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  1. TKO2134

    Two weeks of Hell

    C Davis has been the wr I've started all year, except the games he goes off. He suckers you in for 3 games in a row of no production, and then goes off on your bench. Although I think Mariota is mostly the problem.
  2. TKO2134

    Start/Sit help (Round 1)

    AP chargers Pettis
  3. TKO2134

    Pick 1 Rb

    I'd go Jackson or Edwards, I think Jackson is the safer of the two.
  4. Pretty similar situation. Full ppr I would go ekeler and Samuel. Here's mine http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=483192&do=findComment&comment=6369690
  5. TKO2134

    Two weeks of Hell

    The last two weeks I lost Gordon, Doyle, Boyd took a hit with losing Dalton, and now Conner. I finished the season with the most points in my league, but I also had the most points scored against me. Finished 7-6 in the 4 seed. I had gordon cuffed with ekeler but didn't have enough faab left to grab Jackson. I also have Samuels cuffed to Conner. Full ppr I need 2 of 3 between Ekeler Samuels C. Davis
  6. TKO2134

    Flex help

    Ppr need two of three for my two flex spots. Cohen C.Davis D Lewis Leaning towards Cohen and Davis.
  7. TKO2134

    Trade Help

    My league is a full ppr, took a huge hit at wr2 when I lost fuller for the season. My roster Is: Cam, Tribusky Gordon, Conner, Mixon, Lewis, Eekler, Ito, McGuire Adams, Davis, Amendola , Godwin, Enuwa Jack Doyle Was offered Boyd and Cohen for Bro Mixon. I desperately need a wr2 and before the AJ Green news I definitely would of taken it. I'm just not sure if Boyd can handle being the number 1 WR. What do you guys think?