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    2rb 3 wr
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    1qb 2 rb 3wr 1te 1 k 1def
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    1qb 2 rb 3wr 1te 1 k 1def
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    ignore this one and see other post thx
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    Please ignore this post.
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    Another Rate My Team!

    You REALLY ended up weak at RB. I would have preferred Thomas over Austin as well. Only RB I kind of like in your group is Bradshaw but he should RB2 or RB3 at best. You should scan the waiver wire for Rbs look to see if any of the rookies are not taken yet. Find someone in love with harvin and trade him and hillis for an upgrade at RB and a WR3. JMO good luck
  8. swanny

    Who to keep?

    I think Stafford and Charles.
  9. I need to choose between: J. Charles F. Jackson R. Matthews K. Britt P Harvin I am already keeping: P. Rivers & my dev player from the year before is: R. Meachem HP league 12 team starting lineup is 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 K 1 DEF I will answer yours. Thanks. Swanny
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    3 Keeper Money League

    I would keep Rodgers and DMC.
  11. depends if they are the top tier WRs that are still available. You could also consider WR followed by the top TE ( Graham or Gronk).
  12. swanny

    Need help picking keeper

    Megatron is a beast but I think you have to go with Mccoy.
  13. I need to choose three from the following: A.J. Green Plaxico Burress Reggie Wayne Devery Henderson Danario Alexander Dexter McCluster ( can be used as a RB or WR) I will reply to yours. Thanks. Bob
  14. You would be giving up too much by swapping Lynch for Buckhalter. I would offer to void the trade or keeps the existing terms
  15. swanny

    2 out of 3 WR

    I would go AJ and Djax. Like the previous poster said AJ is the no brainer.... and my gut says DJAX will tear up TB's secondary
  16. swanny

    Which of these WRs the rest of the way?

    I would probably go with Gonzalez. Manning is in very good form and once Gonzalez is completely healthy he should have a prominent role in the 300 yards passing offense per week. If you are concerned with the injury I would go with Bennett 2nd because it is a PPR league and he is getting a lot of passes thrown his way.
  17. swanny

    BMarshall+SHolmes for RMoss+HMiller

    I think you are giving up more but in your case with your depth you can afford it. I would do the trade.
  18. 1/2 pt per reception. Standard scoring otherwise. I currently have Jacobs and was offered a straight up trade for Slaton. it is fairly close I would say but would like to hear some opinions on it. Thanks. Bob
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    Boldin for Slaton or McGahee

    I just don't see McGahee winning the job from Rice . He has been pretty effective thus far in sharing the load but I would rather have an every down back. Once Slaton gets on track he should be a solid weekly starter. JMO
  20. swanny

    Who to Pick Up

    I like Harrison short term and Brown long term...overall I would probably take Brown
  21. swanny

    Boldin for Slaton or McGahee

    How many WRs do you start in your league? If only 2 then I would say go for Slaton.
  22. I would offer to cancel the trade if the other owner wants. He may not need Buckhalter immediately in which case the trade may still be acceptable to him.
  23. swanny

    Trade Help

    either guy seems like your third option... but the previous post was correct you are a little thinner at WR... I would probably do the deal.
  24. swanny

    Trade help?

    I am considering this trade: He is offering Mike Bell for Hakeem Nicks My team before the trade is Warner \ Hasselbeck Jacobs \ SJax \ Benson \ P. Thomas \ F. Taylor R. Wayne \ D. Bowe \ T. Ginn \ N. Burleson \ K. Britt \ H. Nicks A. Gates \ T. Heap N. Rackers Seattle DEF. So far my top RBs have let me down. Should I wait to see how they incorporate Nicks now that Manningham has emerged or do I need to pull the trigger now while Bell is injured? let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  25. swanny

    Two (2) Huge Trades...Please rate the trades!

    I agree I like trade 2 but not trade 1