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  1. Erb047

    Raider QB Aaron Brooks..Probowl

    Aaron Brooks throwing the ball backwards was all I needed to know about him.
  2. This is a good discussion, and I agree for the mostpart with this post right here. Like Parrot said, Coaching is a desire, just as playing is a desire. Although Intelligence has a LOT to do with coachinga. Great players can rely on their talent, as Dan said. Alot of the great players don't want to get into coaching because they see how much time and effort is put into it, and after their playing careers are up, they have the funds to retire or go into broadcasting (which is much easier and can pay alot better as well). Look at guys like Tiki Barber, or Dan Marino. Barber could've played longer or coached, but we know where he went. Marino was the VP of the fins for what, two days? before he opted out of that gig, and now he's doing the CBS thing and a bunch of radio shows in the morning. Not to say these two wouldn't make good coaches, but it takes alot of effort to coach in pro sports. There are countless examples of mediocre players becoming coaches in the NFL, and not just head coaches, but so many position coaches as well that no one really knows. Having playing experience is always a positive when it comes to coaching, and although having success as a player is more a plus than not having success, it's not necessarily a huge factor as long as the player has a good head on his shoulders and understands the technical aspects of the game. I can think of a crapload off the top of my head, and some who never even played in the NFL. Tony Dungy, Herm Edwards, Don Shula, Jon Gruden, ###### Vermeil....it goes on and on and on.
  3. Erb047

    Raiders QB

    I heard Oaklands new staff isn't fond of Walter, and on top of that didn't he have surgery recently as well?
  4. I think a big name to this puzzle will be Lorenzo Booker. The guy is completely the opposite of Ronnie Brown and I think he'll be a pretty big star soon. I wouldn't be suprised if the Fins offered a solid 1-2 RB Combo soon.
  5. For the record it'll either be Josh McCown or Jamarcus throwing to him, not Andrew Walter. And McCown can definitely put up some good numbers in the air, so I wouldn't totally count Curry out. And also I really wouldn't consider "new coaching" a negative thing for Oakland at all. I mean, last year they were the worst in the league. So really, there is nowhere to go but up. I like what Kiffin is doing so far. You'd be suprised how much a coaching staff can help an OLine out. I've heard alot of talk that the Coaching staff was a huge problem there. Now, I think the OLine there has potential, but I agree that their RB situation isn't great. Not as terrible as you make it out to be, but it's not ideal IMO. On Topic...some WRs I'd pay attention to this year... Antonio Gonzalez - Indy...In terms of rookies, I think he'll have the best year. Reggie Williams JAX DJ Hackett - SEA Brandon Jones - Tenn Vincent Jackson - SD Santonio Holmes - Pitt
  6. Erb047

    Overrated / Underrated

    Overrated - QB - Eli Manning. Tony Romo. RB - Ronnie Brown. Willis McGahee. WR/TE - Donte Stallworth. Jeremy Shockey. Underrated - QB - Alex Smith. Jake Delhomme. Jason Campbell...maybe... RB - Thomas Jones. Willie Parker. Travis Henry. Deuce McCallister. WR - Chris Chambers (I think he'll bounce back with Green). Muhsin Muhammed. Mark Clayton.
  7. Erb047

    WR Derek Hagan

    Ginn is a completely different type of receiver than Hagan, Booker, or Chambers. I think Hagan should definitely produce some decent numbers this year with Green in town. I'd say he gets about 6 or 7 TDs.
  8. PFT says Jax has an interest in him. I'd say logically that Jax, Minn, or ATL would be his best suitors. Also, it would be very ironic if he winds up in ATL, if Vick is out of course, and then starts over Joey Harrington...again...
  9. Erb047

    Green to Miami

    Well the QB stuff goes back alot farther than 2004, but I agree that they've made some questionable decisions. However, I also trust Randy Muellers judgement. And Green really wasn't in "serious decline" before 2006. He actually was one of only four QBs in NFL history to throw for 4k+ yards in three straight seasons, from 03 - 05. His numbers dropped slightly in 05, but hardly a serious decline as you say. And although he will be 37 before next season, he really only has 8 years of experience. I think he'll be OK. In fact, I wouldn't be suprised if Miami finished 2nd in the AFC East next season. I mean, if you say Green is susceptable to another concussion I'd definitely make the argument that Chad Pennington is a hit away from his season/career being over.
  10. Erb047

    Green to Miami

    Eh, I think Green can definitely have a good season next year. I think Culpepper was alot more of a project than Green is. Green is completely healthy...
  11. Erb047

    Green to Miami

    I think that line will be ALOT better this season, IMO. Alot of changes, but in this case, good ones.
  12. Sounds good JD. You guys have fun and I'll be watchin. Maybe get in on this next year again.
  13. Well I posted this here - http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...d=3131344 But unfortunately I'm going to drop out and give someone else my slot this year. I dont want to tie up this thing over the weekend since I'll be out.
  14. Erb047

    6th Annual Jetdoc Mock

    Hey guys - Unfortunately I've got to work all next weekend (1st - 3rd). And while I'd be able to make picks Weds and Thurs, I think I'll take this opportunity to give someone else a spot in this years Mock. I'll definitely be watching and making a couple posts on it Weds and Thurs, but the rest of the weekend I'll be working without internet access, so I don't want to hold things up. So, if robb or someone would like, they may have my spot.
  15. Erb047

    Annual Jetdoc Mock?

    I'm gameeeeeeee Lets get it on