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  1. yankmccobb


    Baltimore next week?
  2. yankmccobb


    Own Cousins but other guys on wire Which one: Cousins vs Chargers Mayfield vs Cards Rivers vs Vikings Minshew vs Raiders Brissett vs Saints
  3. yankmccobb

    Playoff round 1 lineup decisions

    It is a ppr
  4. yankmccobb

    JWilliams, Penny, Snells, RJones in ppr?

    Snell Penny in that order. I think there’s a very good chance Snell scores.
  5. yankmccobb

    TE - Cook or Andrews?

  6. yankmccobb

    WR and Flex

    OBJ & Ek
  7. RB - pick 2: Mixon vs Browns Mack vs Bucs Snell vs Ariz Penny vs Rams Flex spot - pick 1: Ridley vs Panthers Boyd vs Browns Thanks. Let me know if I can help anyone else.
  8. yankmccobb

    Wentz or Darnold

  9. yankmccobb

    Convince me?

    Think I’d go Mixon & Williams
  10. yankmccobb

    QB play

    Watson or Goff?
  11. yankmccobb

    Need a win to get in playoffs

    Pick a QB: Watson vs Pats Goff vs Az Jones vs GB Dalton vs Jets
  12. yankmccobb

    Need one Wr

    Samuel boyd ridley
  13. yankmccobb

    Pick a QB for this week

    Carr vs Chargers Tannehill vs Chiefs