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  1. robocardz

    Your worst draft pick ?

    Pittman in EVERY SINGLE league I am in. 4 shares..smh
  2. robocardz

    In 12 team PPR, what is your favorite draft spot?

    This may be the only thing you have ever posted I agree 100%
  3. robocardz

    ANY WR on Steelers worth owning in NON PPR

    Thanks. That was great...
  4. Uncertainty at QB, young RB, uncertain OLine. I can see a case for Diontae in PPR - who catch TDs ... I think they have to put up some points even in garbage time in their division. Friermuth in red zone? I just don't trust Claypool .. Thoughts
  5. robocardz

    Aaron Jones vs AJ Dillon

    Thoughts on GB backfield IN BOTH tradional scoring league (non-ppr) and ppr Obviously I think Jones is still the better option in PPR. I think... No clue on Traditional non-ppr... one would assume that Dillon will get carries inside the 5 yd line but you never know with GB goal line offense - AROD likes his stats..
  6. robocardz

    Flex help

    Love Tee Higgins ... 2nd choice is Ronald Jones - I see TB running all over Jets especially with nicked up WRs
  7. says he's gonna play... but I've been part of his rodeo before... great match up with Jets... but finding it hard to pull trigger... may sub out a guy like Gainwell in place?? anyone else rolling with Evans or are u subbing out.?
  8. robocardz

    Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill off the Covid list - Week 17

    this is a closter...
  9. robocardz

    Kittle moving forward...

    Does he have much value as long as JimmyG is at helm? Just dont see it. Excited for possibilities with Lance but as SF has winning record... just dont see it. Is he a good "sell" target while he is somewhat healthy (looks like he IS playing this weekend)? Hate seeing his talent wasted in current situation.
  10. robocardz

    Raiders offense

    Waller has gone late 2nd rd or early 3rd rd in the 4 drafts I have had so far. To me, that's waaaaay too high. Higbee / Jonnu / Gisecki etc have been around in rounds 9 -15 -- I just don't see it that early for Waller. Only person I would consider at ADP would be Edwards as mentioned above.
  11. robocardz

    Intentionally lose in Week 1

    I've been doing FFB since college in mid-90's -- I would never lose "on purpose" but the original post has more merit than it is being given if you are in a league that sets waiver wire order on W/L and pts scored. I look back over the years and can say EASILY in the last 25 years that a League Difference Maker became available in week 1 or week 2 at LEAST 50% of the time -- Look no more than James Robinson last year. Never good to lose on purpose BUT I would much rather lose in week 1 &/or 2 than in week 6 or 7 in certain types of leagues. RB
  12. robocardz

    Thoughts on Lamar Jackson??

    I'm asking others opinions. I gave you mine. I live in Louisville KY and watched him play 3 yrs in college (probably 10 times or more in person) I also played football in College. Lamar basically has single gap synopsis/vision. That means he can only read basically 1/4 of the entire field of vision. That's being polite... saying basically he comprehends 1 option - and Maybe makes it to number 2 before he is off and running whether the play has broken down or not. Following him for 5 years, I am not sure he can comprehend more than what he is doing now.
  13. robocardz

    Thoughts on Lamar Jackson??

    Mine... He is the most overrated player in NFL
  14. robocardz

    Random Observations - 2020

    if I get #1 pick in redraft - I WILL DRAFT DERRICK HENRY -- Screw these little scatbacks with "great upside" ... DH is best NON QB player in FFB.
  15. robocardz

    Is the most underrated Player in FFB & NFL

    I assume EZE (Zeke - Cowboys)