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  1. Boston_Birdman

    Which QB

    Russell Wilson or Jameis Winston?
  2. Boston_Birdman

    Alive and Kicking

    I am less than 1 point down in my Championship Game. My opponent has TE Tony Gonzalez tonight. I have WR Roddy White and my choice of Kickers... Do I go with the Saints Garrett Hartley tonight (in a dome) or the Eagles David Akers tommorow night in Philly? Thanks a lot!
  3. Boston_Birdman

    Do I accept this trade offer?

    I was just offered the following trade: I get Randy Moss and Marshawn Lynch I give Roddy White Favre's future, (injury - and NFL "inquiry") is a concern but wondered if this is a good offer nonetheless?
  4. Boston_Birdman

    GE or Ricky?

    Thanks for answering mine... I am a Pats fan, (and like Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis a lot), but I'm not sure I would pull the trigger on that deal. If nothing else, looking at the matchups towards the end of the season when fantasy playoffs occur might lean towards Williams (a little) although I think both the Fins and the Pats will be battling for their playoff lives and both backs will get significant touches... Week 13 Green-Ellis: JETS Williams: BROWNS Week 14 Green-Ellis: @ BEARS Williams: @ JETS Week 15 Green-Ellis: PACKERS Williams: BILLS Week 16 Green-Ellis: @ BILLS Williams: DETROIT
  5. Boston_Birdman

    Cutler or McNabb

    Do I go with Jay Cutler vs. Seattle or Donovan McNabb vs. Indianapolis this week? Thanks...
  6. Boston_Birdman

    First Rd of Playoffs need to choose 3 RB's

    SD looks like they're interested in sharing some opportunities with Sproles vs just all LT... Fred Taylor is out so no worries about MJD splitting carries... I go with CJ MJD DeAngelo W
  7. Boston_Birdman

    Please Help: Pick Two

    LT just isn't the same LT this year... (he didn't catch a single pass last week and Sproles caught 3 for 34 yards and 2 TDs)... Indy should have a (big) lead early and that spells rest for Addai and more carries for Rhodes.. I think I'd go with Rhodes and Slaton...
  8. Boston_Birdman

    Need 3 WRs...

    Need to start 3 WRs from this crew: Lee Evans AT Jets Jerricho Cotchery VS Bills Eddie Royal AT Panthers Braylon Edwards AT Eagles (coud get as FA) Donald Driver AT Jaguars Davone Bess VS 49ers Thanks...
  9. Boston_Birdman

    can i get some opinions please

    Well my opinion would be: Housh and WASH Def... (even though you're pitting one against the other)... TJ Housh is the ONLY offensive bright spot on the Bengals this season and he will get decent numbers against almost anyone. Tough to ignore Stewart's big game against Tampa but I would still lean towards Housh... TENN is a strong DEF but Matt Schaub is back and obviously in a big way after a monster game last week. WASH should have little trouble in having a strong day againat a terrible Cincy team this year. Good luck...
  10. Boston_Birdman

    2nd RD of Playoffs

    Well I would hesitate starting ANYONE against the Ravens DEF and the numbers alone bear that fear out. (Also, I think I remember the ravens absolutely beating up Big Ben and the Steelers to the tune of 11 sacks and a shutout just a season or 2 ago???)... Here are the Defenses (against the pass) that your QB choices are going up against.... BALT #2: 176 yds per game with 13 TDs allowed and 22 INTs DEN #27: 232 yds per game with 16 TDs allowed and 5 INTs SD #30: 249 yds per game with 21 TDs allowed and 10 INTs You're right about the Panthers run,run,run strategy and KC will probably be playing from behind most of the day so Thigpen may just be your best option...
  11. Boston_Birdman

    Which 2 RBs?

    I need to start 2 of these RBs this week: Marshawn Lynch at Jets Matt Forte vs Saints Steven Jackson vs Seahawks Larry Johnson vs Chargers (I could also acquire Pierre Thomas at Bears) Thanks...
  12. Boston_Birdman

    Playoff Tiebreaker

    Tough predicament... My (main) league uses fractional points and there is rarely a tie. Any of your options would be OK I suppose. What you could do is, if your league has "projected stats", (even thopugh they are usually pretty "useless"), see which bench player was on both teams was projected to have the highest total for the tie week and assume that team would have picked them. Then use that players actual point total to break the tie. If those two players tie then keep going down the projected list....
  13. Boston_Birdman

    Brees or Cutler?

    Which QB should I go with in the next round of my playoffs? Drew Brees at cold, (but clear) Chicago or Jay Cutler at Carolina? Thanks...
  14. Boston_Birdman

    Need WR help bad

    Well since Buffalo and Denver were the game sites involved, the 1st thing I checked was the weather forecast. No problem there in either city, so the passing game shouldn't be affected. I might lean towards Ginn since he is hot and had a great game last week, and I see that game being a higher scoring contest, (and Denver is without Champ Bailey). Also: Hardy is going against BUF, 13th in the NFL against the pass, 203 YPG, 7 TDs, 4 INTs Ginn is going against DEN, 28th in the NFL against the pass, 240 YPG, 12 TDs, 2 INTs
  15. Boston_Birdman

    Would you do this trade?

    Team A offered Team B the following trade: RB Brian Westbrook and QB Carson Palmer for RB Earnest Graham and QB Drew Brees 8 team league starts 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF Team A: QB Kyle Orton RB Brian Westbrook RB Clinton Portis WR Torry Holt WR Dwayne Bowe WR Larry Fitzgerald TE Kellen Winslow K Stephen Gostkowski DEF New England Bench QB Derek Anderson QB Carson Palmer RB DeAngelo Williams RB Willie Parker RB Selvin Young TE Jeremy Shockey Team B: QB Drew Brees RB Marshawn Lynch RB Matt Forte WR Lee Evans WR Braylon Edwards WR Jerricho Cotchery TE Chris Cooley K Rob Bironas DEF Tampa Bay Bench QB Jay Cutler RB Earnest Graham RB Willis McGahee WR Eddie Royal WR Chris Chambers K Matt Prater