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  1. 16 and 33

    Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

  2. 16 and 33

    Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

    link to a live stream?
  3. 16 and 33

    trying to move Wayne

    I'd like to upgrade my WR corps. Reggie Wayne is my WR1 but I'm still concerned, even with the week 1 production. The other owner has stated on the league message board Miles Austin is on the trading block. My QB is Romo. Got an offer today - his Shon Greene for my Ryan Matthews. I told him no thank you. The other owner has had a pretty regular email dialogue going with me trying to work something out for the last 10 days or so. 12 team, standard PPR scoring with 4 point passing TDs, TE required, 2 RB/3WR. Short bench (9 starters 6 bench). Four player trade from this group: 16 and 33 Jahvid Best Ryan Matthews Reggie Wayne The Other Guy Miles Austin Kenny Britt Shon Greene Any ideas on the best value going forward? Leaning towards Matthews/Wayne for Austin/Greene, which I think he will accept. My other RBs are Rice/Best/Ingram. The real question is whether Austin or Britt will outscore Wayne the rest of the way. Austin seems like the safer choice, but the knucklehead is tempting.
  4. 16 and 33

    Other reliable fantasy sites

    Let's start with the underlying premise...
  5. 16 and 33

    Patriots @ Saints

    Because Maroney was in beast mode
  6. 16 and 33

    Patriots @ Saints

    Right down their throats :crickets:
  7. 16 and 33

    Patriots @ Saints MONDAY NIGHT

    Kind of surprised this is running almost 2:1 in favor the 'aints. Pats are going to throw some cold water on the party tonight.
  8. 16 and 33

    Never Bench your stud idea

    14.30 in non-ppr...meaning he outscored my 2nd leading scorer by 0.30...Ryan Longwell had 14.0 FML
  9. 16 and 33

    Where is MSW today

    Just caught passes on 3 straight plays Start another thread
  10. 16 and 33

    Kurt Warner Out?

    Hopefully my fellow Warner owners are collecting points somehow...I plugged in Matt Ryan...and he jammed his toe in the first Q. A toe? WTF is this guy, Romo? He's no Matthew Stafford when it comes to toughing it out.
  11. 16 and 33

    Michael Turner

    He's listed as the starter today per the Falcons website. Snelling owners gotta be
  12. He's a big play guy, hit or miss. Not sure what a big game would constitute - he's only caught more than 1 or 2 passes in a game once this season (zero two games). With 6 TDs off 16 catches, he's tempting. You really don't get consistency from any Saints player. Brees has had a few off games, Henderson is not a RZ threat, Colston has been a dog the last 3 weeks (ditto for Shockey), Bush is a crapshoot, Bell has been just OK, PT should be a stud but then he throws up a 4 pointer, et al. It's a great offensive team but good luck trying to devine who will be the star week to week.
  13. 16 and 33

    Am I crazy...do you insert MSW over

    Ignorant post. Week 1 - DNS, barely saw the field Week 5 - Inactive, violation of team itinerary Week 8 - Cortland Finnegan (funny coincidence how the Titans D got better and they started winning when this guy came back) Week 10 - Darelle Revis (2nd half - caught the TD and 40 of his yards v. Lowery) Let's review: When he starts, and isn't covered by a shutdown corner, he produces, home or away.
  14. 16 and 33

    Ahmad Bradshaw

    I picked up Ware as well, dropping in AB in two leagues (other league I got Charles awhile back). FYI - it's a cracked non-load bearing bone in his right foot; pretty sure no RB has kept on playing with a fractured ankle.