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  1. robocardz

    Thoughts on Lamar Jackson??

    I'm asking others opinions. I gave you mine. I live in Louisville KY and watched him play 3 yrs in college (probably 10 times or more in person) I also played football in College. Lamar basically has single gap synopsis/vision. That means he can only read basically 1/4 of the entire field of vision. That's being polite... saying basically he comprehends 1 option - and Maybe makes it to number 2 before he is off and running whether the play has broken down or not. Following him for 5 years, I am not sure he can comprehend more than what he is doing now.
  2. robocardz

    Thoughts on Lamar Jackson??

    Mine... He is the most overrated player in NFL
  3. robocardz

    Random Observations - 2020

    if I get #1 pick in redraft - I WILL DRAFT DERRICK HENRY -- Screw these little scatbacks with "great upside" ... DH is best NON QB player in FFB.
  4. robocardz

    Is the most underrated Player in FFB & NFL

    I assume EZE (Zeke - Cowboys)
  5. robocardz

    Is the most underrated Player in FFB & NFL

    Yes... True Beast Mode
  6. Derrick Henry?? I mean this guy is a freak. Old School... doesnt run his mouth... acts like hes been there before!! HUGE Fan!!!
  7. robocardz

    I need TDs !! $10K league.

    Derrick Henry out... rode him all year with bad hammy... smh SCORING HEAVY LEAGUE -- TDs utmost importance... $10K to winner... I'm down to 2 options D Waller Ty Hilton I love Waller but he rarely gets TDs Ty only saw 50% of snaps last week.... who is more likely to score TDs?? Ugh. Thx. Rob
  8. robocardz

    Questions? I have right answers (hopefully)

    Scoring heavy league... Derrick Henry is now out ... smh I NEED TDS Ty Hilton Darren Waller All I got left
  9. robocardz

    1st time ever....

    I know. I am GIVING Samuels for Woods.... smh.
  10. robocardz

    1st time ever....

    Had a commish (who I happen to play against this week) veto trade in a PPR.... J Samuels (my team) for R Woods ... ??? Again PPR.... veto? Thoughts? Rb
  11. robocardz

    Colts at Chiefs: In-Game Discussion

    Is TY Hilton even out there.
  12. robocardz

    Not a catch?

    Looked like a catch... the ball broke the plane then moved.... How is that not a TD?? Unreal
  13. robocardz

    FU Thread Semi-Finals edition

    FU seattle... Making Gurley look like HOFer and NOT even looking at Baldwin.... Why do I ever draft a Seahawk. I KNOW better and I could root against them on everything
  14. robocardz

    Ravens at Steelers: In-Game Discussion

    Hope he is not injured !!!!
  15. robocardz

    One Day the Titans will simply....

    Damage. I agree unfortunately.... I probably watch more Titan games than most on here.... they have some skilled players... Henry is a beast who simply needs volume carries. I would love to see him land in Pttsburgh if Leveon bolts.... he could out up crazy numbers in right system (like hes in now... without Murray... lol)