut wheel on it. Tomorrow I have to have my Jeep towed to a dealer to have keys made and programmed. I am not happy about this situation at all, and my wife is mad at me because I yelled at her.
  2. lickin_starfish

    Car and wife trouble

    I can't believe how mad she is for yelling at her. She is lucky that I didn't choke her.
  3. lickin_starfish

    briggs lips off even more

    I wouldn't play for 7 million. How a playa spose to feed his keeids?
  4. Because he has enough bling bling to keep tha po po away.
  5. lickin_starfish

    "He's so well spoken..."

    We will call this board's language "Assbonics".
  6. lickin_starfish

    If you get down to the nitty gritty ...

    You must enjoy cleaning their fancy toilets.
  7. lickin_starfish

    "He's so well spoken..."

    Negroes using ebonics are no different than people on this board who use words like greta and suxored.
  8. lickin_starfish

    Michigan Slaying Suspect Confesses

    Society was better off before women started getting all uppity.
  9. lickin_starfish

    gayest band you ever saw in concert

    I saw Milli Vanilli and Seduction.
  10. lickin_starfish

    Irvin let go

    GettnHuge, are you a Negro?
  11. lickin_starfish

    My new ride

    You bought a seven year old SUV? How many miles are on it?
  12. lickin_starfish

    Tim Hardaway

  13. lickin_starfish

    Did you get some on Valentine's Day?

    Nope. I didn't get any.(36A, droopy like dog ears) I didn't buy her any gifts, and she fell asleep early.
  14. lickin_starfish

    Tim Hardaway

    Does the smell of poop make gays aroused?
  15. lickin_starfish

    Lets see some pics of your wives asses.

    My wife would kill me if she knew I posted this picture of her, so please don't tell on me. http://img111.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sweetassar1.jpg
  16. You mean the military has a dress code? No way.
  17. lickin_starfish

    My sister is MISS USA OKLAHOMA 2007!

    She looks a little better without her makeup: http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/1553/oklahomelyyn6.jpg
  18. lickin_starfish

    Snickers pulls kissing ad

    Two guys kissing does not make me want to eat a candy bar. If anything, it causes me to lose my appetite. Gays need to learn to keep their mouths shut about getting their feelings hurt. If they don't like getting picked on, then maybe they should turn straight and stop being so disgusting.
  19. lickin_starfish

    Peyton Manning stole Bob Sanders's SB MVP trophy

    I think that it is a slap in the face to all the Negroes of the world. This was the Black Bowl, and there is no way that cracker Manning should get the MVP.
  20. Why doesn't she keep her ugly ass in Washington and try to get our country's problems fixed?
  21. lickin_starfish

    Do you do your own taxes?

    I love getting taxed on the previous year's tax returns.
  22. lickin_starfish

    Oh my God !

  23. lickin_starfish

    What do you need fixored?

    My wife dropped a plastic item into our garbage disposal, and now the motor will not work. I bought a new unit today . It is the same model, so it should be an easy swap.
  24. lickin_starfish

    What do you need fixored?

    Why don't you fix your grammar?
  25. lickin_starfish

    Do you walk around with a Bluetooth earpiece?

    I have the Motorola HT820 headphones. I use them when i am jogging so i can listen to mp3s and take calls. I am not very important and they are so big that I look like Princess Leia.